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Your First Funnel Challenge Review – For newbies

Before creating an official funnel for your business, you are always recommended to take the funnel challenge. It is like a stepping stone for you to know how to apply theory into practice, and the first challenge suggested for you is Your First Funnel Challenge. It sounds like something huge, with even 6 figures. However, it is not… Read More »

Funnel hacking update 2023- The Best Tip, Trick, Tools

Achieving success in business requires modeling to boost traffic and drive sales. One of the ways to model is building sales funnels by funnel hacking, which facilitates you to sell products online while selecting the most appropriate type of funnels for your brand. However, you might wonder what funnel hacking is, especially for sellers who sell their products… Read More »

Best alternatives for Clickfunnels – Which is the best?

You are so familiar with a tool called Clickfunnels that helps you build sales funnels effectively. However, some of you might find it not appropriate for you, especially when it comes to financial conditions. You might want to find several alternatives for Clickfunnels that provide similar functions at lower prices, or you might not want to use Clickfunnels… Read More »

Top 11 Lead Magnet Ideas For Coaches

Lead magnets are important for any business to attract their potential customers, improving their sales effectively. Currently, there have been a number of searchers for coaches who can guide and implement lead magnets successfully. Although coaching is a competitive field, you can effectively market yourself by using smart promotional techniques. As such, you need several lead magnet ideas… Read More »

How to creat A quiz Lead Magnet with high Converting

We know that a lead magnet is a powerful tool to draw in potential customers due to its benefits perceived by customers. However, not every lead magnet embraces its attractiveness at first glance. What should we do? A quiz lead magnet quiz appears to be effective in this case. A quiz lead magnet is just that—a challenge—but it… Read More »

Top 9 must-know landing page software

With marketing initiatives like Google AdWords, lead generation, or creating a sales funnel, landing page software is a crucial tool. It is also utilized in personal blogs to create websites with improved user experiences and really interesting designs. Currently, there have been a number of landing page software for users to select based on their preferences. Nevertheless, you… Read More »

ClickFunnels for Accountants – Free trial with Clickfunnels

If you are an accountant or bookkeeper, you might be searching for various tools that help you work effectively, and especially retain customers. After browsing online for several hours, you might feel overwhelmed by different software and tools with appealing introductions. However, there is a tool that not only aids you to do these things but also assists… Read More »