Dotcom Secrets (2nd Edition) 2021 – Content updated by Russell Brunson

You’re struggling to grow your online business, you’re looking to increase traffic to your funnel, or maybe you’re looking to grow your online business but don’t know how to start and from where …

I know for sure that you have heard of Russell Bruson’s book “The Secret Dotcom” before turning to my article.

Luckily, my shares of Russell Bruson’s second book, “The Secret Dotcom,” by 2020, were first reprinted in 2015.

Building an online business requires a lot of knowledge and skills about online marketing. If you do not equip yourself with the basics, you will most likely experience failure, which will discourage you and give up.

Learning and following successful people will help you avoid risks and keep your business on the right track.

There have been many online experts reading “The Dotcom Secret,” and Anthony Robbins says, “The Dotcom Secret is the hidden book that helps you grow your business,” but before you decide to buy this book, I want to help you understand it better.

What is the Dotcom Secret Book?

This is a book about secrets that will help you grow your online business fast.

The book was first written in 2015 by Russell Bruson, and by 2020 it will be reprinted for the second time with much up-to-date knowledge, using clickfunnel. You will create hundreds of millions of dollars online business.

An online business’s main problem is building funnels, leads, traffic, and conversion rates, which will include many of the secrets covered by the book in 393 pages. If you are still confused about these matters, I think you should get a copy of the book.

Russell Brunson

Who is Russell Bruson?

Fifteen years ago, he might as well as you are now searching for a way to grow his online business. The first product he sold online was the DVD “How To Create A Potato Gun.” This product quickly brought Russell Bruson into the world of marketing and became the world’s top marketers. He quickly made one million dollars after the first year of college.

Currently, he is the CEO of Clickfunnel (Etison LLC), Launched in October 2014. Clickfunnel quickly became the fastest growing online company with 100,000,000 dollars in the first three years. Currently, Clickfunnel has 100,000 active users.

You might ask, “Why would he sell a book for such a low price to make 100,000,000?” That is one of the secrets that the Dotcom secret book talks about. I’m sure you will be surprised by this.


Details of each chapter.

Beginning in the book is the title of expert Dan Kennedy. He gave advice when reading the book. These are insightful and helpful words to help you set your goals in reading the book. He was followed by the preface, the author’s introduction.

There are four main sections in the book, each with details of different secrets, each of which is like a situation you will encounter in building a funnel. We have a total of 28 secrets in the book. This book.

Russell Bruson puts himself in the position of a funnel builder. He always leads the questions you will encounter and will answer in detail for you.

# Part 1: Sales funnel secrets.

Secret 1: Dream customers

This is the first and also the secret that I know a lot of people are wondering about. You are not identifying your potential customers. Here you will know four questions to identify your dream customer.

This is a crucial step in the funnel-building process. You need to know who your customers are.

Secret 2: Hook, Story, Offer

Before making a sale, you need to build trust for your customers or build your values. So what is the key to helping you build value with your customers?

Secret 3: The value ladder

You cannot immediately sell a customer a thousand-dollar product if you do not trust the customer. It would help if you built low to high-value scales so that customers are interested in your products before you sell the highest value product.

Secret 4: The Attractive character

Have the five best identifiers for your dream customers to find you instead of chasing them. You can build yourself into an attractive character before your customers.

Secret 5: Funnel Hacking

Becoming an industry pioneer is the worst way to get started. It would help if you got past those years of failure to start operating in the market right now.

Secret 6: Seven phases of a funnel

There are seven key stages in a funnel that you need to capture to create the best customer experience. You will know customer psychology through each stage. This will help you optimize your funnel.

Secret 7: Follow up funnels

This is the key to helping you reach the most customers. You will keep your customers even after they leave.

# Part 2: Funnels in the value scale:

Secret 8: Lead Squeeze funnels

How are customers willing to offer their emails to receive information from you? They also expect your early reply email to get answers to their problems.

Secret 9: Survey Funnels

There will be many customers coming to your funnel, but they haven’t found an answer yet. Here’s the secret that helps you divide your visitors into a wide variety of audiences.

Secret 10: Summit Funnels

The secret to leveraging other people’s customer lists into yours, multiplying the size of your list into leads in just a few days

Secret 11: Book Funnels

This is a perfect secret of Rusell Bruson as he reaches out to every client his rival has ever worked on. Besides, he can run paid ads with “budgetless” costs.

Secret 12: Cart Funnels

Build a simple 3-page funnel. You can determine who enters the funnel and who buys the most products.

Secret 13: The challenge funnel

How do you get the right streams of customers willing to pay you for your product and get rid of those who aren’t delivering results?

Secret 14: Video Sales Letter Funnels

Responding to a customer with video will drive and drive more conversions than old-fashioned replies. You can sell lots of great-value products through your videos.

Secret 15: Webinar Funnels

This is a new way of selling, you will gather all of your customers in an online seminar, where you can sell right after the end of your presentation, but note you need to create a lot of value in this presentation.

Secret 16: Product launch Funnels

“Free seminars.” This is the most attractive and effective way. It would help if you created a big buzz that stimulates your customers’ internal energy, so they quickly have to buy from you.

Secret 17: Application Funnels

The 3-page funnel, correctly identifying potential customers to get high deals of $ 3,000, $ 5,000…

# Part 3: Funnel Scripts

Secret 18: “Curiosity-Based Headline” Scripts

How to create an attractive title to engage customers the first time you see your funnel. Customers will be curious to send you an email to receive information from you as soon as possible.

