ClickFunnels Pricing – Should clickfunnel platinum be used?

Prices of ClickFunnels become a concern for many of you since you might deserve to own a private ClickFunnels account to enjoy all of its benefits. Of course, it provides various levels of price for you to choose from, but the highest price is absolutely the most profitable. However, you might get discounts to own a platinum ClickFunnels account at a cheaper price. So, this article will share with you your costs of ClickFunnels and ways to get discounts.

Common features of ClickFunnels Basic and Platinum

Number of funnels

  • Basic: 20
  • Platinum: Unlimited

But, if you have just begun your online marketing, 20 is plentiful – that is, basic is good for you.

Number of pages

  • Basic: 100
  • Platinum: Unlimited

A typical sales funnel includes 2-5 pages. So, the basic is still good.

Number of visitors

  • Basic: Unlimited
  • Platinum: Unlimited

Though the two provide unlimited visitors, the basic plan requires you integrate a third-party email autoresponder service (like GetResponse) to work with. Accordingly, the service limits the number of email contacts – 1,000-100,000 contacts, depending on your payment per month to the service.

Sub users

  • Basic: 1 sub-user
  • Platinum: 3 sub-user

Sub-users are those who give them access to your ClickFunnels account (like funnel builder and data analyst). If you have one, basic is ideal, but if you have more than two, you need the platinum.

Custom web domain hosting

  • Basic: 3
  • Platinum: 9

Though you can purchase web domain hosting as a plus with ClickFunnels, when you cancel your account, you can’t take them with you. Then, it turns out to be a disadvantage.

Despite this, purchasing web domain hosting is still profitable. It is recommended to purchase Bluehost, which only costs you $3.95/month while offering you a free domain, free SSL certificate, and a one-click WordPress plugin. Especially if you are not good at tech, it is suitable since it is beginner-friendly.

Also, you can add your domain bought from Bluehost to the ClickFunnels account and when you cancel your CickFunnels account, you can still take the domain with you. Convenient, right?

A/B Split tests

  • Basic: Included
  • Platinum: Included

The test enables you to take advantage of 2 sets of ad copy, like different wordings or wording and pictures for the same product/service to figure out what attracts your customers.

You can also split-test others, including headlines, videos, images, pages, buttons, etc.

Email integrations

  • Basic: Included
  • Platinum: Included

You can integrate any third-party email autoresponder service to your account in addition to the provided one by ClickFunnels.

Payment gateway integrations

  • Basic: 3 (1 per type)
  • Platinum: 9 (3 per type)

It is suggested that you use Stripe as your primary payment gateway integration due to its compatibility with all major credit/debit cards, with Apple Pay and Google Pay included.

The other suggestion is Paypal, with a Pay With Paypal button added to your sales funnels.

Optin features

  • Basic: Included
  • Platinum: Included

The feature allows customers to opt into your email list for free gifts/discounts.

For example, you have a gym, and you want to take your clients’ details. Then, you need to provide them with free gifts, like free workout sessions in exchange for their information. At this time, the client’s option to your email, and then you can re-market any products/services.


  • Basic: Included
  • Platinum: Included

The pop-up opt-in box needs to be set on your sales funnel, usually for when clients exit your page. You can also set it up after a preset amount of time, depending on your demands.


  • Basic: Included
  • Platinum: Included

This function aims at helping your customers avoid manually entering their data on the opt-in page while allowing you to provide the latest offers to your customers. With the discounts, you provide Clickoptin, the customers click it, and you have their data added automatically to your mailing list. After that, the link directs your customers to whatever page you want them to see after clicking.

You can also use it for a webinar to add their information to your mailing list while directing them to your webinar.

All advanced features

  • Basic: Included
  • Platinum: Included

These features aim at filtering those who are and aren’t interested in your sales funnels through some tools, like quiz questions. If they spend time answering them, you have high-quality customers to serve.

