Brick And Mortar Summit – It’s Pros and Cons update 2023

The Covid-19 pandemic has pushed many businesses into online business models, meaning that using conventional marketing techniques like placing posters and billboards is not appropriate. Nowadays, starting an online business model is not so difficult when you can create an online business in a day and start making sales right now. However, you need appropriate skills and knowledge to deal with troubles you encounter during developing your online businesses, such as low traffic. This is why the Brick and Mortar Summit started. In this article, you will discover how the Summit helps you grow your online business quickly and effectively, like Amazon.

Overview of the Brick and Mortar Summit

Brick and mortar summit

If you are running a brick and mortar firm, now, it is time for you to capitalize on the enormous online market and expand quickly. You could find it difficult, but if you take after and learn from others who have succeeded, you will succeed quickly. Besides, in case you wish to begin and expand your business using the power of Clickfunnels, you must attend this Brick and Mortar Summit, along with the One Funnel Away Challenge as well. Many people have experienced rapid dream realization thanks to this real challenge. Act right away.

Pros and Cons of the Summit


  • The best instruction on how to correctly sell goods or services online is explained step-by-step.
  • There are so many wonderful reviews and endorsements that it practically sells itself.
  • Access to a private Facebook group
  • Available Brick and Mortar Summit recordings


  • You must watch and put into practice the training for at least an hour each day for the next 30 days.

Overall, it is rated 4.8/5 stars, so the Summit is significantly vital for anyone who wants to begin an online business.

Get The “Brick and Mortar Summit”

Speakers at the Brick and Mortar Summit

The Summit does not involve only one or two or three people to be speakers. It includes up to 16 speakers in charge of different areas of the online business models. Accordingly, you can get the necessary knowledge and experiences from different people so that you have an overall picture of what should and should not be done for online business models. Below are the speakers of the Summit

trainer brick and mortar summit

Anissa Holmes – Dentist

She has a sound strategy for every dentist who has a physical location for their practice. You will frequently experience a client shortage in the early stages of starting and operating an online dentistry practice business. Most people give up if they don’t have the proper plan to go through this obstacle. Avoid doing that. You must emulate the behaviors of those who have a lot of experience in the area.

Alex Hormozi- Gym Owner

The gym is among the popular activities all over the world, and if you prefer doing gym every day, why don’t you open a gym business?  It can be difficult sometimes, but only if you are not sufficiently tenacious. Alex will demonstrate the strategies he employed to attract a consistent flow of clients. You have a business if you have clients. Without clients, a business is not a business.

Joshua Latimer -Window Cleaner

Joshua works in the service industry. Consider growing your window cleaning company to a six- or seven-figure operation. Isn’t that fantastic? Joshua explains exactly how to do that. In fact, since he started employing the tactics, he has received repeat customers. Watch the summit interview and take notes on his strategy for success.

Ryan and Brad – Financial Services Practice

On your first peak day, you will observe the two speakers at the same time. They quickly created the necessary skills and put them into practice, building a prosperous financial empire. Hence, they will reveal the techniques you can utilize to grow your business five times during the session.

Jaime Cross- Natural Skincare

Do you want to become a millionaire in just one night? Definitely, you will say yes! Jaime will show you how to do so through her unique tricks. Her area of expertise is skincare. Being in the same industry will therefore be advantageous. However, you may always choose the lessons if you don’t.

Adam Sewell M.D. -Medical physicians

Adam is a doctor. He has extensive experience in the subject. Therefore, he dived in with both feet when he learned about leveraging sales funnels to build his dream practice and draw clients. He teaches precisely that. He will outline his strategy in the interview. Observe him since the interview is completely free for 48 hours.

Chad Woolner – Chiropractor

A chiropractor, are you? How far along are you in the sales funnel? Even though you might not enjoy your current situation, if you act consistently and pay attention to the proper individuals, you will quickly reach six or seven figures.

Emily Gang – Medicare coach

It appears to be difficult for many people operating in this business to find clients for an insurance firm. Emily, though, is a testament that it’s not all that difficult. She has benefited greatly from his insurance company by utilizing the power of Clickfunnels. Check out the interview if you are in the same market.

Krista Mashore – Real Estate Agent

Krista works in real estate, just like Joe. She claims that getting her first few clients required a lot of work on her part. It appears that the majority of online business owners are at the same stage. Why not adopt Krista’s approach for your company? You will undoubtedly start seeing some outcomes.

Jennifer Sewell – Medical Spas

Jennifer works in the medical field. Jennifer is helpful because the majority of physicians are still learning how to use funnels to attract clients. If you work in that field, she will show you how to find clients on your own. This is crucial, especially for startups and small enterprises that are just getting started online.

Tyler Shale – Local Business Consultant

How would you feel if you had customers but had to decline some projects? awesome, no? Tyler shows you how to accomplish that. A local business counselor, he has mastered three straightforward message campaigns that may be used to generate a ton of leads over the course of the next 100 days. It is valuable to hear him out and adopt his strategy.

David Frey – Local Business Strategies

For many firms, Facebook marketing has produced tremendous results. Though there are tricks available, it’s distressing to see that some folks are still having trouble with this. David explains in the conversation how you can quickly and easily increase local Facebook traffic for your brick and mortar business funnel.

