Expert Secrets Review (2nd Edition) – How to Download Book PDF?

What is it about?

Have you ever read Expert Secrets written by Russel Brunson? If not, it is really a big mistake. The book is prepared for you to Find Your Message, Form A Tribe, And Make A Difference In The World. However, some of you might wonder whether the book is for you or not because you might say: “Oh, my business might be not appropriate with the theories stated in it”. So in this article, I will review the detailed breakdown of each chapter, along with information related. Now, let’s get started.

General information about Expert Secrets book

  • Author: Russell Brunson
  • Launched in 2017 (the 2nd Edition released May 2020)
  • Official page:
  • Price: Free + Shipping ($9,95 in the United States or $19.95 to be shipped to anywhere)
  • Number of pages: 359
  • Language: English


It should be noted that this is the second book of The Secrets Trilogy (Dotcom Secrets, Expert Secrets, Traffic secrets, and Unlock Secrets), which is known as the best-selling book. If you don’t want to buy it, you can get the copy since it has over 90,000 copies all over the world.

Expert Secrets

So why does the book become famous?

Is there any secret to getting rich in it? Well, indeed, it is not about secrets to becoming rich, it is about how to build a source of loyal customers for your business, especially start-ups which struggle to find a network of clients.

Before investigating the book, let me tell you a story. We often hear a saying that “Money in the list”, right? As a result, we usually go in this way when we start our business – generate leads, gather emails, and build a list of “customers” who might not actually be our customers.

Then, we send emails to them and advertise something to sell our products. This seems to be the right way, but what happens?

Our customers even don’t know about us; they don’t care about our emails. They consider us to be spammers and even report us. Then? We lose. Why? Because they are not our audiences. So what? Well, building relationships with them is the key. That is, we need to send them something for free, like free e-books, along with a blog we created to provide them with valuable content if they need to search for it. Accordingly, we start to build a relationship that is strengthened day by day, though we still have no sales. But, at that time, we can use this source of customers to convert to sales.

The point here is “The Marketing Message”. So, Expert Secrets helps you to do these things through three steps: Find your message, Form a tribe, and Make a difference in the world.

But what exactly an expert is?

Expert Secrets says that you will become an expert when you know something special and you can teach it to everybody. But many of us think that we don’t know anything. However, when you begin to read books, research, and practice with what you’ve learned, and as a result, you’ve acquired the title of EXPERT.

As mentioned above, the message is really powerful. It can be used to pique people’s curiosity, enhance desire, receive attention, and sell products. However, learning how to employ the correct information moment is more significant. Therefore, Expert Secrets is here to help you.

Content of Expert Secrets

The book consists of five sections, including 1. Creating your mass movement, 2. Creating belief, 3. 10X Secrets: One to many selling, 4. Becoming Your Dream Customer Guide, and 5. What Next? Now, we will take a look at each section.

Section 1: Creating your mass movement

The story at the beginning of the article has shown us a key that the first step we need to do is building our audiences. We can do it through social media or any channel possible. Russell mentions 3 things that facilitate you to build your mass audiences:

  • They all had charismatic leaders or captivating personalities.
  • Each of them was engaged in a purpose that was greater than themselves in the future.
  • They each presented a different chance to their audience.

creating a mass movement

To realize these things, the book shows you 6 secrets, which are divided into 3 parts.

Become an Expert

Secret 1: Finding your voice: It guides you the way to shift from selling to creating offers to generate influences, and then lead a movement that makes your customers change their lives.

Secret 2: Teaching your frameworks. It provides you with the processes and skills required to transmit your framework in a way that aids your clients to reach the results they desire.

Secret 3: Three pivotal markets/desires: It instructs you how to become a “King” in your niche, which causes your competitors to fight over the scraps in your market for survival rather than competing with you.

Offers to create new opportunities

Secret 4: New opportunity: It guides you to deliver your offers to your potential clients to better your communication with them.

Secret 5: More money for the same framework: At this time, it teaches you how to use the same content in different ways to attract your customers to pour money into your products.

The future-based movement

Secret 6: The future-based cause: It provides you with the knowledge to hint your customers about more valuable things to come in the future so that they are excited about what you are going to deliver. This is also the third stage of becoming an expert.

Section 2: Creating belief

Belief is of importance because it generates customers and results. And Russel is a master in this field. Believe me! He can generate 3,000,000 million dollars in just a 90-minute presentation at 10X Growth Con. Here are four secrets that aid him to do so.

The Epiphany Bridge expert secrets book

Secret 7: The Epiphany Bridge: It aims to provide your customers with solutions to deal with their problems.

