Clickfunnels vs Builderall – Best software your bussiness?

If you are dealing with sales funnels, you must know about Clickfunnel and Builderall. They are well-known for their usefulness in helping users in optimizing sales funnels through effective functions. However, which one is better? If you are wondering which one you should choose, this article helps you answer it by comparing their features, advantages, and disadvantages for your understanding.

General comparison about Clickfunnels and Builderall

The general comparisons related to the rating, price, and trial period of the two solutions are shown in the table below.

Name Clickfunnels Builderall
Level Price Standard: $97/month
Platinum: $297/month
Builder: $29.9/month
Premium: $69.9/month
Funnel Club: $99/month ($199 first payment)
Software trial Trial 30 days free Trial 30 days for $1

Clickfunnels overview

Established by Russell Brunson and Todd Dickerson in 2014, this solution aims at providing users with highly-converting landing pages and sales funnels. Regardless of who you are – a person with a start-up or a retail seller, the solution still helps you to have a wider network of customers to boost sales.

Until now, the solution has been worth over $360 million. Its prominent features will assist you to do more than what you want to do with a sales funnel–assisting solution.

clickfunnels overview

Prominent features

Clickfunnels embraces 11 best functions that are extremely useful to you, namely (1) templates and pre-made funnel sets, (2) Drag and drops web page editor, (3) eCommerce, (4) Backpack affiliate program, (5) Membership site, (6) webinars, (7) email marketing, (8) Integrations, (9) Split testing, (10) Analytics, and (11) support and documentation.

Templates and pre-made funnel sets:

Assist you in simply building a professional and stylish funnel with little effort. It even supplies you with blank templates for your never-ending creativity in design.

Drag and drop web page editor:

As its name suggests, allows you to customize your funnel based on your preferences. You can freely supplement, change, amend, or do anything you want with this function.


Enables the service of online packaging, delivery, and even payment for your quick transaction with customers.

Backpack affiliate program:

In fact, encourages you to have more affiliates by allowing you to establish and manage your affiliate program so that you can sell your products/services more.

Membership sites:

Allow you to advertise your website, from which your users can sign up and access your website.


Turn you into a host of professional meetings. You can convene a webinar automatically during your traveling, helping you save time while still advertising your products.

Email marketing:

Facilitates you to market your products via a third party like Aweber, Hubspot, Mailchimp, and so on. This function encourages your marketing message to be delivered to users all over the world. Moreover, this function that is included in the top-tier package of Clickfunnels allows you to access Actionetics. The in-house marketing function of this platform turns your marketing strategy into a professional one like other businesses’.

Integrations embrace various services and tools of third parties, like Zapier and Shopify. This aids you to refer to their service for more effective marketing.

Split testing:

This allows you to understand an overall picture of your website, from which you know which aspects are good or bad to be changed.


This shows the results of your funnel operation. The information is of effectiveness for you to monitor key aspects of sales, like conversions, user behavior, and page views.

Support and documentation:

Help you to take advantage of services provided by Clickfunnels to the users to support your own users effectively.

Buiderall overview

Established in 2011 by Erick Salgado, the solution targets entrepreneurs and businesses to optimize their sales process, presence, and marketing. Since it mainly promotes online marketing, its way of access is also simple. Just pick a niche/industry and create your own funnel. Builderall deals with any desire of users in advertising their products/services, regardless of their advertisement ways.

Prominent features

Similar to Clickfunnels, Builderall provides lots of features for marketing and sales. Its main useful functions include (1) Hosting, (2) Drag and drop website builders, (3) App builder, (4) Customizable templates, (5) Design tools, (6) eCommerce, (7) Membership site, (8) eLearning, (9) Webinars, (10) Email marketing, (11) Heat mapping,  (12) Integrations, and (13) Support.


This Means Builderall stores websites created on this platform because it holds exclusive content with servers in various continents; therefore, it allows websites to be loaded quickly.

Drag and drop website builders:

Offer you 3 easy-to-use website builders – Responsive Builder, Pixel Perfect Builder, and Mobile First Builder, from which you can easily design your websites.

App builder:

Facilitates you to build and manage your own applications for sales.

Customizable templates:

This means you get your preferred templates through a series of professional and alluring templates available.

Design tools:

Encourage you to make your websites more alive by providing lots of functions like Photo Studio, Design Studio, Builderall Image Spinner, etc. This helps you to catch customers’ attention in no time.


Assists you to do online transactions, from selling to getting online payments, and even affiliating items.

Membership sites:

Allow you to manage which content you want to share publicly and which one you don’t. In this way, you encourage your users to sign up with fees to access the content.


Promotes you to deliver your own lessons to serve users who want to learn how to sell online, for example. Of course, you can restrict these privileges to premium users.


Allow you to hold live streams and pre-recorded webinars from your website.

