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Building an online business is a trend today. Many online businesses are operating effectively, and many people are looking for ways to optimize their online businesses to save costs and time. , easy management … at the same time bringing higher efficiency.

Clickfunnels is a tool to help you build the best online business today, it has been in development since 2014, and now it has been widely known. It is full of features and tools to help you grow your online business without needing a 3rd party partner. You can do anything for your business with clickfunnels.

Becoming a certified partner of clickfunnels is the desire of many people. Sure, once you’ve grown your business with clickfunnels, becoming a clickfunnels certified partner will bring you many benefits, but the cost of joining the program is not cheap.

This article will cover clickfunnels’ certified partnership program in detail, the benefits and disadvantages you will encounter.

What is clickfunnels certified partner program?

This is an extension of clickfunnels for customers. You will become the marketer, consultant, and supporter of clickfunnels products. Especially, you will be participating in Russell Brunson’s Clickfunnels.com system as a support consultant.

Cost of joining clickfunnels certified partner program.

As I said above, the cost of joining clickfunnels’ certified partner program is not cheap. You will need to pay a participation fee of $10,000. This is a great investment, but do not rush to ignore the great benefits you will receive when joining the program that I will talk about below.

clickfunnels certification partner program

The benefits you will get by joining clickfunnels’ certified partners.

Join a training program to become an expert.

To be a partner of clickfunnels, you need to be an expert in funnel construction, development, and marketing … At the same time, you need to be the right user of clickfunnels’ features and tools. For all of this, you will be trained online for 12 weeks with 12 different modules.

The topics of the 12 modules are varied and varied. The content is scientifically organized and detailed, so anyone learning about online marketing can master it. What’s so special about you is that you can access a live seminar where you can work with real clients.

Below is the critical content that you will receive training in each week.

  • Week 1: Funnel strategy

This is the crux of every project. You will learn in detail about what to do to develop a funnel. This step will significantly determine whether or not your funnel is working correctly.

  • Week 2: Funnel architecture

A funnel with high conversions needs to be built in the right order. You will learn funnel design skills suitable for each field in week 2.

  • Week 3: Account setup and integration.

This is a technical program, but you need to master the skills of setting up an account to serve your customers.

The program guides you to analyze and find errors in the account setup process. This is one reason your funnel is not performing well.

  • Week 4: The ten core funnels.

These are the ten main funnels that work effectively in all the areas that clickfunnels aggregate. It’s also the critical element of any funnel you’ll build. It would help if you mastered every aspect of these funnels.

After activating this module, you can quickly build a new funnel for customers based on ten main funnels. You can also become a funnel consultant.

  • Week 5: Actionetics- Action funnels and sequence

Actionetics is a clickfunnels autoresponder feature that is very powerful. In this module, you will learn how to set up Actionetics and customer email sequences.

  • Week 6: Backpack- Affiliate programs.

You can set up an affiliate program for customers’ products and services, an outstanding feature of clickfunnels included in the Etision Suite plan. Customers can also access the statistics they have to need to grow their business.

  • Week 7: Sales Copy and funnel script.

Experts in this module will reveal the secret of writing attractive ads and bringing millions of dollars in conversion. All of these processes will be done simply in the Funnels Scripts software.

  • Week 8: Video and advertising design tips

You will learn the secrets of video and advertising design and make your videos and ads more engaging to surprise customers and increase conversions quickly.

  • Week 9: Test and publish

When you finish your funnel, you need a little bit of experimentation to test your funnel’s effectiveness. Analyzing the funnel and finding the areas for improvement is an important step before publishing.

  • Week 10: Optimize the funnel

Optimize title tags, videos, ads to help you increase conversions quickly.

  • Week 11: Client Intake & Hight Ticket Sales

Dream customers are the ones who buy the highest products. This is the ultimate goal of all funnels. You will learn the secret to getting customers to buy the highest product in your funnel. This secret will help you increase sales to millions of dollars.

  • Week 12: Successful delivery of the project

Introducing your successful project to your clients will create confidence for the customers who use your services.

Other benefits you will get.

  • Free use of Clickfunnels Etison Suite for 12 months.

When you join the clickfunnels certified partner program, you get 12 months free of Clickfunnels Etison Suite, full of tools and features to build and develop funnels. This is a great offer that clickfunnels are available to customers who join the certified partner program.
Clickfunnels Etison Suite costs $297 / month => $12×297 = $3,564. This can be considered the commission you will receive after joining the clickfunnels certified partner program.

  • Personal branding.

You will be listed on the clickfunnels certified partner page. This is a reputable site for you to engage your customers. Customers will contact you based on the information and status you update on clickfunnels.

  • Join an advanced training course.

Clickfunnels always focus on developing its certified partners, because they will help clickfunnels create better brands. That’s why you’ll get training on funnels, marketing… and the new features that clickfunnels update.

This is the only training program available in the clickfunnels system so you will be the first to know. You can rely on the earliest updates to edit your funnel and your clients or create client mentoring programs for personal branding.

  • Priority for support.

Clickfunnels give support to certified partners a priority. At any time, you can chat with the clickfunels support staff. You will have access to the preferred location whenever you need it.
You can also request via chat Skyper. They will help you find errors, correct them and advise you on some suitable strategies.

  • Become a consultant.

You will become a product advisor for clickfunnels. Clickfunnels will take you and their advisory page, where you will be marketing your skills so you can find your clients. This is an outstanding advantage that clickfunnels have for you.

The need to build an online business is increasingly high, so a business development consultant plays a more important role. It’s easy to make a lot of money from this part-time job.

Clickfunnels is slowly becoming the most powerful tool for growing an online business. Many customers have trusted and chosen, so the demand for certified partner consulting is increasing rapidly. Clicfunnels will always take good care of our certified partners because they will advise and market clickfunnels products to customers.

My Rating

Many people joined the clickfunnels certified partner program, and they all left good comments on the agenda. You can also join the clickfunels certified partner program now to become a future consultant.
You may be wondering about the $10,000 price tag, which is a massive cost for many people. But it would be best if you thought a lot about the benefits you will get, not only will you receive the current services that I mentioned above, you will receive more customers, which is a source of income for you.
Currently, the certified partner program is still open, but in the future, it may close, or if you join, you will need to wait in line for approval.

I hope this article helped you understand the certified partnership program. If you have any questions or comments, please leave a comment below.

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In 2015 I knew Clickfunnel, since then I focused on researching software to support building and developing funnels. The knowledge I share here is the knowledge due to my 8 years of online marketing experience. I hope it will be of great help.

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