Secret 8: The Hero’s Two Journeys: It aims to simplify your story and ensure that your story embraces the maximum emotional influence.

Secret 9: The Epiphany Bridge Script: It turns your story into a pivotal light-bulb moment so that the customers are willing to pay for your products.

Secret 10: The Four Core Stories: It just aims at rewriting your stories to encourage them to purchase.

Section 3: “10X Secrets”: One To Many Selling

It is all about sales, with five secrets.

Secret 11: The Perfect Webinar Framework: It guides you on how to bring value to your customers through your offers for pre-sells, and then how to encourage them to buy.

Secret 12: The Big Domino: It instructs you how to create a domino effect to persuade your customers to say “YES” to your selling.

Secret 13: The 3 Secrets: Use This 3-part story-selling framework to remove customers’ false beliefs before they consider them and re-create belief patterns motivating their purchase.

Secret 14: The Stack and Close: It helps you to change from the content of the advertisement to offers and then sale closing.

Secret 15: Trial Closes: It guides you on how to integrate 16 mini-closes in your presentation to persuade your clients to buy your offers.

perfect webinar script

Section 4: Becoming Your Dream Customer’s Guide

It is about your accompanying with your customers, with 4 secrets.

Secret 16: It delivers you a 7-day schedule, and you need to follow strictly until you reach the Two Comma Club.

Secret 17: The Perfect Webinar Shortcut: It facilitates you to create your perfect presentation in about 10-15 minutes for your customers.

Secret 18: The 5-Minute Perfect Webinar: It helps you to reduce the time of your presentation to 5 minutes only without cutting the value you bring to your clients.

Secret 19: Plugging “Expert Secrets” into Value Ladder: It teaches you how to make up all the stories and frameworks so that they are appropriate for various levels, so you can help your customers to reach their purposes.

Section 5: What Next?

It has only one secret: “Fill your Funnel” which teaches you how to generate traffic to your website and funnel.

Fill your Funnel

Pros and Cons of the Expert Secrets book

The book, of course, brings many Pros. The first one is detailed information. It guides you step-by-step to ensure that you understand what you are reading and how to do it, from strategy, mindset, to plan, etc.

The second pros are low-cost. The thick book just costs you a few dollars while Russell Brunson spent 10 years to create it. Think about how many values you can learn with just a few dollars!

The last one is a short time to get results. You can apply secrets right after reading them. Just need to answer questions in each secret to apply your business.

However, it has only one Cons, which is a long time to wait for your book. If you order the printed version, it takes about 7-14 days, depending on your country.


Who should and should not read the book?

Do you think that the book is for everyone? No. It is for the ones who do business with their hard work, like the following people:

  • Anyone who wants to expand their internet business (physical things, information products, courses, ebooks, and so on).
  • Is anyone interested in learning more about digital marketing strategy
  • People who find out how to write scripts for a “high convert presentation” in order to sell a high-ticket item.
  • Beginners are finding ways to earn money online. Or you may already have a business and desire to gradually transition to online sales.
  • Someone who wants to take advantage of their skills to make a difference in the world and help others and has a message to communicate.

And these are the ones who should not read the book:

  • Those wanting to make a quick buck
  • People who are unwilling to put up any effort.
  • People who are continually on the lookout for fresh opportunities.
  • Don’t have several dollars to cover the cost of shipping?
  • Those who do not have access to a Visa or Mastercard.

Up-sell related to the book order

When you buy the book, you can get some up-sell at a bargain.

Expert secrets upsell

The first one is Audiobook, appearing in step 2 after signing up costing you $37. The audiobook provides you with

  • The Audio Book that has been read by Russell Brunson,
  • Identity Shift by Kaelin Poulin,
  • Power of Vulnerability by Natalie Hodson,
  • Challenge Funnels by Natasha Hazlett & Cristy “Code Red” Nickel,
  •  Summit Funnels by Bailey Richert. Perfect, right?

The second one is the Expert Secrets Live Presentation costing you $97. Here you can be trained about becoming an expert, and of course, can read the book and learn everything inside through live representation.

Expert Secrets Live Presentation

Other sources accompanying the Expert Secrets book include The Secrets Trilogy Box Set $97 and Funnelytics $397. The former is a set of four books that help you master skills in sales for permanent growth while the latter is software facilitating you to map and analyze your funnel without using spreadsheets.

My Rating

The Expert Secrets book is really helpful for those who want to do business and are determined to do so. If you believe in your ability, you will become successful in your niche with the aid of the book. Let me know if you have applied its content and become an expert in your market!

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