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One of the most effective marketing tools that every company needs to expand is ClickFunnels 2.0, and everyone wants to own it. However, business owners are wary of it because of its starting price of $147 per month. This is relatively high for individual business owners, especially when they have not gained profits from their products to spend such a high amount of money. But, if you still want to use ClickFunnels, you can use its free trial version. Not just for several days, you can use it for free for up to 30 days! So, this article is going to provide you with detailed information about ways to get Clickfunnels 2.0 for free for up to 30 days.

what is clickfunnels

What is ClickFunnels 2.0?

General information:

Clickfunnels Special Offer Clickfunnels 2.0 – 30 Days Free Trial
Price (After trial period) From $147/month
Money Back Guarantee 30 Days

Join Your First Funnel Challenge and 30 days FREE Trial Clickfunnels 

A sales funnel builder, ClickFunnels helps businesses fully automate their sales processes. You may manage each step of your customer’s purchasing process using this tool.

Basic websites, squeeze pages, opt-in pages, subscription websites, landing pages, webinars, and a ton more can all be created with the aid of ClickFunnels. Additionally, it enables users to create sales funnels utilizing a variety of ready-made, editable layouts.

Being an all-in-one product, ClickFunnels provides you with everything you need to start your campaigns. As an illustration, you can use the software’s:

  • Page Builder
  • Web host
  • Email autoresponder
  • Content management system
  • Shopping cart
  • Web analytics
  • Other marketing tools

The operation of ClickFunnels is really simple. It can be used to create sales funnels that turn website visitors into prospects. This software tracks your prospects until they become paying customers. It can be used to make income and assess how each funnel page seems.

Free trial version and its functionality

Every software has a free trial version for you to try before determining whether to subscribe to it. ClickFunnels provides you with a 14-day free trial. It might be insufficient for many of you. Previously, ClickFunnels offered a 30-day free trial, but the business discontinued it. Beginning in 2022, this service will be back, encouraging consumers to use the program more frequently.

With the free trial version, you can still get the many functions you deserve.

Generate Leads

Lead generation is the most widely used type of sales funnel that people create. Fortunately, ClickFunnels free trials give you the resources you need to create your sales funnels. You can use SEO and advertising to draw customers into your funnel. Then they subscribe to your email list, which allows you to get to know them better.

Another choice is to request that your clients schedule a call with you and complete an application funnel. When you contact them, you can let them know about your goods and services.

Sell products

Despite its free trial, ClickFunnels does a fantastic job of increasing your sales. Additionally, the strategy functions with both real and digital goods.

  • Digital products: On ClickFunnels, it’s simpler to process digital goods. Customers are guided through the entire process on this website. Discounts, an order form, a purchase, and then post-sale emails will all be given to them. In other words, the entire cycle can be automated. Consequently, you can concentrate on drawing increasingly more traffic to your website.
  • Physical products: You may choose from a variety of layouts in ClickFunnels for tangible goods like books or phone accessories. Additionally, there are numerous integrations in your delivery services. You can keep an eye on your products with the capabilities included in the free trial. It helps you with a variety of tasks, like tracking shipments, figuring out inventory limitations, classifying goods by color or size, and more.

Run events

ClickFunnels provides themes designed for hosting webinars, online events, and many other types of virtual events. They can take the form of formal conferences or one-on-one coaching. The scheduled webinars offered by the free trial are fantastic. You can set up a webinar to commence each day or hour using this tool.

Features of the Free-trial Clickfunnels

Smart funnel builder

Smart Funnel Builder

You can simply design complex funnels using the Smart Funnel Builder’s intuitive interface. This allows you to perform a full branch split test to evaluate various routes and specify requirements for your customers.

Real-time changes, by the way, can manage all of your funnels. It also has a Statistics tool that offers data from various landing pages. As a result, you can rapidly understand the greater picture’s context. Additionally, you may create more interactive funnels with the help of Smart Funnel Builder to enhance client journeys for various customer categories.

Thus, two separate clients may experience two distinct funnel cycles depending on the intricate setup logic and situations.

100 + Sales funnel templates

100 + Sales Funnel Templates

From the moment your ClickFunnels trial period begins, you’ll have quick access to a sizable library of pre-built funnels. To begin, only include your own content and brand.

The templates included in the free plan are:

  • Optin Pages
  • Sales Pages
  • Affiliates
  • Webinar
  • Membership
  • Clickpop

Funnel Hacker Cookbook digital version

Employing the pre-made templates in The Cookbook, you may create sales funnels. It will offer templates depending on your goals so you have the opportunity to start off strongly. You can make as many layouts as you want during your ClickFunnels free trial.

