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Internet is growing strongly, so using the internet to develop business is essential for any business. The internet will help your business be known by more people worldwide, which will help you increase your sales more.

Not just for businesses. If you are an individual and want to market your products to customers, you can use the internet. This is an advantage when you are not a celebrity and well known. You can still promote your product well on the internet.

There is a question that many people are wondering is “How can they promote products or find customers on the internet.” Nowadays there are a lot of tools to help you market your business and find customers on the internet, and I want to mention a tool that is clickfunnels, the reason I want to talk about this tool because I think it is very is suitable for you to grow your business in the present moment.

Clickfunnels are not only tools to help you market your physical products, digital products, but it also helps you find customers to make transactions and exchanges after customers visit your funnel. Real estate is a marketplace where you can get a lot from clickfunnels, and in this article, I want to talk about clickfunnels with real estate.

First, I want you to understand.

What are Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels is an online software by Russell Brunson, who is also the CEO of Clickfunnels. This software has been operating since 2014, and until now, it has been known by many people. It has helped many businesses grow to millions of dollars in a short time. You can find a lot of information about Russell Brunson on the internet.

Features of clickfunnels?

What a lot of people are interested in is the clickfunnels feature. It is the deciding factor in whether clickfunnels are suitable for real estate.

Clickfunnels gives you drag and drop capabilities: You can easily create a quick sales page with drag and drop, clickfunnels pre-set these features and just need to move them to the page’s position your desired destination. I can example, some features: Optin, Call, Title, Picture, Description, Submit… .and many others.

There are many funnel template options: This is an interesting point of the clickfunnels marketplace, which offers you funnel templates on various topics and real estate also has a lot of templates in the clickfunnels marketplace. However, there are also many models you need to pay to receive it, and its cost is certainly not too great.

Easy-to-use interface editor: Clickfunnels has a neat layout of features. You will be easy to observe and execute. It does not require you to have any programming knowledge, which will save you a lot of time.

Combine multiple payment gateways: You can add different payment gateways to your channel, which will meet all customers’ needs without any difficulty.

Combine with third-party applications.

Use a custom domain name according to your brand.

Your designed funnel templates will be saved for reuse.

An affiliate marketing program of BackPack will help you create more leads, have more people promote your product than it helps your business grow fast in a short time.

Email Marketing is a strong point of clickfunnels, it is associated directly with clickfunnels, and you do not need to use third-party applications.

I’ve just listed a few of the standout features of clickfunnels. There are plenty of other features that will help you with your funnel creation, landing page creation, and marketing campaigns.

funnel real estate

Features used in most real estate.

1. Funnel to attract potential customers.

If you have read the book “Dotcom Secrets,” you will know the funnel’s important role in attracting potential customers. This is the place for you to deliver bait products to your customers and engage them in your funnel system. Your bait products can be videos, ebooks, a course … Clickfunnels easily help you create funnels to attract visitors. Leads quickly with just a few drag and drop.

2. Funnel webinars

Many people are directing webinars, where you can chat with customers to help them better understand the product you are offering. The end of the seminar will be when you introduce the services or products. It is a very good time for you to sell.

With real estate, you can create a webinar about your home buying experience at a good price, how to choose a home, or you will share a pre-sale home care guide to get a premium price.

3. Sales page.

This is where you showcase the product you’re going to sell to your customers, it has to be compelling, and clickfunnels will provide full functionality to create a compelling sales page. There will be features like extra sales, discount codes, one-time deals to increase the profit you earn from your customers.

4. Members page

If you have members joining your system, then you get permanent income. Clickfunnels helps you to create membership sites in just a few clicks. The copy needs to focus on the values ​​you offer to members.

5. Affiliate marketing program.

Clients can earn an income by joining your affiliate program, and you will pay them a% commission. It is a mutually beneficial form. You will also sell more products. Clickfunnels helps you create a fully automated affiliate program that will automatically pay the client a recurring commission and calculate the% of the balance you receive to add to your account.

