Clickfunnels Free plus Shipping Funnel – How does it work well

To sell a good product, the sales strategy is essential. The sales strategy will help you find more potential customers to visit your funnel and increase your funnel’s sales conversion rate.

Many selling strategies are being used today. With each product and marketing method, there will be a different sales strategy. I can have some sales strategies applied a lot today: video marketing, email marketing, Seo, Facebook ads, Google Ads …

With Seo, Facebook Ads, and Google Ads, these strategies have been applied for a long time and are still useful.

The strategies I mentioned above we often use to attract customers to the sales page, and then the customer will look at the product cost and the description line to decide whether to buy from you.
Have you ever thought of selling a product for free to customers?

I mean here that we often follow the same old strategies that many people have in the past. It will undoubtedly work, but it takes a lot of money to create a sales spike.

Instead of selling products to customers. Why don’t you give the customer a free offer and collect the shipping fee? This is a particular strategy of Russell Brunson which he wrote in his book “Dotcom Secrets.” I have written a share here.

This free product strategy plus shipping charges helped Russell Brunson sell a lot of books. After that, many people also adopted this strategy of his, and it brought them unexpected sales.

So how does this strategy work, and how well does it work when combined with clickfunnels. I will help you understand this better.

What Is The Free Plus Shipping Funnel?

Free Plus Shipping Funnel is a marketing funnel that offers a free product, but the customer needs to pay the shipping fee.

This is a strategy applied based on customer sentiment. They love to have free products, but free products should be the ones they need, so they’re willing to pay for the shipping costs.

How Does Free Plus Shipping Funnel Work?

To best increase sales, you need to understand how free plus shipping works.

Free products will be offered on the first sales page. This needs to be a product that attracts customers to sign up for it now and pay for shipping costs. You need to collect the client’s email or phone number at this point.

When you have a customer’s email or phone number, you sell products with a higher value. The important thing about this channel is that you put customers in the buying mentality. They will be willing to follow the value scales that you can offer.

If you do not understand what the value scale is, check out the video shared by Russell Brunson. He explains the value scale in great detail.

In the book “Dotcom Secrets,” Russell Brunson also explains very well the value scale. This is an essential concept in funnel building, so I advise you to learn it carefully before building a funnel. It will help your funnel proliferate.

Some Free Plus Shipping Funnel.

There are many funnels out there that work under this strategy, but I’m going to present to you some of Russell Brunson’s funnels because I think they work according to his value scale principle.

Virtually all of these funnels offer the free product of a book, and the customer who wants to receive the book needs to pay the shipping cost. I think he won’t lose money by just charging the customer’s shipping. You need to understand this to apply to your funnel.

After purchasing the book, you will be placed on a higher value scale that offers other products, and you will undoubtedly need to pay a fee to receive it.

Customers often decide to buy products on a higher value scale after seeing the free one, so I want to say, “your free product must be the one that really attracts.”

  • Dotcom Secrets Funnel

This was Russell Brunson’s first funnel, which brought him a lot of money, but it wasn’t from selling books. It was the money he got when the customer bought a higher-value product. You can see it here.

Dotcom Secrets funnel products are worth between $37 and $1997. The funnel’s value scale increases with each product, from low to high.

To receive the book “Dotcom Secrets,” you need to leave an email and pay shipping costs.

“Dotcom Secrets” is a great book by Russell Brunson. It provides a lot of knowledge about the funnel, the value scale … so there will be many customers willing to pay shipping costs to receive it, and thanks to that he can sell more products.

  • Expert’s secret Funnel

It works like the Dotcom Secrets funnel, only with the free product and the other value scale products. You can see it here.

The customer needs to provide an email and pay the shipping cost to receive it. And indeed, it is also a good book by Russell Brunson.Dotcom Secrets funnel

For customers to understand the details of a free product, you should create a video or a short advertisement about it. It would help if you introduced the value that it will bring to the customer.

Products in the funnel are valued at between $37 and $1997. The product with the highest value is also the product at the bottom of the value scale.

Expert Secrets funnel

  • Perfect Webinar Secrets Funnel

Different from Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secrets funnel. Perfect Webinar Secrets asks you to pay for a product at a small cost. Also, you will receive many other attractive rewards when buying this product. This is also how you bring customers into the buying mentality.

For $7 but you will receive courses, materials, training programs worth $1,485. If you are a buyer, you will surely enjoy this bonus.

Funnel Perfect Webinar Secrets offers to buy a product worth $47. It’s like an upsell. You can visit here to see this funnel sample.

ferpect webinar script funnel

Is Free Plus Shipping Funnel still active?

You can see that some of Russell Brunson are the funnel models I mentioned above are still doing very well, bringing him huge revenue.

There are a lot of businesses that are adopting this funnel template, and it works very well.

When you look at the free shipping funnel template, you will realize that this is an upsell sales form. But if it’s a product you need, then you’ll be willing to pay the cost of getting it.

The important point of free shipping funnels is to bring customers into buying psychology. Once customers are in a buying mentality, they are ready to buy your high-value products, so I want to emphasize that “free products are very important”

How to Use Free Flus Shipping Funnel

To create free plus shipping funnels, you need software to create funnels like clickfunnels or use groovefunnel. There is also much other software, but I recommend using this two software because it has a full range of functions to create the best funnel.

Clickfunnels has many free flus shipping funnel templates to choose from. These funnel templates are pre-installed. You just need to change the title, image, and description. You can also import the Dotcom Secrets funnel directly to your free account.

In the next step, you need to build a value scale for your channel. A free product should attract customers to be willing to give information and buy from you.

My rating.

Free plus shipping funnels are funnel templates that work. Russell Brunson was very smart when he came up with this funnel, he knew how to put customers in the buying mentality, and it was difficult for customers to refuse. All of these skills were written by Russell Brunson in the book. Dotcom Secrets, you can read the book Dotcom Secrets to understand why he did so.

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