Secret 19: “Who, What, Why, How” Script

4 compelling questions to stimulate the curiosity of customers. Customers will click on your channel, join a seminar, leave an email immediately.

Secret 20: “Star, Story, Solution” Script

You will learn how to make a star’s script “Who? Their story? Solution ?” Customers will feel that you have encountered difficulties as well.

Secret 21: “OTO” Script

Build a 3-5 minute video script so that customers make a quick decision to buy your product $ 27- $ 997

Secret 22: Perfect Webinar Script

You will receive an analysis of the “Perfect Webinar” scenario. This is a script he frequently uses in seminars. It indeed hasn’t failed.

Secret 23: Product launch script

Scenarios for four videos of the product you are about to release create a frenzy that makes customers quickly buy from you the first time and the next time.

Secret 24: Four -Close Question Script

Potential customer questions go from “I care” to “do this” by a call now.

Secret 25: Setter and Close scripts

Prepare what your customers want in advance to make sure they enjoy working with you. This script allows you to sell products for between $2,000 and $100,000.

Secret 26: Clickfunnels

The diagram to build your funnel without any technician’s guidance. Over 100,000 entrepreneurs used to build their funnel in just 10 minutes.

Secret 27: Funnel Stacking

Sequence your channels to optimize your earnings per customer. Bring your potential customers to the top for maximum value.

Secret 28: Funnel Audibles

How to check if your funnel is working. This is essential before we send traffic to our funnel. If the funnel is not working, we need to find out the error of the funnel.

The price of the book Dotcom Secrets

This is an entirely free book. You only pay for the shipping cost of $9.85. It is printed in the United States.

Alternatively, you can buy it at Amazon:

  • Hardcover: $18.92
  • Paperback: $13.19

But I recommend you to buy directly from Clickfunnel to get attractive rewards worth $359.95. This is an attractive reward only for customers who buy products at Clickfunnel. You will not receive it if you buy from other suppliers.


The rewards you will receive with your purchase.

1. PDF 3 core funnels (Value $47)

This is a book about the secrets of the funnels you build. There will be three core funnels that generate the highest income. If you don’t have a list of clients, you can use these three funnels to gather leads.

3 core funnels ebook

2. 108 Split Test Winners Ebook (Worth $47)

If there is a funnel that helps you generate the largest income stream, but you don’t know why it brings in the most significant revenue, chances are you will lose many customers.

Russell Bruson is a hobbyist who will help you analyze and find out the funnel’s main element that delivers good results.

You will find the funnel’s bad characteristics to create new high-yield experiments.

108 Split Test Winners eBook

3. Network Marketing Secrets E-Book ($47 Value)

This is the document to help you broaden your internet business knowledge. You will have a better overview of internet marketing. It will help you better understand the work you are doing.

Network Marketing Secrets eBook

4. Funnel Audibles (Worth $97)

You may experience failure the first time you run your funnel, which is okay. Almost everyone will encounter it.

Funnel Audibles is taught by Russell Bruson the necessary processes to help you build a complete funnel.

Funnel Audibles

5. 30 Day DotCom Secrets Challenge Workbook! ($97 Value)

This is the document I think everyone should have. Maybe you have all the knowledge in the book “The Secret of Dotcom,” but you don’t know where to start when you practice. I have met many such people.

This is a 30-day challenging exercise. You will be planned and detailed to perform. After passing the 30-day challenge, I believe you will create your funnel.

30 Day DotCom Secrets Challenge!

Who should read Dotcom Secrets

If you want to build an online business, I think this is the necessary documentation. You will be provided with all the necessary information to enter the funnel building process. This information is sure to be understood by anyone because it will help you avoid the risks you will face.

Dotcom Secrets can be used in many areas of business:

  • Training / Counseling
  • Local small businesses
  • Product information
  • Ecommerce
  • Marketing on the network
  • B2B
  • Nonprofit
  • Agents / Freelancer
  • Blogging / Links

This book is not for anyone.

Sure, it’s not for lazy people who want to ignite the process of success.

Those who are not persistent, inactive

People who don’t believe in themselves.

Does it have a PDF version?

There are many PDFs of Dotcom secrets on Google today, but those are the lack of content and outdated. It only has 190 pages.

Clickfunnel does not provide any PDF. I don’t know why it is available online. This may be due to many people rewriting and creating ebook products to give customers to collect data.

You will get a full copy of the content and great rewards for only a $9.95 shipping cost. I’m sure you will receive many secrets that you never know, and you can apply them right away business.

My rating

This book is like a roadmap. It will help you build your online business in the right direction. If you are on the right track, soon, success will come.

In the book are secrets that Russell Bruson has been tested many times, so it will undoubtedly bring good results if you act. I hope that you should accept and enjoy it as your favorite food, read it repeatedly, think about what he said, and join the rewards he If it is for you, you will soon be your business owner.

I know you have a lot of questions that need to be answered!

Or have you read this book!

Feel free to leave a comment below I can help you or let me know your thoughts on this product.

Author: Tanka

In 2015 I knew Clickfunnel, since then I focused on researching software to support building and developing funnels. The knowledge I share here is the knowledge due to my 8 years of online marketing experience. I hope it will be of great help.

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