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Making an online business does not stop at selling products and services to some customers then it requires an increase in the number of buyers day by day. Therefore, a high-quality list of clients is important. However, it is impossible for you to make cold calls to anyone you know – just wasting time. The key here is that you need to call people who are interested in or intend to be interested in your products. This is where an Application funnel helps. So, this article will guide you on how to build an Applicant funnel effectively.

Application funnel: What is it?

The Application funnel is a form of high-ticket sales funnel that assists you in rapidly converting leads to clients. The funnel is typically used for high-priced items or services (more than $2000). You might use it to filter out any leads that do not suit the products or services you provide.

Application Funnel by funneltops

Basically, the Application funnel includes 3 main components:

  • Reverse squeeze page: you might conduct a case study or something related to what you do. Finally, someone offers you their email address. They click a button, and a pop-up appears, in which they enter their name and email address. And you’re creating an application page for them.

reverse squeeze page

  • Application page: You can complete a lengthy application and tell you everything you need to know about them and the reasons they should engage with you. You then direct them to the Thank You page.

application page funnel

  • Thank you page: We may thank them right here, and you now have an application lead. You can go out and start calling people to market your goods and services.

thank you page funneltops

Importance of the Application funnel

Customers might not be interested in one boring way of selling, and perhaps you will be, too. So, it is vital to change the selling environment to stimulate customers’ curiosity about your products/services, from which they are more likely to reach a purchase decision.

By this way, you offer them an offline purchasing environment, but you still can control it completely. With the use of the Application funnel, you will receive the following benefits:

  • A list of promising clients
  • Higher leads
  • Valuable information about customers, like their preferences, goals, finance, and so on.
  • Your preparation to call customers (since you know about them, you have more comfortable conversations and hit their desires)

Before going through the steps to create the Application funnel, let’s take a look at the traditional way of online marketing that might lead to some failures: Cold calls.

Cold Call funnel

Cold call

Generally, companies acquire a list of customers from third parties – data collection services – and then make a call to the list with the hope of a lead generation.

It seems to be a popularly-recognized way of selling. But wait! It does not work effectively, even the customers might hang up the phone before the sales staff say something!

This is also the big mistake many firms make: they target the wrong people. Wrong people means:

  • They have no desire to purchase your merchandise.
  • People don’t have issues that you can solve.
  • They do not have any money.

So, cold calls appear to be out of date, and the Application funnel will help. But how does it help? Now, let’s investigate its way of working.

How does the Application funnel work?

The Application funnel operates in six areas, including:

  • Author/Speaker/Coach/Consultant: This funnel can be used to offer your coaching program. Presenting a great achievement on the first page, followed by a request to register on the next. After each mid-tier funnel, this would be the default backend funnel. ​


  • Network Marketing / Affiliate: Make folks apply to be a part of your team. This would show them how dedicated your team is while also adding distinctiveness.

Network Marketing-Affiliate

  • B2B (Business To Business): Prospective sponsors are directed to an Application Funnel, which leads to a phone call. The initial Reverse Squeeze page would demonstrate the achievement of other firms for which we have previously obtained results. ​

Business To Business

  • Professional Service: Use this form to ask for special continuity-based pricing for current clients. When they enroll, you pass the requirements and are included in the continuity of your business. They will then be given special prices and coupons.

Professional Service

  • Retail / Brick & Mortar Business: Utilize this funnel to register for low-cost holiday tickets for both potential and existing clients. If they are accepted, they will receive massive discounts and offers during the holiday shopping season sent to their mailbox or door. ​

Brick Mortar Business

  • Ecommerce: Make use of the Application funnel to entice individuals to buy your more exclusive high-end products. Make a video demo of the new items, and then have people sign up for a waiting list to be able to purchase it in the future.​


Steps to build the Application funnel

Below are useful steps to create the Application funnel for more modern and efficient selling.

  • Step 1: Login Clickfunnels and click on build a funnel on its dashboard.

step 1 build a funnel

  • Step 2: Select Application Funnel in Funnel Cookbook

step 2 Funnel Cookbook

  • Step 3: Pick your favored application funnel template

step 3 Pick application funnel template

Then, you will create each of the three pages as mentioned above.

Reverse Squeeze Page

Reverse-squeeze-page in step 1

This page aims at:

  • Attract new consumers by telling them about your success story, case study, strategy, or techniques that show them what they can attain by engaging with you.
  • Allow them to take action if they wish to obtain the same outcomes.
  • If they do not complete the application, send them an email to follow up.

On this page, you should set up a two-step opt-in since it is a simple approach to get users to provide their email addresses rather than requesting it right away. So, you need to read the 2 Step opt-in guide from Optin Monster to understand its works.

Application page

Application-page-in step 2

The application page’s purpose is to persuade prospective clients to fill out the form. So, your salesperson can call them and market your high-priced goods or service to them.

Since you obtained their email address on the first page, even if they do not finish the application form, you will be able to follow up with them until they do.

You might include a video explaining the effectiveness of your application funnel, including:

  • The advantages
  • Testimonial
  • Could you provide a response to the question they are considering?
  • Provide them with social proof.

Application form inside clickfunnels

Regarding the application form, you can add any new element in the Clickfunnels, like the Select box, Text area, Checkbox, SMS, or Survey. You will choose the one that is appropriate for your business; however, ensure that:

  • They have enough money to pay for your services.
  • People actually know what they wish to have and what achievement entails for them.

You might not expect direct answers to these things, but you can encourage them to let you know by asking some other questions, such as:

  • How much cash do you spend every month on sales promotions?
  • Have you attempted to tackle the problem previously? How much money have you spent previously?

Thank you page

You try to establish a relationship on the thank you page, and you can try the following guides:

  • You try to establish a relationship on the thank you page.
  • Allow them to know when you will call and what they should prepare.
  • You may include a video explaining why you are so passionate about assisting them.
  • This strengthened their idea that they had made the correct decision.
  • Provide them with homework or clarify anything they should be aware of. (This is similar to what we do in the Bridge)

That’s all for the creation of the Application funnel.

In conclusion, the application funnel is easy to set up and can verify and warm up leads faster than anything else you’ve seen. The attraction on the first page that convinces customers to submit their email address, as well as the question on the application page, are what keep your funnel effective. Once you succeed in operating it, you will easily generate more leads than ever.

Author: Tanka

In 2015 I knew Clickfunnel, since then I focused on researching software to support building and developing funnels. The knowledge I share here is the knowledge due to my 8 years of online marketing experience. I hope it will be of great help.

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