You can discover how to create a high-converting sales funnel and manipulate the campaigns of your rivals by reading this book. By reading this book, you will discover a variety of successful recipes.

Funnel Hacker Cookbook Digital Version


They are using headlines, countdown clocks, movies, and graphics as building blocks for funnels. With the book, you may discover up to 50 distinct elements.

Page recipes

The book presents 37 types of pages, which are divided into ten groups:

  • Presell pages
  • Optin Pages
  • Thank You Pages
  • Sales Pages
  • OTO Pages
  • Order Forms
  • Webinar Pages
  • Membership Pages
  • Affiliate Pages
  • Other Pages

Sale funnels

22 different funnel types are needed for an online company model:

  • Lead funnels
  • Buyer funnels
  • Event funnels
  • Other funnels



Funnelflix is a network for video training that offers a variety of courses in a variety of subjects (marketing, running advertisements, funnel builder, copywriting, personal development, etc.). It’s similar to “Netflix” for business owners.

If you purchase the course separately, it might run you hundreds or thousands of dollars (the One Funnel Away Challenge, for instance, costs $100). But, for members of Clickfunnels, it is free.

However, FunnelFlix will also be free if you sign up for the free plan. Over 13 training courses are included to assist you in building your funnels and generating more traffic quickly.

There are more than 10 different titles in the FunnelFlix library, including High Ticket Secrets, Funnel Build Secrets, and Funnel U. They give you these advantages:

  • Countless funnels
  • Learning the Secrets of the Funnel Builder
  • A corporate account for the website Traffic Secrets for six months
  • Traffic Secrets membership

Ways to get Clickfunnels for free for 14 days

Visit the Clickfunnels website and provide your full name, email address, and password to get started. When you’re done, click “Start Building My First Funnel!”

Get ClickFunnels 14-Day Free Trial

Next, provide your phone number, credit card number, CVC code, and payment information.

form information customer

Remember that you’ll be put on the platinum plan once you sign up for a free Clickfunnels account.

After the trial time, this plan’s monthly cost is $297 (you can afterward drop to the basic plan via the dashboard if you’d like).

clickfunnels trial 14 days

Move your cursor to the close button if you determine that you would prefer to begin with the fundamental plan. You can start with the fundamental strategy after an exit pop-up appears.

Clickfunnels free trial basic plan

You can get to your Clickfunnels dashboard by logging in after finishing the free account setup step. From this page, you can access all of Clickfunnels’ resources.

Clickfunnels’ resources

By selecting the “Click Funnels” link in the sidebar, you can launch the page builder and start building sales funnels. By going to your account settings in the top right corner, you can enable the Clickfunnels affiliate program.

Features of 30-day free trial Clickfunnels

Included In The ClickFunnels 30-Day Free Trial

A 30-day free trial is surely more useful than a 14-day free trial when you can gain more profits. According to ClickFunnels, their free trial is an effective Kickstarter initiative. When you sign up for this free trial, you will:

  • Free use of the software for 30 days.
  • Customer service for 30 days and VIP access to marketing professionals
  • 30-day tangible copies of recordings and books
  • Cookbook for Funnel Hackers
  • T-shirt reading “Funnel Hacker”
  • A 14-day live coaching period
  • Headline Tony Robbins’ “Private Collection” Building Secrets Generator
  • Many training resources and recordings

Is the free 30-day trial of ClickFunnels really free?

The live coaching and all instructional resources are free during the 30-day trial period. However, delivery for books and other physical resources costs $29.95.

The procedure is typical for ClickFunnels marketing. It alludes to the notion that you will receive something for free but must cover the cost of delivery.

For this price, ClickFunnels guarantees that you’ll receive more than $8,745 worth of marketing tactics to assist you in creating your first funnel that’s ready to start bringing in money.

If the 30-Day Your First Funnel Challenge allowed you to consistently make money, you would probably be happy to 10X or even 100X the cost of shipping.

Ways to get Clickfunnels for free for 30 days

Many of you might want to gain a 30-day free trial version more than a 14-day free trial, of course! The “Your First Funnel” challenge and the 30-day free trial have been merged by ClickFunnels. Likewise, the organization handled the “One Funnel Away Challenge.” However, the new service includes live coaching sessions and is a helpful starting point.