Sales funnels

  • Basic: Included
  • Platinum: Included

They aid you in selling your goods, involving such pages as a sales page, order form, upsell page, down sell page, order confirmation page, and a thank you page.

Membership funnels

  • Basic: Included with unlimited members
  • Platinum: Included with unlimited members

They allow you to give access to specific discounts/ privileges to certain people to encourage them to register or purchase your goods. In turn, you have their information for further marketing.

Webinar funnels

  • Basic: Included
  • Platinum: Included

They help you have live events for your clients, promoting your leads to sign up to your funnel to receive further masterclasses. You provide them with a URL, and they click to watch your webinars.

You can also allow the webinars to run automatically.

Share your funnels

  • Basic: Included
  • Platinum: Included

The feature enables you to share your funnels with others by sharing the URL. Once they click it, the funnels are automatically installed on their accounts.

You can also be shared with other funnels thanks to this feature. Others provide you with the URL, you click it, and you will have others’ funnels installed on your account to boost your business.

Priority customer support

  • Basic: Not included
  • Platinum: Included

The platinum encourages you to support your clients via live online chat.

In contrast, with the basics, you can only support your clients via your own emails to them, and wait for your customers to respond, which is time and effort-consuming since it is not effective.

You can take advantage of virtual customer support bots for these areas if you use the basics, but the bots don’t always understand your language!

Funnel hacker forum

  • Basic: Not included
  • Platinum: Included

It is not about how to “hack” others’ accounts, it is about asking and sharing answers within a ClickFunnels community. You can ask questions and receive answers from others, or you can give answers to others’ questions, which is a good environment for learning.

Virtual hackathons

  • Basic: Limited access
  • Platinum: VIP access

You can watch an expert building sales funnels and then learn how to build one for you through the hackathon training. This, in turn, helps you to learn more!

ClickFunnels Follow-up funnels

  • Basic: Not included
  • Platinum: Included

It is actually the ClickFunnels’ email autoresponder service, with the former name being Actionetics.

However, you can use the GetResponse service for email marketing since it is as convenient and useful as the Follow-up funnels while being cheaper. You just need to pay $15/month, or $49/month – highly recommended, without needing a credit card.

Visual email builder

  • Basic: Not included
  • Platinum: Included

This feature allows you to see what your emails look like on other devices (mobile phones/computers) before sending them to your clients.

Autoresponder series

  • Basic: Not included
  • Platinum: Included

It helps you send your emails to your clients at pre-set intervals.

For example, you sold a product to your clients and you want to do email marketing of other products. Without this feature, you need to wait for the day you want to send, and then you send emails to your clients. However, you can have your emails automatically sent to them thanks to this feature.

Manage email lists

  • Basic: Not included
  • Platinum: Included

You can do any modifications with this function, like deleting inactive users, unsubscribing someone, etc.

Send broadcast emails

  • Basic: Not included
  • Platinum: Included

A broadcast email is to send certain items to certain people, like special discounts to loyal customers. Besides emails, you can use SMS to send broadcast messages to them.

Data tracking

  • Basic: Not included
  • Platinum: Included

The platinum with data tracking function integrated allows you to see the number of your emails that have been successfully delivered, clicks you have from your clients, etc. In short, it tracks data for your business growth.

Send emails based on location

  • Basic: Not included
  • Platinum: Included

This function helps you to send emails relying on their locations to group people for the ease of tracking.

Flexible & advanced segmentation

  • Basic: Not included
  • Platinum: Included

Email segmentation aims at enabling you to promote the right products to the right people to save time and effort. For instance, you have customers with different interests in musical instruments, like guitars, pianos, etc. Then, email segmentation assists you in sending the right instruments to these groups of clients.


  • Basic: Not included
  • Platinum: Included

It is used to create an affiliate program – that is, your products can be promoted by others, and they will receive a commission for a sale they earn.

It is a great way to boost your sales with little effort while you still receive some revenue, though it is not as much as your own sales.

One-click setup

  • Basic: Not included
  • Platinum: Included

It aids you in adding everything with just a click, like a Backpack without coding, tech guru, or any other technique.

