Clickfunnels Platinum – Special features and prices

You might have used Clickfunnels, and sometimes you have heard Clickfunnels Platinum with a variety of compliments. So, what exactly is Clickfunnels Platinum? Is it superior to Clickfunnels? This article is going to help you know about all features and benefits of Clickfunnels Platinum.

What Is Clickfunnels Platinum?

Before grasping knowledge about Clickfunnels Platinum, you should comprehend what Clickfunnels is. Simply speaking, it is a tool allowing marketers to access their sources of customers. It streamlines and expedites the process from product selection to purchase. This procedure lowers discouraged clients who give up on making purchases when using conventional platforms, similar to a sales funnel.

And because it is a procedure, it includes several steps aiding business owners in building websites and manages all selling procedures, as follows:

  • Step 1: Build the landing page for the service or item you want to sell as the first step. This one can also be used to collect consumer data, including email addresses.
  • Step 2: Your client will next visit the primary website for the products they are interested in.
  • Step 3: Create a page or website that is beautiful, comprehensible, and straightforward. It’s critical to satisfying client needs by, for example, clearly displaying product attributes and quantities.
  • Step 4: You can modify the price for each consumer using sale funnels. Direct customization is possible to meet their needs.
  • Step 5: Once the sale is finalized, you can proceed with your normal product delivery to the clients.

Funnelflix with Platinum

As such, instead of paying for different tools, you just need to buy Clickfunnels to assist you with the selling process.

Then, you can understand simply that Clickfunnels Platinum is a superior version of Clickfunnels Etison Suite, with more free-of-charge functions. Accordingly, if you already pay $297/month for membership, you can now use all of the features they offer without paying a penny.

Of course, Clickfunnels Platinum expands more featuré than the standard version of Clickfunnels. You can find their differences below.

Differences between Clickfunnels Platinum and Clickfunnels

Funnel Hacker Forum

Funnel Hacker Forum

“Hacker” here does not imply negative meanings as you might think. This forum is a place where all of the Clickfunnels users share their knowledge and experiences about Clickfunnels. Obviously, you also have a chance to share and converse with businesspeople, marketers, and sellers from all around the world. It’s a great time to grow your business or line of work and learn more.

For instance, you have a fresh company idea but are unable to foresee all the potential and risks you may encounter. By joining the forum, you know each member’s experiences and techniques to apply for yourself, as well as highlight things you should pay attention to, etc.

Hence, you don’t need to read boring books with lots of irrelevant details. You can even expand your relationship with potential customers. All forum participants have the potential to become future business partners or even clients.

However, there are more than 250,000 members of this platform in the Facebook private group, but not all of them have access to the Hacker Forum. This benefit is only available to those who are willing to pay and sincerely desire the finest outcomes.

Daily Virtual Hackathons

Daily Virtual Hack-A-Thon

Clickfunnels might not help you develop your training and developing knowledge, but Clickfunnels Platinum does. Clickfunnels Platinum offers virtual instruction to members, which is unquestionably free. Whenever you wish, as long as you’ve registered to utilize this package, you can begin learning.

To help you explore and learn from them, it will create digital versions of real-world scenarios and models. As a result, even as a beginner, you won’t have too much trouble adapting to and using it effectively. Throughout the virtual course, you will learn real problem-solving techniques and what might happen if you do this or that. It helps you because you can better manage risks and understand the big picture.

Besides, there is no need for you to teach your colleagues or staff to use this function when you want to share or delegate tasks to them, the Platinum version is extremely time-saving and cost-saving. Additionally, as it’s an “all-in-one,” the system and customer service staff will assist you with everything.

Funnel Flix

FunnelFlix Platinum Account

Funnel Flix is an excellent amalgamation of a video platform with a problem-solving tool. This is considered to be the aspect that adds the most value and justifies the price. Though you can find it in the Standard version, the function is limited to some extent, for example, in courses of famous marketers. In the Platinum version, you can explore all courses of Funnel Flix; however, you need to pay a certain amount of money.

Do you think you can find some courses on the Internet – Yes, but not all of the courses involved in Funnel Flix? And for courses you find on the Internet, the total money paid for such courses is much larger than the total money you pay for buying the Platinum version. So, consider!

