[Truth] Clickfunnels is Fake? The truth about clickfunnels

I had received a few comments that clickfunnels is fake, and when I received these comments, I was very disappointed. Maybe they saw ads for clickfunnels where and when they signed up for the basic plan to use, but didn’t get what they wanted, so they judged that clickfunnels were fake. Before the comments that clickfunnel is fake, I made this article give people a detailed understanding of clickfunnels.

Note: I’m not an employee of clickfunnels, I’m just a clickfunnels user, so my judgments are based on fact when I’ve used clickfunnels.

What are Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels are a tool, or software, to help you build your marketing campaigns like funnels, email marketing, email lists, landing pages … and much more like a website, but it’s not a website.

Summary: Clickfunnels is online software that helps you build a sales site or funnels, on which you can perform a variety of functions. It provides many tools for you to use your sales page marketing to help you increase sales and attract customers….

Best Sales Funnel Software ClickFunnels

What you need to do with clickfunnels

You need to use clickfunnels to create a sales page. On the sales page, you need to present content to attract customers. Get customers to choose your product, not your competitor’s product.

You can sell a product for free to customers, ask them to leave emails, and then email marketing campaigns with clickfunnels. This is a long-term sales strategy. It depends a lot on your marketing campaign.

So to build an effective sales page, you need to define what your marketing campaign is clearly? I will talk about marketing campaigns in another article.

The things clickfunnels don’t do

Clickfunnels doesn’t create an online business. It just helps you create an online business. Clickfunels can’t make a product. It only allows you to sell the product. Clickfunnels’s not a money-making secret. It just helps you make money. Clickfunnels are not guaranteed to bring you huge sales.

Here are a few misconceptions about clickfunnels.

Blog: Clickfunnels cannot build a blog like WordPress or Blogspot. It is only used to build a sales page, landing page. However, you can add a link to your blog page.

Building e-commerce: It has the function of selling, but it cannot build an e-commerce site where you can sell many things. It’s also not the place where you can build a personal sales page like Shopify or BlogCommerce.

Web Builder: Clickfunnels don’t help you build a fully functional website. It is not a tool for you to generate PHP, CSS code for a website’s functions. What it can do is create a landing page with built-in features. You need to drag and drop the tasks to the desired position.

Clickfunnel’s base price is $97. It’s more expensive than WordPress, and Shopify costs $25. Many people judge that it is much more expensive than WordPress and Shopify to have the functions of WordPress and Shopify. This is a false assessment. Clickfunnels are tools to help you market your products and sell them better. WordPress and Shopify are tools for creating a website where you display your products and customers choose when they visit.

WordPress and Shopify store web data. You can create hundreds or thousands of products on it and make multiple purchases simultaneously. You can even create downloads. But clickfunnels can only create a few products, clickfunnels also support downloading, but at the limit, you can only purchase one or several products at a time.

=> Clickfunnels is the place for you to market one or several products.

Why should you use clickfunnels.

Clickfunnels is considered the best product marketing platform for you because it has a full range of tools to market your product. Product marketing experts have recommended it. In clickfunnels, there are also many online training courses from experts teaching funnel, marketing, email … These are quality training courses.

You don’t need to be a web developer. As long as you want a product marketing funnel where you can tell customers about your products and make a purchase, clickfunnels are right for you.

The unique feature of clickfunnels is that it includes a full set of product marketing tools; all you have to do is organize and connect them. It only takes a short time to learn this.

Here are some of the features and benefits of clickfunnels.

  • Including 20 sales funnels with a basic plan, 100 sales funnels with an advanced plan
    20,000 customers access if you subscribe to the basic plan and unlimited if you subscribe to the advanced plan.
    Integrate email marketing (An excellent tool to increase sales)
  • Optin funnel
  • Sales funnel
  • Funnel members
  • Conference funnel
  • Create affiliate programs
  • Order page
  • Support multiple payment gateways.
  • And many other features.Clickfunnels about more information

So with the above features, $97 is a price that matches the basic plan. If your business is small and medium, you can use this plan. With the advanced plan, you will get unlimited features. It helps you reach more customers. You will get priority support when you get stuck.

Clickfunnels has many free training programs that will teach you the funnel, traffic, and email marketing secrets. In these training programs, there are also self-challenge programs; these are perfect programs. You will learn and practice while applying directly every day.

You can watch the Funnels hacking secrets challenge show here.


Clickfunnels also creates clickfunnels product affiliate marketing to encourage customers to recommend products to their friends and family. You will also receive a commission bonus for referring participants.

If you do not have products to sell to customers, you can also open a funnel creation service, create a product marketing program. For each funnel, you will get the customer $50. This service is very much in need because they don’t have a lot of time to set up and manage.

My rating.

Clickfunnels are NOT SCAM, nor are they FAKE. Clickfunnels is software to help you create funnels and market funnels. It is considered the best software available today. However, it cannot deliver good results if you don’t take action and study. What matters is how you use it. As well as a $100, if you use it properly, it will generate $1000, $10000. But if you don’t know how to use it, it returns $0. I hope this review of mine helps you to understand clickfunnels better. If you do not understand clickfunnels, please leave a comment below. Let’s talk. Or you can read the book “The Secret Dotcom” by Russell Brunson. You will understand why Russell Brunson created clickfunnels.

Author: Tanka

In 2015 I knew Clickfunnel, since then I focused on researching software to support building and developing funnels. The knowledge I share here is the knowledge due to my 8 years of online marketing experience. I hope it will be of great help.

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