Email marketing:

Helps you to respond automatically to a large number of emails to be received in your email marketing strategy. Also, it helps you to send emails to many users in a short time.

Split testing also helps you manage your website effectiveness for your changes/modifications, if necessary.

Heat mapping:

Clarify your understanding of the users’ intentions – that is, you will know which content they access the most and which one is limited in terms of conversion.


Encourage you to integrate third-parties services into your website for more convenience of transactions.


The function allows you to support your users effectively with timely knowledge.

These are the most useful features of the two solutions, and you find they have many similarities, right? So, the next part will help you select the right features for your purposes by comparing their similar features.

Clickfunnels vs. Builderall: Templates

Purposes of use of templates

Clickfunnels provides a lot of pre-defined funnels with matching landing pages templates. You just need to pick one and add your sales information. Meanwhile, Builderall supplies you the customizable templates in different industries/niches. What you do is pick one and design it according to your preferences.

clickfunnels templates

Templates default Clickfunnels

So, the key here is, if you are looking for simple templates and optimized landing pages and funnel sets, Clickfunnels is suitable. Vice versa, if you want more professional templates for your businesses, Builderall is a perfect choice.

builderall templates

Templates Builderall

Ways of access to templates

There are 3 ways for you to get templates on Clickfunnels. The first one is the conventional funnel builder’s default template. The second way is through the Cookbook builder. Just click the entry and choose the goal category (Create leads, Sell or Launch a product, Operate a webinar, and Sell event access). The last one is buying a premium template with certain fees. However, you will receive Clickfunnels courses or events, like Funnel Fridays or Virtual Funnel Hackathon, free of charge.

templates in cook books

Meanwhile, Builderall has one only way to get templates. You just need to click your niche/industry and pick one.

Clickfunnels vs. Builderall: Drag And Drop Builder

The two offer a drag and drop function, but Clickfunnels provides a drag and drop editor while Builderall provides a drag and drop builder.

Clickfunnels’s drag and drop editor allows simple editing by dragging and dropping suitable images/photos/elements. In addition to the available elements in a separate funnel dashboard, you can supplement various media types from other online sources, like Youtube, Pixabay, without closing the tool.

Clickfunnels Drag And Drop Builder

Clickfunnels Drag And Drop Builder

In contrast, Builderall aims at building more complex websites by delivering four functions that meet different web page design requirements, namely

  • Drag And Drop Responsive Builder
  • Drag And Drop Pixel-Perfect Builder
  • App Creator
  • Mobile First Drag And Drop Builder

Drag And Drop Responsive Builder helps your website be more responsive and compatible with all devices. Drag And Drop Pixel-Perfect Builder turns your website into 3 versions –on a tablet, on a mobile phone, and on a desktop. The other two are to help you to edit your website version on mobile apps.

builderall drag and drop builder

Builderall Drag And Drop Builder

Clickfunnels vs. Builderall: Split Testing And Analysis

This feature of the two solutions provide you with testing results of various aspects you want, but it is suggested that you should test and analyze the following ones:

  • The layout
  • Headline
  • Bullet points
  • Price point
  • and the offer.

Due to the different targets of the two solutions, their split testing and analysis are also different in terms of targets. Clickfunnels deliver overall results of your website, yet still in certain details to help you grasp information about conversions. Nevertheless, Builderall provides more robust results that you can look at details of each aspect. But this requires you to be professional to know how to read the data.

Builderall Split Testing

Builderall Split Testing

Clickfunnels vs. Builderall: Email Marketing

Clickfunnels email marketing offers you the premium package called Etison Suite, which helps you send your email marketing to a certain group of receivers. With this package, you can:

  • Run Email Campaigns
  • Incorporate Email And Funnels
  • Set Up And Target Smart Email Lists
  • Operate Follow-up Funnels
  • Keep Track Of Email Metrics

clickfunnels email marketing

Meanwhile, Builderall provides a package called Mailing Boss that allows email marketing strategy automation. Besides, it provides predefined email templates for you to send to an unlimited number of users. With this package, you can:

  • Aim Emails At Specific Audience Groups
  • Keep Track Of Subscribers
  • Add Subscribers Manually
  • Send Customized Emails
  • Manage And Control Campaign Analytics

So again, if you are intended to send to a small group of customers, select Clickfunnels and vice versa, Builderal for a wide range of users.

Clickfunnels vs. Builderall: User-Friendliness

It is obvious that the two options are user-friendly, but Clickfunnels is more appropriate for those who start to learn about sales funnels while Buiderall is for those who are professional about them.

Clickfunnels vs. Builderall: Price Comparison

Clickfunnels offers two levels of price, including $97/month and $297/month. The former limits the number of sales funnels, templates, and features – 20 sales funnels, 100 landing pages with around 20,000 views every month, while the latter has no limits on these things. Besides, for the second package, you can even receive your Startup plan, sign up for the Etison Suite plan for Actionetics, and affiliate management program use.

