Clickfunnels 60 day trial – It really does exist Update 2020

When first launched, Clickfunnels has a 60-day free trial offer. But for now, Clickfunnels has discontinued the 60-day free trial offer.

You only have a 14-day free trial. If you get information about a 30-day, 60-day, 90-day free trial, it’s scams. And I do not recommend joining those programs because chances are you will lose a lot of money, or you will have your personal information stolen.

The 14-day free trial has all the features of the basic plan and the business plan. You can do everything like the final one. But note, your account is active in only 14 days. After 14 days, you will need to upgrade to the premium version to continue operating.

Why Clickfunnels only offers a 14-day free trial?

When Clickfunnels first started running, Clickfunnels had a 60-day free trial to give people more time to understand Clickfunnels. Many people have taken advantage of this offer to create funnels and sell to customers quickly. After 60 days, their funnel will no longer be active. It costs customers to buy this time, but it’s free.

Russell Brunson found that many customers sign up for a 60-day trial period, but they are essentially inactive for a 60-day trial period. This affects the behavior of other accounts on the Clickfunnels software.

Concentration is a key factor when growing an online business. If you focus on growing your business, then 14 days is enough for you to use the features of Clickfunnels and see if it works for your business.

After 14 days free trial. You need to upgrade your account for further use. This cost will help you be more accountable for your choices and will drive you to stay active.

Features of Clickfunnels in 14 days trial.

During the 14-day trial, you get the most out of Clickfunnels as a final release.

Here are some of the main features.

  • Create a funnel
  • Create a landing page
  • Many funnel templates available
  • Combined payment gateway
  • Link to domain
  • Support support
  • Email marketing
  • Create user accounts.

The features I mentioned above are the main ones when using Clickfunnels during the 14-day trial.
In the above features, there are many features and libraries that Clickfunnels provide to customers.

Sign up for a 14-day Clickfunnels trial.

To subscribe to Clickfunnels for 14 days, you visit the link I sent below to subscribe. You need to fill in personal information to get started.

The usage period will start from the date you register.

Note when using Clickfunnels for 14 days.

Since Clickfunnels only allows you to test for 14 days, after 14 days, you need to upgrade your premium account for continued use, and if you don’t upgrade, your account will be inactive, and your funnel will be inactive.

If you’ve built a funnel that works well in 14 days, I recommend you subscribe to the basic plan and keep using it. It won’t interrupt your work.

At the end of 14 days of use, all your work will be saved on Clickfunnels. But you won’t be able to back it up to a new account.

clickfunnels FREE Trial 60 day

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Cost of signing up for Clickfunnels plan.

Clickfunnels has three plans for users to choose from Plan Basic, Plan Platinum, Plan Two Commaclub.

Each plan has a different price, and features will be added to the advanced plan and support services in another plan.

  • Plan Basic:

Many people use this plan. It costs $97/1month. It is suitable for individuals and small and medium businesses.

  • Plan Platinum

This is a plan for large businesses. However, if you want to grow your business more, then it is also an option that you should think about.

The plan cost is $297/1month. You will also get more features in this plan.

  • Plan Two Commaclub

Large businesses often use this plan, which costs $2,497/1month. More features will be expanded in this plan.

What’s special about the Two Commaclub plan is getting phone support when you get stuck. This is a priority for Clickfunnels VIP customers.

If you are new to Clickfunnels, then I recommend using a basic plan first, then you upgrade to a Platinum plan to expand your business.

My rating.

Once again, I affirm that there is currently no 30-day, 60-day, and 90-day free trial. Clickfunnels is only available for a 14-day free trial.

With a 14-day free trial, I think it’s enough for you to explore the features of Clickfunnels fully, and you’ll know if it’s right for your business.

I recommend signing up for the 14-day trial plan and seriously using it for 14 days. You will indeed find many ideas for your business. The important thing is whether or not you take action.

If you have ever used Clickfunnels for 14 days for free or have any questions, please leave a comment below for us to discuss.

Author: Tanka

In 2015 I knew Clickfunnel, since then I focused on researching software to support building and developing funnels. The knowledge I share here is the knowledge due to my 8 years of online marketing experience. I hope it will be of great help.

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