Joe McCall – Real estate

Despite the fact that many people operate in this sector, the majority do not consistently receive consumers for a variety of reasons. They might not be pitching to the correct people or placing their brands improperly. Whatever the situation, Joe is here to lead the way. He will demonstrate to you how to attract more than 100 real estate investors and consumers in 30 days. Why is that so?

Mike Arce – Fitness Studios

Do you work in the fitness industry? Maybe you’re having trouble drawing customers to your fitness center. Getting constant consumers is the major difficulty that new business owners encounter. But don’t worry, Mike has got your back. He will reveal to you in his interview the techniques he uses to bring in up to 100 studio clients in a month.

Andrew Argue – Accounting Firm

Watch as Andrew shares the strategies he employed to establish and expand his accounting practice. He will impart to you the knowledge necessary to draw in, keep, and delight your clients.

The One Funnel Away Challenge

One Funnel Away Challenge Funnelflix

The Brick and Mortar summit have a 48-hour time limit, so if you want to keep watching the interviews, you must upgrade and sign up for the challenge. One Funnel Away Challenge is the name of the contest.

The majority of what you are required to get started is included in the funnel challenge, which costs just $100. You will have a fully functional sales funnel after the 30-day challenge, making you wealthy. Are you curious about what is involved in the Challenge that makes it relatively expensive? Below are things you will get for the Challenge.

The 550-page Hardcover Book

30 days hardcover Book

In this book, Russell questioned 30 winners of the 2 Comma Club (2CC) awards regarding their strategy if they were forced to start over after losing everything (traffic, a product to sell, and an email list).

Remember that being a member of the 2CC is not easy. A single funnel must generate more than $1 million in revenue. Therefore, consulting the opinions of these 30 people is crucial. You will be fully aware of the procedures you must carry out in order to succeed.

And, since it is a hardcover book, you will get it delivered to your home without going out.

The One Funnel Away Challenge Workbook

one funnel away challenge workbook

You will require a workbook to stay organized and consistent because there are challenging assignments to do every day. The workbook fills this role. It serves as a supplement to the video training materials you will use for the challenge.

The workbook includes enough room to generate ideas and address the important queries that may come up during the challenge. Making notes as you watch the videos will help you not miss anything important that will help you succeed. Additionally, there are links to the videos. This practical advice is really helpful in achieving your objectives.

MP 3 Player of the OFA challenge

MP 3 Player of the OFA challenge

Do you say that you are bored of reading a thick book? And you want to take advantage of time, like the time you are traveling by bus or doing to gyms to learn the book? This is why the MP3 version is here to help you. You can make the most of your downtime if you have the MP 3 version of the challenge because all you need to do is put in your headphones and press “play.”

The One Funnel Away Challenge is incredibly valuable. You only need to enter and explore previous knowledge it provides. Furthermore, the Challenge provides you with several bonuses, as follows:

The “100 days 100 new customers” e-book

Brick and mortar summit funnel

All of the Brick and Mortar expert interview series are included in the ebook. You will read their thoughts as well as the big vision that any successful online business owner has. Their aspirations are expressed in the book, along with what motivates them to work toward accomplishment.

You can avoid them and advance more quickly if you learn from the errors people make along the road. The stories can motivate you to develop into the best version of yourself, even if you don’t accomplish as much as they do in a short period of time. Use what you learn from watching them and create their action plan to your advantage.

Get unrestricted access to the “Brick and Mortar Interview Series” for a lifetime

Are you disappointed that the Brick & Mortar series’ expert series has come to an end? Join the One Funnel Away Challenge to receive this as an added benefit. You won’t have a daily video viewing cap or a countdown plugin playing at the bottom. You can watch them whenever you choose and use the abilities they impart in your business.

14 Brick and Mortar Experts Interview: Behind the Scenes Blueprint

Instead of purchasing a professionally edited version, would you prefer to watch the uncut version of the Brick and Mortar expert series? Everything is in the behind-the-scenes videos.

Not every expert would be willing to outright divulge their trade secrets. Most frequently, they will only give half of it. They won’t divulge how their funnels operate, their top traffic sources, or the closely-guarded techniques for achieving higher conversion rates. You require this behind-the-scenes version of the interviews for that reason.

Get The “Brick and Mortar Summit”

Brick And Mortar Summit Bonuses

Bonus # 1: Friend Maker (Value $497 per Year )

Send Automated Friend Requests without manually doing and wasting your time. 

Bonus # 2: Friend Remover (Value $497 per Year)

Remover Inactive Friends who never engage with your Facebook post.

Bonus # 3: Friend Approver (Value $497 per Year)

Approve or Decline Incoming Friend Requests on Facebook.

Bonus # 4: Group Magnet (Value $497 per Year)

Collect data of people who request to join your Facebook group in a few clicks 

Bonus # 5: Messenger Connector (Value $497 per Year)

Send Messages to people inside your friend list and recently added friends.

Bonus # 6: Lifetime Email Support (Value $ 997)

Email me for any issues with bonuses or software issues


The Summit is a firm stepping stone for anyone following physical business models to shift to online business. Referring to the Summit will make you realize that online business models are much easier than you think. The Summit, along with the One Way Funnel Challenge, are must-have items to expand your experiences and knowledge before starting. So, let’s register and learn from them right now.

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