Unlimited affiliates

  • Basic: Not included
  • Platinum: Included

Similar to Packback, you will have an unlimited number of people who advertise and sell your products for you.

Unlimited commission plans

  • Basic: Not included
  • Platinum: Included

The function gives you the right to determine the amount of commission to give to your affiliates and add unlimited commission plans. It is ideal if you have a wide range of products, special offers, etc.

One-time payments

  • Basic: Not included
  • Platinum: Included

If you want to pay your affiliates one time for all the commission they are given rather than each installment, this function is for you.

Manage affiliates

  • Basic: Not included
  • Platinum: Included

As its name suggests, you can see the amount of commission earned by your affiliates and the amount you have paid to them.

Complete custom branding for your affiliate’s area & sign up

  • Basic: Not included
  • Platinum: Included

You can involve your own custom branding within the affiliate area for your affiliates to see your logo rather than your ClickFunnels. This makes your affiliates’ appearance more professional.


This function provides you with a variety of training videos and courses for your practice and perfect outcomes. Russell Brunson calls it “Netflix for funnel hackers”. He also wants you to subscribe to his ClickFunnels. There are two packages for you to consider:

Funnelflix of clickfunnels

FunnelFlix Basic:

  • 30-Day Summit: 30 ClickFunnels “Two Comma Club” members (they are entrepreneurs who have earned at least $1,000,000 from a funnel) to guide you on how they succeed from zero in just 30 days with ClickFunnels.
  • Affiliate Bootcamp: 15 ClickFunnels super affiliates (with most people as the same as those in the 30-day summit) instruct you how to create a full-time recurring income in 100 days via the promotion of ClickFunnels as an affiliate.
  • Brick & Mortar summit: Store owners (brick & mortar stores on the street) guide you on how to use ClickFunnels in their business.
  • 10X: A ClickFunnels story: Story about how Russell Brunson earned $3.2 million in 90 minutes in 2018 and how he earned $9 million in a live audience of 35,000 people in 2019.
  • Funnel Hacker TV: Videos provided by famous masters like Tony Robbins to show you things you need to achieve with the right mindset and what ClickFunnels do to give back to the locality.
  • Funnel hacking live: Document that demonstrates how ClickFunnels organizes and processes its annual event.
  • The Two Comma club: Shows you ways to join the club.
  • Funnel Builder Secrets: A course consisting of 15 modules and 95 videos to teach you how to build a successful sales funnel.
  • Ad skills: A course of 12 modules and 436 videos to guide you on how to gain success with paid traffic.
  • Product secrets: 21 ways to have your products marketed fast and then rinse and repeat your future launched products.
  • Money mindset: A course of 4 modules and 48 videos to direct you to concentrate on your goals to be successful.
  • Tony Robbin private collection: A course of 7 modules and 43 videos to teach you how you can gain success like him.

FunnelFlix Platinum:

  • List building secrets 21-Day challenge: A training course of 21 days to instruct you how to establish an email list of clients, from lead magnet, and sales funnel, to traffic driving, etc.
  • One funnel away challenge: A training course of 30 days to teach you how ClickFunnels operates and make a profitable business in 30 days.
  • Funnel university: A training course of 4 videos to show you the knowledge of funnel building: Why use a funnel, The value ladder, Creating an offer, and Copywriting.
  • Dan Kenedy’s how to create personality in copy/influential writing: A Dan Kenedy’s presentation about his secrets to turning clients into loyal ones by supplementing personality to your copy.
  • Dan Kenedy’s business strategy collection: Dan Kenedy’s important strategies to develop a business.
  • Frank Kern book funnel blueprint: A Frank Kern presentation about how to turn your knowledge into a book without writing to provide your clients with details about your offerings.
  • Frank Kern’s black box: His video teaches you how to sell the hell out of your goods.
  • Frank Kern ultimate webinar blueprint: A course of 5 modules and 33 videos guides you on how to create one-off products, and irresistible offers and segment your leads into low, medium, and high levels.
  • Frank Kern unplugged: A Frank Kern presentation to encourage you to achieve your goals.
  • Yara Golden’s subscriber reviver challenge: A training course of 15 days to encourage your inactive subscribers to purchase your goods.
  • Funnel hack A-thon: A 3-day live recording by Russell Brunson to realize your message and create a mass following, as well as promote you to take action on what he shares.
  • 10X Secrets: Guides you on how to build an irresistible offer, close sales, and prepare record sales with 16 Russell Brunson’s best webinars.
  • High ticket secrets: A training course teaches you how to make your customers happy with their payment from $1,500 to $100,000 for your products.
  • Traffic Secrets: A course of traffic generation to boost your sales. If you have great products and offers but have no traffic, you can’t sell your goods.
  • Outsource force: It teaches you how to employ virtual assistants for helping you do some tasks.
  • The warriors way doctrine – Directors cut: A course provided by Garret J White to encourage you to believe in yourself and realize your dreams.
  • Jay Abraham: The Anthology: He will address any problem you face to help you take advantage of your potential assets.

Cost of ClickFunnels per month

clickfunnel basic and clickfunnel platinum

Both ClickFunnels basic and platinum have a 14-day free trial. Yet, you can cancel at any time without being charged.

After the free trial, the basic costs $97/month while the platinum costs $297/month. However, you can save up to $50/month by buying an annual plan: $80/month for basic and $247/month for platinum.

Discounts of ClickFunnels

Discount 1: ClickFunnels annual plan

  • Basic: $970
  • Platinum: $2,970

The interesting thing is that you just need to pay 10 months to get a 12-month plan; accordingly, you save about 17% on the Platinum plan.

ClickFunnels discoun 1

Discount 2: Funnel hacking secrets/Funnel builder secrets

The Platinum plan offers a wide range of products for the lowest prices – you just need to purchase at least 6 months.

6-month platinum = $1,782, with $297/month. While the Funnel Hacker Secrets costs $997.

Just by purchasing a 6-month plan, you will have the Funnel hacker secrets accompanied, helping you save $785. Simultaneously, you can also get all features of the platinum plan.

ClickFunnels Discount 2

The Funnel hacking secrets also require you to join the free Funnel hacking secrets Webclass, which teaches you 3 important secrets to increase your sales and aids you to find out which type of funnel is suitable for your business:

  • Secret 1: How to ethically make more than $1,000,000 from your competitors with under $100
  • Secret 2: How to clone the funnel inside the ClickFunnels in less than 10 minutes
  • Secret 3: How to gain customers that are the same as those of your competitors to direct them to choose your funnel

funnel hacking secrets

Besides the Webclass, you will gain other things with $1,782, including:

  • Free Funnel hacking secrets masterclass (with more than 100 funnel templates)
  • Free Traffic secrets training course
  • Free unlimited access to virtual hack-a-thons
  • Free ClickFunnels unlimited bonus

Discount 3: Pause ClickFunnel account

You can pause your ClickFunnel account with a payment of $9.99/month. All of your funnel features will be reserved; however, you can’t:

  • Access any of your funnels
  • Build any new funnels
  • Earn any affiliate commissions

Discount 4: ClickFunnels $19 plan

This one allows you to have 3 shared funnels as the maximum number, appropriate if you just start online marketing. However, it was discontinued a few times ago.

In conclusion

ClickFunnels prices are not cheap, with a huge gap between the basic and the platinum. Of course, with platinum, you can do unlimited things to develop your business. Nevertheless, if you are a newbie, the basic is ideal for you. Then, you can gradually expand your business and purchase platinum. Determine your business scale and consider purchasing a suitable plan since it is worth doing so.

Author: Tanka

In 2015 I knew Clickfunnel, since then I focused on researching software to support building and developing funnels. The knowledge I share here is the knowledge due to my 8 years of online marketing experience. I hope it will be of great help.

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