Funnel Graffiti – How to Get It, Update 2020

As a funnels builder, I’m sure you’ll enjoy drawing funnel maps on paper or anywhere around you. I used to be, and I understand that when you draw the funnel diagram in front of your eyes, you get to imagine the actual funnel map that it will work on.

It is written in the book “Dotcom Secret” by Russell Brunson. ” If you want to find your potential customers, draw a picture of your customer on a piece of paper and observe them. It will help you know who your potential customer is. This is an excellent way for you to easily visualize the details of the work you need to do.

However, when we draw many funnel diagrams on paper or whiteboard, we will most likely get confused, and for best results, you will need to make many edits. Fortunately for us, clickfunnels have found an alternative to graffiti stickers. While it doesn’t directly help you grow your sales, it does play a vital role in your funnel-building process. In this article, I will help you understand more about graffiti stickers.

What are graffiti funnels?

If you have purchased toy stickers for young children, you will see pictures of a character, animal, or object. These stickers can be pasted anywhere in the house, and they can be glued over and over.
Funnels graffiti is the same. It is depicted in places to complete your funnel. And your job is to arrange these details in the right places to complete a funnel. These stickers are made of a layer of glue-like gum so you can glue it over and over.

Some stickers of funnels graffiti-like: Email, Optin, Oder, OTO, Webinar, Thank you, Member… ..Vv. There are many other stickers that Russell Brunson has prepared for you. I’m sure it’s enough for you to build your funnel.

Funnel Graffiti Clickfunnels

Pros of Funnels graffiti?

Glued several times: You won’t need to re-draw your channel many times when you get it wrong. It can most likely cause confusion and stress if you remember badly. With the Funnels graffiti, you peel it off and glue it in the position you want, a plus if you are a mobile person or a funnel consultant.

Clear image: Sure, because the sticker content is written in black ink on a white background with the general symbols of funnels, it will give you a better view. It mustn’t make you confuse with symbols. When you draw on paper or whiteboard, you will be very confused if you are not a professional funnel designer.

Fully functional: Russell Brunson understands what functions your funnel will need, so he has built up many images for you to choose from. If you develop a channel under Russell Brunson’s guidance, you will have a full library of funnel graffiti stickers.

Stickers in multiple locations: If you are a funnel lover and enthusiast, these funnels graffiti stickers will beautify your home. It also helps you relax even more when you build funny funnels. These can also be your new ideas.

Cons of Funnels graffiti

Compared to the notebooks or whiteboards for you to draw funnels on funnels graffiti stickers have no cons. The only downside is that it can’t be applied to rough surfaces. You need to opt for flat and smooth surfaces.

The best graffiti funnels stickers places

There are lots of places in your house for you to paste Funnels graffiti. In some places, it makes it convenient for you to observe, but it also helps you increase the funny beauty of the house.

On the television.

Many people think that it will interfere with your TV viewing. No, in your free time you can stick it on the TV for convenient viewing, it will be like you are watching a movie edited by you, you will be very interested in this. You can also peel off graffiti funnels without affecting your TV.

On the whiteboard.

There are many people using whiteboards in their offices. If you had to use a pen before to draw pictures of funnels on a whiteboard, now you can use funnels graffiti. This is probably the best spot to stick it on as you have more space, and you will feel like you’re presenting a topic to more than one audience.

On the refrigerator.

This is also a good option if you want to add extra decoration to your home. Your refrigerator will become a place where you can design funnels. It helps you to satisfy your passion at any time.

On the car.

If you are a person who continually travels on a car, you can also stick graffiti funnels on your car. There are many positions for you to choose from when pasting on the car. It would help if you chose the position for your convenience to observe the most.

If you are a funnel consultant for a client, combining cars and funnels graffiti is more critical. You can do it anywhere, your customers enjoy it, and your work will be very good.

The graffiti funnels can be used to decorate your car more attractive. A lot of people will be curious if you use it to decorate your car.

In the bathroom.

Whoa. This is probably an unexpected idea, but it’s not a bad idea. The funnels graffiti sticker will easily stick to the bathroom surface. It is also waterproof, but you should not let water touch the rubber surface because it reduces the adhesive quality.

Please use funnels graffiti stickers in the bathroom. Imagine if you were taking a bath and watching it. Chances are you will come up with new ideas.

Below is a humorous video shared by Russell Brunson

My rating.

Funnels graffiti is an excellent idea by Russell Brunson, he not only helps you develop the best funnel, but he also entertains you with it. Funnels graffiti is reusable, so it is a perfect alternative to notebooks and whiteboards.

Although it does not directly help you develop your funnel, it helps you see the funnel better to spot mistakes quickly. It also saves you a lot of time. You have to peel it off and stick it again if you make a mistake.

Funnels graffiti also shows its flexibility. You can work in any position if you want, it’s easy to do.

How to Get Graffiti Funnels

Clickfunnels offers you free graffiti funnels. You only need to pay the $5.95 shipping cost to receive it. Unfortunately for us, however, clickfunnels have STOPPED providing graffiti funnels since the end of 2019. This could be an unexpected decision by Russell Brunson to the client. I think some of the reasons below cause Russell Brunson to stop delivering graffiti funnels.

  • He wants the client to use the 14-day free trial of clickfunnels to advise them directly. It will be very intuitive.
  • Many people use graffiti funnels for personal business purposes.
  • Clickfunnels currently offers a wide variety of funnel templates available to suit all disciplines. You can get in the library of clickfunnels for direct use without creating new ones.

While clickfunnels no longer provide graffiti funnels, you can draw on these ideas to create your own. This is the essential creativity that funnels creators should have. I’m sure you will have great ideas.

If you have any questions about funnels, you can leave a message for me or comment below this post. I will advise you.

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