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Are you looking for the clickfunnels $19 plan? In this article, I will share the details of the clickfunnels $19 plan to understand this program. I know many people are still wondering about this program, so the information I share below it is up to date, and I hope it will help you a lot.

If you are a beginner at clickfunnels, I would like you to have some insight into clickfunnels.

Clickfunnels is an online software created by Russell Brunson. This is the software that helps you create channels, sales pages. It also helps you implement channel marketing campaigns by email marketing, customer tracking. This is a potent tool for online businesses. It can operate independently without the need to connect to other software.

What is the Clickfunnels $19 Plan?

When in operation, clickfunnels offered a clickfunnels $19 plan. It has attracted a lot of attention because the cost is very cheap compared to other software such as GetResponse, MailChimp, BuilderAll … However, it also has many limitations that users encounter during use.

The clickfunnels $19 plan operates on the principle of funnel sharing. To be able to use the clickfunnels $19 plan, you need: “subscribe to a user’s shared funnel of clickfunnels before you.” In other words, “if someone is using clickfunnels and they share a free funnel with you, to use that funnel you need to subscribe under their link and you will pay $19/month for clickfunnels, and they will also receive a commission for recommending clickfunnels to you”. This is a mutually beneficial activity

The clickfunnels $19 plan will suit new individuals or small businesses. It’s your chance to know if clickfunnels are right for you, and if it does, then you can subscribe to the clickfunnels advanced plan of $97/month and $297/month.

Clickfunnels 19$ Plan

Screen display when signing up using the clickfunnels 19$ plan

Is the clickfunnels $19 plan still active?

As of 2019, the clickfunnels $19 plan has been discontinued. The clickfunnels company did not specify the reason for stopping, but I think it has many shortcomings in the use of the customer, which will affect the reputation and branding of the clickfunnels software in general. To better understand this, I will clarify the benefits and drawbacks of the clickfunnels $19 plan.

Key benefits of clickfunnels $19

  • Number of funnels: You will have up to 3 shared funnels
  • Number of pages: Limit the number of people your account shares to, or say the more guests you share, the more your page count will increase.
  • Number of visitors: Up to 5000 people /month

Compared to the full $97 and $297, the $19 plan is very limited. However, it will be very suitable for you to test your business with clickfunnels

Limit plan of clickfunnels $19

You get up to 3 shared funnels: These are the funnels you subscribe to under their shared funnel. You cannot decide which funnel you want, you can only choose the right funnel for you that they have shared, so you need to find people with the same market to subscribe to their channel. That will be much better for you.

Cannot create your funnels: Unlike the $97 plan, you cannot create your own desired funnel, nor can you add new pages to channels shared with you. You can only do a few basic edits on a shared funnel.

It depends on who shares the funnel with you: Sure, the clickfunnels $19 plan is a shared funnel, so you’ll depend on who shares the funnel with you. You cannot decide to choose the participating funnel, the sales funnel, the lead funnel…

As you can see, the clickfunnels $19 plan is a perfect one to promote clickfunnels software to a wide range of customers, but to fully develop an online business, is not suitable because it lacks a lot. Features compared to $97 and $297 plans.

I think that Russell Brunson implemented the $19 plan so people could use the clickfunnels experiment while promoting to more customers, and by 2019 the clickfunnels have thrived, so the $19 plan is no longer relevant. Also, maybe the clickfunnels $19 plan caused many customers to complain about clickfunnels functionality, so he stopped it.

Alternative solution clickfunnels $ 19 Plan.

Up to now, clickfunnels have been thriving, making them a useful piece for all online businesses. Clickfunnels deals have been reduced gradually, but there are still many good deals to choose from.

Free to use for 14 days.

Unlike the $19 plan, the 14-day free plan gives you full access to all the features of clickfunnels. You can sign up for a free 14-day $97 or $297 14-day plan. I recommend a 14-day free subscription to the $297 plan so you can take advantage of all the features of clickfunnels.

Main features of the $97 plan Main features of the $297 plan
 full features to create funUsenels, edit funnels
Use full features to create funnels, edit funnels
Up to 20 sales funnels Up to 70 sales funnels
Up to 100 sales pages Up to 300 sales funnels
20,000 visitors per month 100,000 visitors per month
3 custom domain 20 custom domains
Full access to FunnelsFlix Full access to FunnelsFlix, 

Full access to Funnelology

Unlike the clickfunnels $19 plan, when you get 14 days free of charge, you get the full functionality of clickfunnels, and you will be limited to a 14-day usage period. I think in 14 days, you will know if your business is suitable for clickfunnels.

Join Funnels Hacking Secrets program.

This is a promotion program of clickfunnels for all customers. When you join the Funnels Hacking Secrets program, you will be trained to become Funnel hacks. Along with the training program, you will have access to $297 clickfunnels for six months. It is a very great offer of clickfunnels. You can see the detailed article on my Funnels Hacking Secrets program: Here.

funnel hacking secrets sign up

Join the Affiliate program.

Affiliate is a program that clickfunnels created to earn extra income when referring customers to use clickfunnels. Many people make a lot of money joining clickfunnels affiliate program. This amount is much more significant than the cost they sign up for monthly clickfunnels. I already have the article on Top Affiliate Clickfunnels Here.

Clickfunnels Affiliate Program

My rating.

Even though clickfunnels has halted its $19 plan, you still have many other incentive options. In the offers I mentioned above, if you are new to clickfunnels, you should sign up for free for 14 days. Although it is limited in time, you get full access to all the features of clickfunnels. It’s time to answer all your questions about clickfunnels.

The $97 plan isn’t a big deal when it comes to using clickfunnels. Although it’s bigger than other software, it gives you a lot of value that other software doesn’t have. You can make hundreds of thousands of dollars from clickfunnels or join affiliate marketing programs to save money when using clickfunnels.

I hope this article helped you make the right choice for your business. Focusing on values ​​is what I always want my customers to aim for. If you have any questions, feel free to leave me a message, I would love to help you.

Author: Tanka

In 2015 I knew Clickfunnel, since then I focused on researching software to support building and developing funnels. The knowledge I share here is the knowledge due to my 8 years of online marketing experience. I hope it will be of great help.

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