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Are you strange about the NEW 5 Day Lead Challenge? If yes, it must be a regret – this means that you should take it right now before starting your dream business. Russell Brunson went LIVE for the ClickFunnels 5 Day Lead Challenge to ensure that everyone understands what its aims are and how it should be done. Accordingly, you will know exactly how to boost your lead. So, this article is going to provide you with details about the program so that you understand why it is valuable to you.

Overview of the program

5 Day Lead Challenge

Course: 5 Day Lead Challenge

Coach: Russell Brunson

Platform: ClickFunnels

Price: Free

Program: One Funnel Away Challenge

What is the 5 Day Lead Challenge?

What is 5 Day Lead Challenge

The 5 Day Lead Challenge, launched in early January of 2021 by Russell Brunson,  is a free 5-day training that walks you through a straightforward technique you can use to continually bring in new leads for your business.

On January 4, 2021, the first LIVE training took place. And on January 8, 2021, the challenge came to an end. The live training sessions were broadcast on Russell Brunson’s YouTube channel and Facebook page, so you can choose to watch it either on Facebook or Youtube, whichever is convenient for you.

Coaches of the 5 Day Lead Challenge

Though Russell Brunson goes live for the program, there are other two coaches accompanying Brunson to make the program complete. They include Yara Golden and Rachel Miller. You can assume that Russell Brunson is the main coach of the program.

Russell Brunson is the co-founder of ClickFunnels. He will share his techniques for developing a lead magnet that will draw in your ideal clients. He will also go through how to include your lead magnet into the “Lead Squeeze Funnel,” a straightforward sales funnel.

Yara Golden is an experienced copywriter and narrative pro. She will share her straightforward 6-email follow-up funnel with you, which will help you develop relationships with your leads and make them more likely to make future purchases from you.

Rachel Miller is a multi-published author and a seven-figure businesswoman. She currently works with companies to practically eliminate paid advertising while getting their content in front of more than 10,000,000 people. She’ll demonstrate how to launch your funnel without using paid advertising.

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Content of the 5 Day Lead Challenge

The name of the program reveals the main content of the program. The content is created following 5 days of challenge, meaning that there is different content for different days.

Day #1: Unlimited Leads – Monday, January 4th

Day 1 Unlimited Leads

Day 1 will teach you Russell’s high-level approach to producing real leads on demand. Today is a learning-only day with no practical application.

You may also obtain free access to the first piece of software (Onepager.io) that will assist you in developing the lead magnet for your funnel here.

Day #2: Your “Onepager” – Tuesday, January 5th

Day 2 Your Onepager

On day 2, you will discover a straightforward method for developing your own foundation and using it to construct a lead magnet using Onepager.

With the aid of the Onepager app, you may materialize your own conceptualization and draw in your ideal clients. Worksheets and checklists may be easily created with the software, which also enhances their usefulness.

Russell provides examples of the frameworks from his following books during the training:

Day #3: Your Lead Funnel – Wednesday, January 6th

Day 3 Your Lead Funnel

On day 3, you will learn how to insert your lead magnet or “Onepager” into what Russell refers to as a “Lead Squeeze Funnel,” which is a straightforward funnel. Some people could refer to this as a squeeze page or lead capture page.

This is the point at which Russell advises using ClickFunnels since he offers free access to prebuilt, very effective shared funnels that you can quickly adapt for your unique business.

Day #4: Follow-Up Funnel – Thursday, January 7th

Day 4 Follow-Up Funnel

When new leads opt into your lead funnel, you will be taught how to write the first six emails in your follow-up sequence on day 4.

Yara Golden is the instructor for this course. She demonstrates how to create a follow-up sequence that will pique the interest of your fresh prospects and turn them into customers.

Additionally, you will receive free access to Funnel Scripts, a new piece of software that will assist you in creating your follow-up sequence.

Day #5: Launch Your Funnel – Friday, January 8th

Day 5 Launch Your Funnel

Day 5 will teach you how to launch your funnel without using paid advertisements.

Here, you will discover Rachel Miller’s strategies for generating traffic for your lead funnel so you can begin constructing your email list and earning money.

Drawbacks of the program

The 5 Day Lead Challenge is one of the best—if not the best—courses available for learning how to develop lead funnels and info-product lead magnets. Since Russell Brunson is renowned for consistently exceeding expectations, this is to be anticipated.

The LIVE challenge, however, took place shortly after Onepager was introduced. Additionally, the Onepager app was crashing even though over 35,000 individuals had signed up for the challenge. This prevented many people from finishing the 5 Day Lead Challenge assignments in time.

But everything is functioning normally again, so if you sign up for the challenge right away, you won’t have the same problems.

Drawbacks of the program

Frequent questions and answers about the 5 Day Lead Challenge

Who should use The 5 Day Lead Challenge?

The 5 Day Lead Challenge is for business owners that need more leads for their online operations, including entrepreneurs, small business owners, online marketers, and marketing agencies.

The 5 Day Lead Challenge can undoubtedly assist you, regardless of whether you are a network marketer, or affiliate marketer, offer information items or physical products, operate a brick and mortar store, or are wanting to produce qualified leads for your company.

What is the price of the 5 Day Lead Challenge?

Right now, anyone can sign up for the 5 Day Lead Challenge without any charge.

Is a ClickFunnels account required in order to participate in this challenge?

To participate in the 5 Day Lead Challenge, you don’t necessarily need a ClickFunnels account because you may design your funnel using any other sales funnel builder. Nevertheless, this might cause you to go more slowly because you wouldn’t be able to use the simple-to-customize ClickFunnels templates you will receive as part of the challenge.

What distinguishes the One Funnel Away Challenge from the ClickFunnels 5 Day Lead Challenge?

A 5-day training program called the 5 Day Lead Challenge teaches you how to build and launch a straightforward lead funnel. Whilst the One Funnel Away Challenge is a 30-day training that teaches you how to construct complete sales funnels that will fit your particular business (which might be lead funnels, application funnels, book funnels, or any funnel), Both of them are ClickFunnels and Russell Brunson training programs.

In conclusion,

when compared to other programs and classes out there, Russell Brunson’s are renowned for being overstuffed with quality and information. It is obvious that you will learn how you are going to create leads in your own business, and you will avoid possible risks that you almost face when you make business. So, the program is beneficial to you to assist you in practicing precious tactics for lead generation.

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