10X Secrets Masterclass review – How to Join?

The 10x Secrets shows you how to replicate Russell Brunson’s scenarios, templates, and technicals, which he utilized to sell 1,5 million dollars in sales at the 10x Growth Conference.

You are not required to be a talent in sales to acquire these skills – the key is to practice and put what you learn in the course into practice as quickly as possible.

Russell Brunson‘s 10x Secrets Masterclass will be a practical, done-for-you blueprint that helps business owners sell their products or services to the masses.

Discover the concepts, procedure, scenarios, and mindset that Russell took advantage of to sell more than $3 million in 90 minutes at 10x Grant Cardone’s 10x Growth Con event in 2018.

In this article, I will share certain knowledge with you before your purchase decision, including Lessons learned from his course, The cost required, Realize it: Free and Paid, and Other important knowledge. Now, before investigating such precious information, let’s look at some general information about 10x Secrets.

The 10x Secrets Masterclass – What exactly is it?

Russell Bruson is the very father of the 10x Secrets Masterclass, and he sold $3.2 million in sales in his presentation lasting for about 90 minutes at the 10x Growth event of Grant Cardone.

Nowadays, he owns huge wealth, approximately more than 40 million USD, becoming the biggest entrepreneur and the highest-paid speaker. Accordingly, he sets the world record to be the person who earns more money per keynote than any other reputable entrepreneur, such as Tony Robbins, Bill Clinton, Richard Branson, and Mark Cuban, even more than their rates combined!

His presentation, in fact, includes three simple processes, but it really aids him to earn $3 million in new Clickfunnels memberships. They are Sales Psychology, The Precise Sequence, and Scripting, Micro-Commitments, Pacing, and Offer Structure.

Don’t think that the class must be exceptionally perfect. It is simply a training class for those who purchased the offer at 10x Growth with a BUNCH Of Extras. And the techniques used are the very ones that you usually apply day by day to persuade your customers to buy your products.

what is 10X secrets

Knowledge gained from the 10x secrets masterclass

After purchasing the offer, you will go through 3 training sessions to acquire the art of selling to the public. It seems to be great for you, right? So, let’s look deeply at each session.

Session 1: Making An Unbeatable Deal

Session 1 concentrates on how to make an unbeatable offer. Accordingly, the key thing to start is to have a great deal for your customers so that they can’t say no to your offer. During the session, you will catch three significant things:

  • How to seek a niche where you won’t have to compete with everyone. It’s known as “Blue Ocean,” and you’ll learn how to make it.
  • There is no benefit to having the second-cheapest product available. As a result, they’ll show you ways to get out from the bankrupt “race to the bottom” price wars.
  • How to present your products in such a way that your customers willingly make payment for the purchase.

Session 1 10X secrets

Session 2: The Perfect Webinar

Russell Brunson creates a series of webinars, some of which are Funnel Scripts Webinar and Funnel Hacking Secrets Webinar. Along with them are thousand-dollar products. And in the session, he shares his sayings that appeal to the customers to be excited and buy his products.

Specifically, he shows you how to incorporate all of the most important sales factors into your demonstration, including:

  • Make a seductive HOOK that retains your customers’ viewing for more than 2 minutes the first time they see it.
  • Design the BIG DOMINO in your presentation in such a way that your audience believes what you say and follows your instructions correctly.
  • The three-part script transports your listeners on an emotional trip while transforming you into a HERO with whom they will identify and rally behind…even if your narrative isn’t very thrilling.
  • And other valuable information

Session 2 the perfect webinar

Session #3: How Russell Brunson Earned 3 Million Dollars In 90 Mins At 10x Growth Con?

He will demonstrate the meaning of the speech, and pause the video when needed to explain what and why he was doing. Some keynotes are:

  • Why do so many people get out of their cars and turn on their flashlights?
  • How to make your customers like to purchase your product by using personal experiences.
  • If you watch the video closely, you’ll notice that he attempts to stop three or four times. And he’ll go over it in detail in the 10x Secrets Masterclass.

Session 3 10X secrets

Who Does The 10x Secrets Masterclass Target To?

Simply speaking, the 10x Secrets Masterclass is for everyone who desires to sell anything to any customer. It is not only for selling on stages, events, or webinars. The following are popular subjects that the class targets: podcasters, presenters on stage, webinars on Facebook lives, door-to-door selling.

The knowledge from the class can be applied in various fields, like supplements, real estate, software, etc.  Again, it is for any person who wants to sell any product.

This program is for you if you wish to create traffic, convert leads, and sell online. Russell Brunson will show you how to start a large movement and how to communicate your message to potential customers.

You simply “copy” and implement their thorough, meticulously choreographed approach – and take advantage of it to create tremendous sales and profits.

Once you want to generate traffic, convert, and sell online, this program is right for you. Russell Brunson will teach you how to create your mass movement and share your message with your audience.

10x Secrets Russell Brunson: Offer & Upsell

10X secrets offer and upsell

A 10x Secrets masterclass is offered at $297, and several upsell products are also provided, including 10x Closing Secrets: $297, and the Virtual FHAT (Funnel Hack A Thon): $497.

Besides, you also can have a chance to gain some bonuses.

The first: Is the 10x Secrets Swipe File, which provides you with a number of reputable recordings of webinars, like “Funnel Hack” Webinars, “LadyBoss” Webinar, etc.

bonus 1 10x secrets swipe file

The second: One is The Perfect Webinar “HACK”. The webinar shows you how to use its script to develop your business, regardless of differences in your business and Rusell’s one.

bonus 2 the perfect webinar hack

The final: Bonus is The Perfect Webinar Funnel. Its aims are to help you understand how to engage other customers in your presentation to boost your sales. In this bonus, Rusell shows how and what he did to realize the aims, like how to write email processes, indoctrination sequences, pre-seduction sequences, etc. And of course, a $50,000 insane bonus is also given to you. Perfectly, right?

bonus 3 10X secrets the perfect webinar funnel

Ways to be involved in the 10x Secrets Training Program?

If you cannot get the program directly, don’t worry!

There are two ways to do so, including Buying it on the Perfect Webinar upsell page and Learning it from FunnelFlix.

The first: One consists of several steps for your entrance. First, click the link perfectwebinarsecrets.com and buy the program.

ferpect webinar script funnel

Then, you will be directed to the 10x Secret program and you will see the training videos available in the membership area. The total cost for this way is $306, with $7 for Perfect Webinar training and $297 for 10x Secrets Masterclass.

10x secrets learning

The second: Way will be less than the first one, charging you about $297 per month. First, you need to visit the link Yorfirstfunnel.com and sign-up for a FREE 30-day trial. Next, login Clickfunnels dashboard, selecting FunnelFlix on the right column. Finally, select the 10x Secrets thumbnail to learn.


My Rating

The 10x Secrets Masterclass is perfect for you before you start to sell any product. Once you master the skills presented in the class, you will be confident to become a powerful seller in your niche.

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