How real estate works on clickfunnels

Many people are still familiar with real estate marketing with flyers or placing banners on high-traffic websites. That is just a passive form, and you are not proactive in finding your customers. What I want is that you can actively find customers, it will help you increase sales a lot. I will detail each step below for your understanding, and for the most detail, I will talk about the case where we sell real estate.

1. Attract customers to your funnel.

This step is important because you let the client know that you are selling real estate or that you need real estate. Your customers will be interested in real estate and will visit your funnel if your funnel provides the value they need.

At this step, if you want to attract customers to your funnel, you should provide a free product to customers, which could be a home care ebook, a pdf file of current house prices … Can it is possible to seek information about real estate to share with them, which is certainly valuable information.

2. Take care of your customers.

Once a customer has access to your funnel, you should ask them to leave an email or phone number before receiving a free product from you, and you will take care of the customer according to the information they have provided.

Clickfunnels has an email marketing feature that automatically runs an email marketing campaign to take care of your customers once they’ve visited your funnel.

Usually, after a client gives you an email, you will run an email marketing campaign within one week. During this time, you should prepare emails about the product you are selling. You should provide the benefit that customers will receive when buying your product.

3. Introduce your product.

To get closer to customers, you should build a funnel to call for a consultation. It’s very simple with clickfunnels. You just need to add a Call Now button to your funnel. But I recommend using it after your email marketing campaign. You can also use it after the campaign to attract customers to your funnel, but you run into more risks.

4. Meet and sell.

Real estate has great value, so customers will hesitate to pay directly on your funnel. I recommend that you make an appointment with the client. Clickfunnels has a feature to help you schedule appointments. You should prepare well for this appointment. It is the time to show your skills in conversation, consulting, sales. It can be seen as the moment to decide whether you can sell or not.

Why use clickfunnels with properties.

1. Reaching many customers.

Using the internet for real estate marketing, you will reach more customers. If the traditional approach only gets you customers around your location, then the internet will get you more customers in other locations.

The highlight of using the internet for real estate marketing is that you can do repeated marketing. With a customer file in an area, you can market it for a while, which helps you not miss out on potential customers.

Combining the Facebook Ads methods, Google Ads will make sure your funnel will reach many customers.

2. Save time.

Time is of the essence of business. If in the past you took time to travel to many places and introduce the real estate, you can now sit at home and recommend it to anyone in the world. World. Your health will not be affected by a lot of travel. This is a very good thing that the internet does for us.

You just need to build a funnel and promote it to many people. Instead of saying the same problem repeatedly to many people, you need to send a link for them to read the information you provide. If it is information they need, then they will continue to follow you. If it is not what they want, then they will unfollow you.

Clickfunnels offers a lot of real estate funnel templates in the clickfunnels marketplace. You can use these funnel templates for marketing your real estate without creating new funnels. These funnel templates work very well. It has been rated positively by many.

3. Focus on potential customers.

When you create a funnel, you can eliminate leads. Customers visit your funnel, and they will see the properties you have to offer, their characteristics, the advantages they will get … and if it’s not the property they want, they will Leave and leave no information (email, phone number). This is the step that will help you get rid of non-leads. Instead, you will take care of your leads, and appointments will only happen with leads. It helps you increase your chances of selling.


Real estate is an area that has always been interested in many people, it brings a lot of profits, so if you do good marketing, you will surely get big sales.

Using clickfunnels for real estate marketing is a method that many people and opportunities seek for everyone. Clickfunnels is not challenging to get started with. If you are worried about using clickfunnels with your business, you can sign up for a 30-day OFA training course by Russell Brunson, a training course. From basic to advanced, you will receive 30 days of continuous training.

I hope that this article will help you understand the application of clickfunnels with real estate. In the future, I will write more articles about the real estate market and the clickfunnels marketing approach.

Author: Tanka

In 2015 I knew Clickfunnel, since then I focused on researching software to support building and developing funnels. The knowledge I share here is the knowledge due to my 8 years of online marketing experience. I hope it will be of great help.

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