Businesses and entrepreneurs who would benefit from detailed instructions on building lead-generating funnels without being overwhelmed, perplexed, or trapped should take advantage of this ClickFunnels free trial. Here are steps for this fruitful outcome.

Visit the website Yourfirstfunnel

  • Step 2: The button must be pressed in order for a pop-up to appear. To go to the order page, you must now enter your email address.

Form enter your email address

  • Step 3: To receive your free 30-day trial of Clickfunnels along with instructional materials, fill out the order form. Additionally, the full “Secrets Trilogy” is available in hardcover at a 47% discount ($67 alone vs. $127).

your first funnel order form

Note: Only new customers are eligible for the 30-day trial of Clickfunnels that is included in the “Your First Funnel” package. You cannot sign up for another free trial if you have already done one or if you already have a subscription.

Therefore, while signing up for the Your First Funnel challenge, be sure to use a fresh email address. An email containing access links will be sent to you once the procedure is finished.

Costs of Clickfunnels after the free trial version

You have the option to stop using ClickFunnels after the free trial has expired or to subscribe. If you choose the latter, you should think about these three options, and every plan comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Cost clickfunnels after trial 2.0

Want to get an extended free trial?

The fastest and easiest way to do it is to contact the ClickFunnels customer support team for a free trial extension.

We are all aware that 14 or 30 days might not be sufficient to test out all the system’s recent additions. You may need to extend the free trial after testing the platform.

It is simple to request an extension of your free trial with ClickFunnels. Just include your request in an email to the customer care team, and a member of the ClickFunnels team will be happy to assist you.

Pros and Cons of free trial Clickfunnels


Several strengths of the free trial version include:

  • The software is easy to use.
  • To become familiar with the features, sign up for training materials.
  • There are numerous third-party software integrations.
  • The ClickFunnels community is enormous.
  • Over 100 templates can be used to design your pages.


Of course, there is the biggest drawback for your consideration:

  • Hardcopy materials shipping costs are your responsibility. (to test for 30 days)

But, you can see that the advantages outweigh the Cons. This means that the free trial version is significantly beneficial to you!

Comparison between 14-day and 30-day free trial versions

Comparison clickfunnels 14-day and 30-day

Despite these differences, it should be noted that the two versions are still worthy, because:

  • You may easily create your web pages with the trial’s robust drag-and-drop editor.
  • With ClickFunnels, you can create opt-in funnels, membership websites, and webinar funnels.
  • The email autoresponder feature of the free trial makes it straightforward to distribute visitors’ pre-set emails after analyzing their online behavior.
  • During the ClickFunnels free trial, you may also choose from a wide variety of pre-built funnels for various services or products. Therefore, creating sales funnels only requires editing the current templates.

The free trial of ClickFunnels is a great choice for someone just starting their business because of their money-back promise.

When you initially begin, you may be concerned about many aspects of running your company and building your website.

You gain access to a welcoming group of individuals who share your interests. All of them are prepared to support one another using ClickFunnels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I quit if I dislike ClickFunnels?

Yes. If you are unhappy with the site after signing up, you may easily cancel your membership.

If you go to the account settings and select the account billing, you can erase your credit card information. So there is no danger in creating your first sales funnel to sell your goods online.

With the assistance of ClickFunnels, you can still obtain a refund even if you forget to cancel your membership on time. They will typically be happy to give you a refund.

Is there still a free 60-day trial for ClickFunnels?

No. There are currently just two free trial lengths available for ClickFunnels: 14 days and 30 days.

Does ClickFunnels provide a 90-day free trial?

No. Once more, ClickFunnels only gives you a free 14 or a 30-day trial of its technology. You can still get in touch with the customer service department and inquire about extending your ClickFunnels trial.

Can I switch from a Platinum Plan on ClickFunnels to a Basic Plan?

Yes. Until you hit the plan limit, you can keep all of your funnels but cannot start any new ones. It implies that you must delete any funnels that are larger than the Basic Plan’s 20-funnel cap. If not, you must return to the Platinum level and update your plan.

How to reduce your plan is as follows:

– From the profile menu, select “Account Billing”.

– Click “Choose a different plan.”

– Choose the plan to which you want to downgrade.


Free Clickfunnels trial offers will be of great assistance to you in getting a feel for the platform. You can test out the majority of its features for free to enhance your internet business. After knowing about its advantages, you might probably want to employ it right now to see how powerful it is to your business. So, don’t hesitate to register it for free for 30 days, and then, you can decide to stop using it. It is up to you!

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