Dotcom Secrets Summit – 32+ Funnel Templates New in Summit

Dotcom Secrets is a very successful book by Russell Brunson. The book has helped many businesses grow rapidly, even for those just starting an online business.

The book has been updated for the second time with a lot of knowledge and content about the funnel. Those are the essential techniques you need to know to get started with an online business. In Dotcom Secrets, Russell Brunson wrote 10 core funnel patterns that he found. He thinks there are only 10 of these funnel patterns, and it applies in all fields.

But no, he’s a responsible guy. He’s followed businesses around the world that are adopting these 10 core funnel templates in all areas. Russell Brunson discovered his 10 funnel changes from businesses, especially those businesses with very fast sales growth. Even the funnel models they are operating in, Russell Brunson never even thought of when writing Dotcom Secrets book. That prompted him to email them, and members of Russell Brunson’s Funnel Hacks received a reply from them.

They didn’t hesitate to share details about the funnel template they are adopting, which makes them successful. Russell Brunson combined their insights and created the “Dotcom Secrets Summit” program.

What is Dotcom Secrets Summit?

It is a program to share details of funnel samples of entrepreneurs around the world. These funnel templates are not included in the Dotcom Secrets book but are edited and changed from the 10 core funnel templates in the Dotcom Secrets book. These funnel templates are working well, and it is helping their business thrive.

Russell Brunson can charge a huge fee for this program. But no, he wants to share it for free with everyone because his goal is to help and share. Chances are when you join this program. You will find many new funnel templates for you.

Contents of the Dotcom Secrets Summit.

Like I said above, the content of the Dotcom Secrets Summit program is the sharing of successful people about their funnel system, who come from many different fields around the world. Russell Brunson has compiled their sharing into a shared session, and it’s completely free.

After you register to participate, the conference will start and last 5 days, so you will have 120 hours to participate in the conference. You will have to participate continuously for 5 days. If you skip a day, you will not be able to watch again. That to promote your attention and interest, pledge that you will participate fully and do not miss.

There will be many speakers at the conference talking about their funnel. Please see the detailed image below to see the content of the funnel they will share.

Click on the image to see more details.

There are 32+ different funnel samples that you don’t know about. If you only know Russell Brunson’s 10 core funnel templates, this is your chance to find new funnel templates that work for your business.

Here are the basics for your 5-days summit.

  • The funnel framework that Russell Brunson is using to sell his three books. Dotcom Secrets, Traffic Secrets, Expert Secrets are 3 books with huge sales by Russell Brunson. He applied the Free Plus Shipping Funnel funnel template, and you will be discovered in his sharing session.
  • The secret behind the Free Plus Shipping Funnels template. Why can you sell thousands of products for free with many advertising costs but still make a big profit?
  • LOOPHOLE shares secrets to help you grow a substantial social media audience. That rule is called the “1 Link Rule”. This is a way to help you save many advertising costs and still get more followers and purchases.
  • Email marketing is the most likely strategy to convert, but you need to know how to get customers excited to wait for your email and open your first email. It would help if you stimulated the customer’s curiosity.
  • Selling multiple physical products in one go will help you grow quickly. It is not continuous upsell pages but only one sale.
  • Secretly build a loyal fan base of Brick and Mortar business with the lowest advertising cost without using discount products.
  • Sharing content for free but has great value will help you get many loyal customers following you, and then you can sell your products easily.
  • Creating a fully automated webinar funnel will help you drive sales 24/7. But you still retain the engaging, positive energy in your audience’s webinar.
  • Creating an online event will help you get a huge customer base. That is well demonstrated in Russell Brunson’s funnel samples, but you will see actual channel patterns in another field.

That’s the basic content shared for 5 days. There’s a lot of other stuff you don’t see in the Dotcom Secrets book. That’s why Russell Brunson created this conference, and it was seen as a supplement to the Dotcom Secrets book.

Who is the Dotcom Secrets summit for?

I can say it’s for everyone. Those who are interested in funnels, lead generation, and online sales. There are 32+ funnel samples in different fields for you to explore.

If you’ve read the Dotcom Secrets book but haven’t found an effective funnel template, or your business hasn’t grown at its best, this is a section you shouldn’t miss.

If you haven’t read the Dotcom Secrets book, then I recommend you to find it. First, it will give you an overview of the 10 core funnel templates for any business. From there, you will easily learn the funnel templates. Is more suitable for your business.


What is the price of this conference?

This is a free association by Russell Brunson, but after you sign up, it will work for 5 days and last for 24 hours / 1 day, so if you skip 1 day, you will not be able to relearn that day. I encourage you to sign up and be ready to learn it continuously until the end of the 1-day program and continue like that for the 5 days. It requires focus and discipline, which is what makes this program work for you.

If you want to watch the full Dotcom Secrets summit and be able to watch it over and over again as needed, you need to pay $97 for this program. Although it is not a big expense, it will help you be more proactive.

My rating.

If you are stuck in finding the right funnel template for your business, this is your chance to find a new funnel template. There will be many ideas that will surprise you, and you want to try them right into your business.

This is a free program by Russell Brunson, so I hope you will seize this opportunity to make your business better. Changes will always bring new results, and then you will find the best results.
If you have any questions about this program, please comment below this article. I will answer you as soon as possible.

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In 2015 I knew Clickfunnel, since then I focused on researching software to support building and developing funnels. The knowledge I share here is the knowledge due to my 8 years of online marketing experience. I hope it will be of great help.

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