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Since its inception in 2014 until now, clickfunnels has changed a lot of the e-commerce market. It operates in many different fields and has helped many funnels operate well. Many people have been successful and generate substantial revenue thanks to clickfunnels. We cannot deny the great things clickfunnels have brought, and we cannot forget the critical role of Russell Brunson.

Thanks to active activity, clickfunnels have created a marketplace of its own to date. It can be said that it works 95% independently without depending on any software. In this article, I’ll help you understand what the Clickfunnels Marketplace offers you. These are important issues as they will help you understand if the clickfunnels marketplace is suitable for your product.

Come on! Let’s go to find out each issue.

What is Clickfunnels Marketplace?

The Clickfunnels Marketplace started in 2016, where you can find funnel models in a wide variety of industries. These funnel templates are designed in advance by many people. Most of the people who design this funnel template are experienced funnel.

There are also many free funnel templates available, but many you need to pay to receive them. The free funnel templates you need to add to your clickfunnels account you can use, the paid funnel templates you need to pay the designer, and then you will add it to the clickfunnels account and use used for life.

Clickfunnels Marketplace provide funnel templates for customers, and they can tailor them to their needs. It is like an open resource. You can edit replacements directly on the funnel.

Why should you use Clickfunnels Marketplace?

The Clickfunnels Marketplace that appears will be of great help to you. But there are two main issues that I want to talk about in this post.

  • Use existing funnel templates.

You can see that using the existing funnel templates will save you a lot of time. Just add it to your clickfunnels account, and you can use it without editing anything, but if you want to edit it, you can still do it.

Take the time to focus on customer care without focusing on funnel-building techniques to improve your marketing effectiveness and better sales growth.

The premium funnel templates will have a higher value, and they are certainly more carefully designed, so I encourage you to choose the premium funnel templates in the Clickfunnels Marketplace. It doesn’t cost too much. I think you can invest a small amount in using it for life.

If you are inexperienced in funnel design, then the Clickfunnels Marketplace is beneficial for you. You won’t spend a lot of time researching the funnel. It won’t take weeks to design the funnel. All you have to do is choose the channel template that fits your needs and add it to your clickfunnels account.

  • Hire funnel designers in the Clickfunnels Marketplace

In the Clickfunnels Marketplace may not have the desired funnel template, you can hire a funnel designer according to your needs. The cost of hiring a funnel designer is higher than buying an existing funnel template, but you will be satisfied because it meets your requirements.

Imagine the Clickfunnels Marketplace as a store. You go to it and choose to buy a product. If you don’t have the product you want, you can order it.

How to use Clickfunnel Marketplace

Using the Clickfunnel Marketplace is very simple. First, you need to have a clickfunnels account. To get FREE when using clickfunnel, you can see the article here.

A clickfunnels account is a place for you to archive your funnels and make edits, replaced with drag and drop operations in clickfunnels.

Visit the Clickfunnel Marketplace via the link here. There are many funnel templates to choose from. There are free and paid funnel templates. If it’s a free funnel template, you don’t need to do anything. Just add it to your clickfunnels account. If it’s a premium funnel template, you need to pay and then add it to the clickfunnels account.

In the clickfunnels editor, you can edit all these funnel templates. Clickfunnels provides a drag and drops editor so that editing will be straightforward. It’s just like you would in Powerpoint.

The second way for you to use the marketplace is to hire a professional to design your funnel. You can view the designers in the market and the previous funnel models they have designed and check past customer reviews. Then combine the information and choose the design that suits you best. Just pressing the “hire me” button will allow you to send an email.

The Clickfunnel Marketplace is always helpful for many people. It is the place to find solutions for your funnel. It will save you a lot of time and improve your work efficiency. Here are some sample funnels in the Clickfunnel Marketplace that I think will help you a lot.

5 Best Free Funnel Samples.

The clickfunnels market offers a lot of good free funnel templates, the ones I listed below have received positive reviews from many people, so I think it might be right for you, or else you can. Add it to your clickfunnels account and edit it according to your wishes.

  • Blank Reverse Squeeze Funnel

This is the most basic funnel pattern. This funnel template is so simple you can edit every element on the funnel according to your needs. You can download the funnel template here.

  • Rippln – Summit Funnel

If you want to organize a conference, seminar, or a product introduction program, this is a very good funnel template for you to introduce to customers. It contains full information about a program you need to provide to your customers. You can also add or remove information if not needed.

  • Blank Storefront Funnel

This funnel template is very simple. It’s just an introduction page about your product. This funnel template is often suitable when you are just starting to build a brand. You want customers to focus more on your brand name.

  • CONQUER | Storefront Funnel

Like the funnel three template, this is the development funnel template of the funnel three template. It contains more information for you to edit. If you want to showcase more products to your customers, then you should use this funnel template.

  • JASON | Store Front Funnel

This is a viral funnel to sell products today. It works like a free plus shipping funnel model. You can also sell more products on this funnel model. It’s like your collapsed online store.

Free Templates in Clickfunnels Marketplace

5 best-paid funnel templates.

  • B2B Bridge Funnel

This is the best-paid funnel model I review. It is combined with an email marketing program, so this funnel takes care of customers very well. It will help you increase sales quickly. You can see a sample of that funnel here.

  • Diet & Weight Loss Offers Two-Step Tripwire Funnel Supplement

If you are offering weight loss, diet products, then I think you should choose this funnel template. It has been fully optimized for everything, you need to add it to your clickfunnels account, and it will work right away later.

  • Premium FREE + SHIPPING Tripwire Funnel

A follow-up funnel template adopts the Free Plus Shipping Funnel model. I couldn’t find the downside of this funnel template because it had all the product marketing tools you needed.

  • Beauty Product Tripwire Funnel

Funnel templates designed for beauty products. If you are providing beauty products, then this is the funnel you should pay attention to. You can also learn from this funnel template. It also has all the same product marketing functions as other funnels.

  • Womanpreneur Application Funnel

If you are a product or service consultant, then this is the right funnel for you. It is aimed at women, so I do not encourage men to use this funnel template.

The Clickfunnels Marketplace also offers a wide variety of funnel templates, which you can check out on the clickfunnels marketplace website. I have thoroughly tested the funnel samples I introduce above. I am sure it will work well. However, many are not right for you, and you can search for more on the Clickfunnels Marketplace.

The clickfunnels market is growing well to serve customers, and I think this is essential for customers to optimize every step of the business development process. When all of your steps are well optimized, your business will surely perform well, increase sales quickly, and save on many costs.

Finally, I hope this article will help you better understand the clickfunnels market and shape your business growth process so that you can get the most out of it.

Author: Tanka

In 2015 I knew Clickfunnel, since then I focused on researching software to support building and developing funnels. The knowledge I share here is the knowledge due to my 8 years of online marketing experience. I hope it will be of great help.

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