Clickfunnels Shopping Cart – How to set it with clickfunnel?

Setting up a vending page is the desire of a lot of people. It saves you a lot of time for your work. You can spend that time on finding customers or optimizing your product.

Using a website or a sales page is the current trend. I find that now many people prefer to use a sales page because you can build it quickly in a short time and still ensure the ability to continue the product market. No matter what platform you use for marketing your products, auto-checkout is an important factor. You will lose a lot of customers if your sales funnel does not have this feature.

To create an auto-checkout feature, you need to have a shopping cart. This is where customers make purchases and pay you. If your sales funnel is set up with a shopping cart, customers will be interested in buying from you. They will not take much time if they want to pay immediately.

So, how to get the best shopping cart on your sales funnels?

There are many solutions for you to be able to create a shopping cart. However, very few solutions live up to their promises, and many that cause trouble for your channel, even hindering your customers’ ability to pay.

A total solution that many people are looking for today is to use clickfunnels to replace them all. Because clickfunnels can both help you create a funnel and help you create a shopping cart easily, and in this article, I will talk about the shopping cart feature in clickfunnels to help you better understand and decide whether to use clickfunnels?

The outstanding features of the shopping cart in clickfunnels.

Many people have looked to shopping cart services to set up the funnel. In this article, there are shopping cart services that they rate as the best.

These are independent and dedicated platforms. They also incorporate a lot of other features such as establishing links, combining multiple payment gateways. It’s both great tools because they only focus on the shopping cart feature.

However, it does not have a funnel creation feature, so you need to combine it with your funnel if you want to use it. For many people, this will be an obstacle because they do not have many techniques. That’s also why I talked about the clickfunnels cart feature.

Now we will talk about some essential features of a shopping cart, including clickfunnels?

1. Accept payment.

Today, there are many online payment solutions, such as Paypal, Payoneer, MasterCard, AppPay, Check…

Clickfunnels provides more than 10 online payment solutions today, from API connection to access to 3rd parties such as Apple / Android Pay, Authorize net, EasyPayDirect, Keep, NMI, Recurly, and Stripe clickfunnels all support.

So you can see that clickfunnels are very diverse in the payment gateway. You can choose the payment gateway that is most convenient for you.

2. Increase sales.

Surely this will be the strong point of clickfunnels, because it is specialized for product marketing.

Some outstanding features include a countdown timer, discount codes, upsell products, checkout templates, shopping cart templates, which you can customize according to your wishes by drag and drop in clickfunnels.

It can be said that this is a basic feature that any shopping cart platform must-have.

3. Fully integrated.

Clickfunnels is software that specializes in creating funnels, so all the features on the funnel can be easily connected by drag and drop. I don’t use all the other services, so I can’t compare the details, but I think clickfunnels are doing very well.

4. Community support.

Almost all platforms today are very well supported. SamCart, ThriveCart, PayKickStart all have their support communities. Clickfunnels also has many support communities on Facebook. If you cannot solve the problem, please email them, and they will reply to you as soon as possible.

The above 4 characteristics are the basic characteristics of a shopping cart, and I think they will meet your requirements. The important thing I want to emphasize here is that you should use the most convenient and suitable platform for you. For example, you can easily manage and use it as your number 1 requirement.

How to set up a shopping cart on clickfunnels

Step 1: Create a shopping cart.

– You need to go to the edit page of clickfunnels and click on the option “ADD NEW STEP.”

– Set the name, path and click the button “Create Funnel Step.”

– Next, go to the “SALES” tab and choose “Order Form.”

Create a shopping cart in clickfunnels

Step 2: Edit your cart information.

– You need to add the necessary information if you want customers to provide

– Example: Name, Detailed Address, Email, Phone Number, Zipcode

Step 3: Connect to your payment gateway.

– Go into the ClickFunnels page editor “Products” tab, click on the “Add Product” button and then press “Add Payment Integration.”

Add Payment shopping cart in clickfunnels

Step 4: Check your shopping cart.

– Now, try to enter your information and proceed to checkout. Make sure it’s working properly before you promote your funnel to your customers.

Pros clickfunnels shopping cart.

  • Easy payment
  • Combine many different payment gateways.
  • Easy setup, save you much time.
  • No need to connect to 3rd platform as it works on clickfunnels
  • Easy to see the price. Customers can observe it before paying. Make sure not to get confused at checkout. It’s very safe for customers.
  • Conveniently manage customer information. You will know customer information, manage paid and shipped orders.

Should I use clickfunnels shopping cart?

Clickfunnels is a comprehensive software, it has many different functions, and it will help you build a complete funnel without combining it with other platforms.

If you are looking for a total solution, then clickfunnels is the most suitable. It will be very convenient for you to manage everything in 1 account, and it is also easy for you to set up and connect functions.

You can sign up for free 14 days in advance. Then if it suits you, you need to pay $97/month for the gold plan and $297/month for the diamond plan. I encourage you to sign up for a 14-day free trial before deciding to use it monthly.

My rating.

Shopping cart functionality is essential with any funnel, it makes your funnel more professional, more automated, and customers will love it more. So now you need to apply this function to your online business if you did not have it before.

If you have ever used another platform’s shopping cart service, you should research carefully before switching to clickfunnels. If you haven’t used any of these platforms, I highly recommend clickfunnels, as it’s the most impressive and easy to manage tool.

I hope this article will be of great help to you. If you have any questions about clickfunnels, leave a message, I will reply to you as soon as possible.

Author: Tanka

In 2015 I knew Clickfunnel, since then I focused on researching software to support building and developing funnels. The knowledge I share here is the knowledge due to my 8 years of online marketing experience. I hope it will be of great help.

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