You will learn more in Funnel Flix than just how to use this tool to its full potential or how to boost sales. Imagine having all the best materials and knowledge on running your business in your hands!

You can join discussions on themes including marketing, sales, copywriting, business tactics, and more. You take use of this opportunity to thoroughly develop both your organization and your knowledge.

funnel flix education

Below are some courses for Platinum Funnels hackers only:

One Funnel Away Challenge

It has a worth of around $1,997 but is provided without charge to Platinum members. You will get additional opportunities to experience and practice handling all of the scenarios in practice if you participate in this 30-day challenge.

>> One Funnel Away Challenge

Funnel University

You have the chance to gain knowledge from Russell Brunson’s expertise and his strategies for overcoming challenges along the way. You can learn through a variety of methods, like

  • Video
  • PDF
  • Audio Book
  • Interview

10X Secrets

For beginners, it is not ideal to take this intensive course; but, if you are an advanced student, it is time and works well spent. Your results will be significantly improved by the knowledge you get from this course, according to our experience and Platinum members’ ratings. Both page traffic and conversion rate can be increased at once.

In addition to the programs mentioned above, there are others that you shouldn’t skip. The Tony Robbins Private Collection, the Ad Skills course, Funnel U, etc., all have helpful material. Take advantage of the 15-day free trial package if you’re interested in learning more about them.

>> 10X Secrets Masterclass

Unlimited Funnels & Pages

Unlimited Funnels & Pages

For a start-up or young business, Clickfunnels Standard is sufficient to complete your project. Without any additional functionality, it offers users a maximum of 20 funnels and 100 landing pages.

But those figures are insufficient if you want to grow your company, improve your products, or reach additional consumers. If there are more items to solve, it becomes even tougher. The Platinum version is available to assist you in reaching out to more clients in various manners.

Moreover, when using the Standard plan, you’ll receive up to three Admin permissions rather than just one. Sharing information with your team members and coworkers makes it simple to collaborate.

Follow-up Funnels

Follow-up Funnels

With this benefit, you only need to know that it is an automatic email response option for which you must pay several hundred dollars a month.

It will follow up with customers who sign up on the landing page using their email addresses and send them offers to increase sales. Additionally, it will react automatically in accordance with your presets whenever they have a query or issue.

Pros and Cons of Clickfunnels Platinum

Though Clickfunnels Platinum is excellent, it still has some weaknesses that you should know to restrict them.


  • Access to the Funnel Hack Forum: This will provide them the chance to interact with the more than 90,000 other entrepreneurs who are members there, as was already indicated.
  • Encouragement of daily online hackathons: All users, from beginners to experts, are welcome to take the course for free. You can foresee what will happen and how to address an issue in practice by using simulated settings.
  • Unlimited pages and funnels: The Standard version has a 20-funnel limit, a 100-page subdomain limit, and does not support follow-up funnels. They are all unlimited with Platinum One.
  • Available follow-up channels: Your consumer will have a better experience to clinch the purchase with an automated email response option.
  • More Admin powers: Each account in the Platinum version is granted three Admin permissions as opposed to only one.
  • Additional product marketing through up to 9 domains: You can only own three domains if you don’t upgrade your tool.
  • Prompt and priority support for members: The support staff will give your issues top priority and respond to you right away.
  • Cost-free access to Funnels Flix: A valuable source of business courses that are worth more than $25,000
  • Best platform and tool integration available on the market: It is compatible with a variety of payment channels, enabling clients to pay conveniently and your business to receive payments fast.
  • Simple interface for use and control: You will obtain a tool that is easy to use, simple to understand, and effective.


  • Cost more than the regular version: It goes without saying that you’ll have to spend more if you want a better experience and better results.
  • Uploading large data takes time: It might take a little while, but it won’t take very long.

Price of Clickfunnels Platinum

Of course, for the Platinum version, you must pay a price at a higher level than that of the Standard version. Particularly, the Clickfunnels Standard costs you $97/month while the Platinum version costs you $297/month.

The opinion of some readers will be “It’s too pricey!” or “That’s a waste of money.” However, based on our experience over the course of more than 3 months, we can say that this product is worthwhile. You will see an improvement in your business results within the first month. This Clickfunnels Platinum is deserving of your attention if you’re searching for a time-saving, money-saving, and effective solution for your company.