Trial Clickfunnels 30 days Free

Clickfunnels price

Builderall offers 3 levels of price, including  $29.9/month, $69.9/month, and $99.9/month. The first one is for retailers who just want to build their own website for online presence improvement, with which you can receive various visitors, enjoy unlimited bandwidth on local hosting, and get certain template options.

Trial Builderall 30 days Free

Builderall price

The second one is for those who want to connect up to 15 domain names and use Mailing Boss, with more effective features. Whereas, the last one is for enterprises and businesses who desire a successful business. For the third option, they will be protected by CDN hosting, reach countless sales in eCommerce, and get full access to affiliate programs.

Clickfunnels vs. Builderall: Customer Support

Clickfunnels provides you with four support funnels, namely Community forums, Clickfunnels Facebook page, Youtube channel, and Support tickets. The first one provides you with existing knowledge, or even you can exchange information with those who also use Clickfunnels for precious lessons, the second one helps you to post your questions related to the solution and also get answers from others; the third one stores various lessons from Russel Brunson for your understandings of sales strategy; and the last one helps you to get support from Clickfunnels dedicated support team to get keys to any question you have.

Builderall also provides 3 support channels: Facebook page, Youtube, and Support tickets, similar to Clickfunnels. The first one connects you with more than 30,000 Builderall users to get practical tips/lessons from them; the second one offers you a number of sales lessons, motives, or even live chats to help you develop your website, while the last one, just like Clickfunnels, gives you answers delivered from Buiderall team to any question you ask.

Clickfunnels vs. Builderall: Affiliate Program

The two solutions offer you different commissions for your transactions. Regarding Clickfunnels, if you’ve previously joined up for Clickfunnels, you’ll be an affiliate right now. You’ll earn a 40% recurring commission and an additional 40% on anything sold through this platform, such as books and continuity programs. You will make money as long as your client continues with Clickfunnels. Its clever “sticky cookie” for affiliates means that you get paid every time someone buys something from Clickfunnels through your link.

Join Clickfunnels Affiliate Program

Clickfunnels affiliate program

In contrast, the Builderall affiliate network provides you a recurring commission each month as long as your customers pay their monthly hosting subscription. Per each new sale, you receive 100% of the commission, plus 30% each month the customer is working on our tool.

Pros comparison between Clickfunnels and Builderall

Clickfunnel has the following pros:

  • Allows you to create multi-step sales funnels that include both upsells and down sells.
  • You may share your funnel with anyone using the Share Funnel feature. Existing customers can get it with a single click, while non-users who sign up using your link assist you to make money.
  • Make membership sites where users must pay to have access to limited information.
  • You may access Actionetics and Backpack, enhanced tools on Clickfunnels, by subscribing to its premium packages.

More especially, Clickfunnels supplies you with “Netflix” to aid you in mastering sales funnels. It holds various online training courses designed by Russell Brunson and other experts for you to learn about sales strategy and mindset.

Builderall has the following benefits:

  • Has all of the marketing tools you’ll need to run a successful internet business.
  • Plans to fit all budgets are available.
  • The user-friendly interface makes creating blogs, websites, and sales funnels a breeze.
  • Mailing Boss, a powerful tool with a high delivery rate, is available.
  • If you’re not happy, you can get your money back.

Also, it has a club called Buideral Funnel Club – a massive online library that holds roughly 400 pre-made sales funnel and website templates designed by pros in different marketing industries. It also has all of the email follow-up processes built-in. Builderall Funnel Club will take care of everything for you, including setting up an email marketing series and creating a sales funnel.

Cons comparison between Clickfunnels and Buiderall

Of course, these solutions have some drawbacks. Clickfunnels has the following weaknesses:

  • Its programs are rather pricey for those on a tight budget.
  • Actionetics and Backpack are not included in the basic package. You are only allowed to create a total of 20 sales funnels.
  • Customer service can be a bit slow at times.

Meanwhile, Builderall has the following cons:

  • To generate a software marketing commission, you must subscribe to its Business plan.
  • One of its developers will request that you design the identical website three times in order to ensure that it appears amazing on all devices.

My Rating:

Each solution has its own strengths and weaknesses and is appropriate for different types of users. If you prefer a simple website since you do a small-scale business, Clickfunnels is ideal. In contrast, if you desire to own a professional website for your big company, Builderall is a perfect choice. Let’s try and give me your comments about these solutions!

Author: Tanka

In 2015 I knew Clickfunnel, since then I focused on researching software to support building and developing funnels. The knowledge I share here is the knowledge due to my 8 years of online marketing experience. I hope it will be of great help.

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