Clickfunnels Membership Site Examples – How to Setup?

Clickfunnels becomes so popular with marketers and businessmen who wish to boost their sales without consuming much time, effort, and budget. However, using Clickfunnels to improve sales is insufficient – the key thing is to create a Clickfunnels membership site to encourage your existing or potential clients to become your loyal ones. This article will show you what the Clickfunnels membership site looks like and how to create it in 5 minutes!


Features of Clickfunnels membership site

Generally, with Clickfunnels, you can create any type of sales funnel you want. This contains the ability to create full membership sites to organize subscriptions and classes, as well as to incorporate them into the backend of your sales funnels.

The membership site features are simple, but they provide all you’ll require. You can post whatever you prefer and organize it into lessons and modules. Although the design features are somewhat restricted, you can modify all you wish to fill it with your content.

Examples membership site

Steps to create Clickfunnels membership site

Creating a membership site can be perplexing and complicated. Utilizing complex tools can be difficult and time-consuming. However, if you wish to save time, you can create a Clickfunnels Membership site in seconds.

You don’t have to worry about where your clips or tutorials will be hosted. If you take advantage of Clickfunnels to generate a membership site, the hosting is handled by all of the popular platforms for uploading videos, such as Youtube, Vimeo, or Wistia.

Wistia or Vimeo are typically professional solutions for video hosting since it is tough to leave the membership area to watch the videos on the hosting platform. You must remain within the members’ area.

You could also simply upload your clips and unlist them so that only enrollees in your class have access to them. However, you can always follow on YouTube by clicking on the video title and viewing stats and responses.

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Below are several steps for you to create your own Clickfunnels membership site:

Step 1: Include a new Membership Funnel.

If you’re logged in to your Clickfunnels account, you’re ready to start creating various types of sales funnels. Now, in the top menu, select Funnels and then “Add New.”

Step 1 Add a new Membership Funnel

Step 2: Click on “Start Cookbook“

Step 2 Click on Start Cookbook

Step 3: Choose a Membership Funnel Template.

Select the Membership Funnel

You can now select from a variety of sales funnel kinds. Select the Membership Funnel, and then you can pick a template or ignore it completely to choose multiple more templates afterward.

Step 4: In your account, the Membership Funnel will now be generated.

After only 2 minutes, you can begin formatting your membership site. Choose a layout or begin with a blank page. Simply click “Open in Editor” to change the overall style and appearance of your funnel steps. In the membership area, you can post your teachings and edit each new lesson separately.

The membership area will be the most essential step in your sales funnel. Follow the link on “Edit Membership Design” to modify the login page or the membership area to supplement your lectures and edit the style and look when people are “inside.”

finish membership site funnel

Step 5: Adapt the Funnel Steps

Select whether you wish to maintain a VSL or an Order form. If you wish to offer your membership unlimited access, simply remove the first two funnel steps, which are the “VSL + Order Form” and the “Offer Wall.”

It’s not essential to extract them since you can send a hidden sign-up link to your audience and they’ll never see the first two pages anyway.

The benefit of keeping the first two pages is that you can supplement restricted lessons to your Membership site later…if you want…

Step 6: Limit Access

You can also change the settings to include or exclude a specific audience.  Based on your needs, you can assign a tag to your membership site and offer access to specific people who have purchased your “Membership Product.”

To limit access, click the “Restrict Access” button on the right side of the “First Section” tab. Choose your previously created “Membership Product.”

Step 7: Distribute your sign-up URL for Clickfunnels secrets.

sign-up URL membership site

You must consider sharing the “Secret Sign Up URL” if you would like to grant access to your membership site.

Many people make the mistake of sending out the “Login URL” at this point. However, you will be unable to log in unless you first create an account.

Clickfunnels examples

Examine two of Clickfunnels’ membership site representations. You can enter the editor Menu and modify all of your funnel layouts. That’s how your sign-up page will appear in the editor.

Edit layout membership site

All of this can be tailored to your specific requirements. If you want, you can change the sign-up form’s color schemes, fonts, or even the clip context.

This is an overview of the funnel. You can link your membership site to any funnel, supplement or remove funnel steps, and limit access to specific learnings. Simply add any lecture or module you like and publish your content to modify it in the simple and user-friendly editor.

You’ll receive two links: one to the sign-up page and another to the login page for current users.

link to membership site

You can construct your own membership area when you develop one. You can alter colors, as well as add a header, menus, and sub-menus, various rows to access the classes.

This is an additional example of a Clickfunnels membership area. It’s the one-and-only funnel away challenge. As shown in the image below, you can limit membership access to programs in order to upsell to your participants.

Edit display layout membership site

You can also delete all of the above menus to simplify your design.

delete menu in membership site

Generally, establishing a new Membership allows you to choose from a variety of templates and preview the membership areas with funnels. Yet, you need to understand how to use Clickfunnels thoroughly. Moreover, this course teaches you how to use the Page Editor, Clickfunnels Integrations, custom domains, analytics, so on…

Frequent questions and answers

In Clickfunnels, how do I set up a membership site?

Simply choose a layout and create a membership funnel, which will create 5 pages for your membership area, involving the member’s area and the option form. Then all you have to do is upload your own material and fill out the explanations.

What is the cost of a Clickfunnels membership?

Clickfunnels Monthly subscriptions begin at $97. When you use Clickfunnels to generate a membership site, you can charge whatever you wish for membership access.

What exactly is a membership funnel?

A membership funnel directs leads and future clients to a sign-up page for a membership area, in which you can organize a variety of content. You can provide free access to your member’s area or charge a fee for entry.

Do you require a Clickfunnels website?

No. You can host all on Clickfunnels without being charged for the first year. Nonetheless, it may have advantages and disadvantages. Thus, having a website and connecting it to Clickfunnels can be the most advantageous, but it always varies based on the needs.

How do I get started with a membership program?

There are several options. Typically, you will have customers in mind as well as content to supply for your membership area. Utilizing Clickfunnels allows setting up a membership site easily on the technical side. It can be promoted using social media, paid advertisements, or SEO. There are numerous marketing options available.

My Rating

There are numerous membership site illustrations created with Clickfunnels. You can also participate in the one funnel away challenging task or the free affiliate Bootcamp to see how the layout can change drastically inside those memberships.

However, when entering membership sites, you should also look for the small Clickfunnels logo in the bottom right corner. It guarantees that it was created in software. You can also supplement custom CSS to your layouts and patterns. The options aren’t as extensive as in other membership software, but with Clickfunnels, you get the whole package, even if it’s at a cheaper price than competitors. This software is extremely effective for you to get more customers while advertising your products to boost sales.

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