You can see the benefits given by different prices of the Standard version and Platinum version below.

Features Clickfunnels 


Clickfunnels Platinum 


Share Funnel Yes Yes
Number of Funnels 20 Unlimited
Number of pages 100 Unlimited
Sub Users 1 3
Payment Gateway 3 9
Domains 3 9
Follow-up funnel No Unlimited
Chat Support Yes Priority Support
Weekly Peer Review Hackathons No Yes
FunnelFlix Yes Additional premium Training $ Courses

Clickfunnels Platinum Discount

If you are still concerned about the Clickfunnels Platinum price, don’t worry because the version also offers you some discounts.

By subscribing to the annual plan, you can get 2 months of Clickfunnels for free

Get 2 months of Clickfunnels for FREE

If you’re a current customer of Clickfunnels searching for a deal so you can switch from a monthly plan to an annual plan and receive two months free (savings of up to $594), click here.

The discount is excellent for those who:

  • Committed to ClickFunnels and expanding their internet business
  • Want to increase income while spending as little money as feasible?

Get 6 months of Clickfunnels without payment

Get 6 months Clickfunnels for FREE

For some business owners, purchasing an annual plan might be rather pricey. If money is tight, you can get the Funnel Hacking Secrets bundle and receive six months of Clickfunnels Platinum for free. What you receive from Funnel Hacking Secrets Masterclass is listed below:

  • 6 months Clickfunnel platinum account
  • Funnel Hacking Secrets masterclass
  • Traffic Secrets Training course
  • Unlimited Access to Virtual Hack-a-thons
  • Along with a wide range of unlimited bonuses from Clickfunnels

Ways to get Clickfunnels Platinum Discount

You can get Clickfunnels Platinum Discount in 2 ways:

  • Click to access the webinar page: The webinar website provides detailed information on the Funnel Hacking Secrets masterclass so that you would know exactly what you have purchased. You will be given the link to the order page at the conclusion of the webinar.
  • Go to the order page to purchase the discount, meaning that you skip the webinar.


You have to know vital things about Clickfunnels Platinum, and the differences between it and Clickfunnels. Obviously, the Platinum version provides you with a lot of excellent features you can’t find in the Standard version. So, consider your business scale and select the right version for you!


What Is Clickfunnels Platinum?

The $297/month Clickfunnels Platinum plan is an upgrade over the $97/month regular plan that includes excellent extras, cutting-edge features, fantastic support, and unlocks all films inside FunnelFlix collections.

How much is Clickfunnels Platinum?

The more sophisticated edition of this platform, called ClickFunnels Platinum, costs $297 per month and includes all of FunnelFlix’s instructional videos as well as additional ClickFunnels features. By using the Clickfunnels Platinum Discount ($997 for 12 months), you may get two months for free while saving money.

What is Clickfunnels Platinum for?

Clickfunnels Platinum is developed for small business owners that want to increase revenue by leveraging sales funnels and generating leads: Speakers, authors, owners of fitness facilities, e-commerce consultants, coaches, business owners of brick-and-mortar stores, etc.

What Happens If I Dislike Clickfunnels Platinum?

If for any reason during the first 14 days you don’t enjoy ClickFunnels Platinum, you can cancel at any moment without paying any costs. On the settings page, you can deactivate your account, or you can ask for help directly from support.

What does Virtual Hack-A-Thons involve?

Virtual Hack-A-Thons are daily live streaming that teaches you how to construct all the various funnel kinds using both the fundamental and sophisticated techniques involved in this process.

A skilled coach will be there to guide you through each stage from beginning to end so that your funnel can be produced as successfully as possible. Shortly after upgrading to the Platinum plan, this trainee-focused service is provided.

The Funnel Hacker Forum: What Is It?

All ClickFunnels members are just permitted access to this new forum. By participating and asking questions on a variety of subjects, including funnel construction, traffic, copywriting, product selling, or other technical items, members will have the opportunity to learn directly from various masters. You might be fortunate enough to hear directly from Russell Brunson. A truly high-end forum for funnel hackers, this one.

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