Funnel Scripts Pricing and Discount – How to get more deals

Funnel Scripts might not be so strange to many online business owners. However, you need to pay up to $797 for lifetime access with no discount codes or vouchers. So, sometimes, you might find it costly and don’t want to invest in it. You may purchase Funnel Scripts for less than $797 in a few different ways. It is suggested that you should purchase the scripts you require at a discount rather than buying the full Funnel Scripts. So, this article is going to explain the benefits of purchasing scripts like this to obtain Funnel Scripts at a lower price than its original cost.

Funnel Scripts deal

Though Funnel Scripts does not offer discounts for your preference, it still provides you with several deals for your selection, including

  • Funnel Scripts Headline Generator: Free Trial – Unlimited
  • Funnel Scripts Free Trial Account: Free Trial – Unlimited
  • OFA Challenge Scripts: $97 – Deal
  • DotcomSecrets scripts: $97 – Deal
  • Expert Secrets Book Scripts: $97 – Deal
  • Traffic Secrets Book Scripts: $197- Deal

Funnel Scripts Plan

Of course, Funnel Scripts offers several plans for your reference. Below is a summary of these plans:

funnel script pricing and discount

Now, we are going to look at each plan in detail.

1. Funnel Scripts Free Trial

Funnel Scripts is unquestionably worthwhile checking out if you’re not a natural writer or if you simply want to advance your copywriting abilities. You may use their free trial to test it out before you decide to buy it, and I strongly suggest doing so.

Generally, you will offered a number of scripts with this free trial plan, as below:

  • Niche and Offer Detective Wizard
  • Product Specific Avatar
  • Core Headline Scripts
  • Core Title Scripts
  • Content Idea Script
  • Conversation Starter Script
  • Conversion Ad Script
  • Lead Capture Script
  • Email Copy Generator – List Warmup Script

There are two tools with free trial you should try, namely Headline Generator and Funnel Scripts lite.

funnel script Headline Generator

Regarding Headline Generator, you only need to provide a few details, and it will generate a variety of headlines for you to select from. Headlines suggested by this tool are so powerful and engaging that your posts will be more interactive and generate more leads than you thought.

Regarding Funnel Scripts lite, you get free access to a few Funnel Scripts functions. You can produce the sales copy and emails required for The “5 Day Lead Challenge” with the use of Funnel Scripts’ lite edition. Observe the magic happen by entering fundamental information about what you’re providing and who your target market is.

5 day Challenge training

But, in actuality, there is no straightforward way to set up an account. You should enroll in Russell Brunson’s 5-Day Lead Challenge training program, where you may discover how to create an endless supply of leads for your internet business. But fear not, the training is also totally free.

The Day #3 homework assignments will include a link to register for the Funnel Scripts mini version. You can benefit from Funnel Scripts’ potent capabilities once you click the link and access it.

Get funnel script creating your lead funnel

2. One Funnel Away Challenge Scripts (OFA scripts) – $97

funnel script by one funnel away

You might believe that the One Funnel Away Challenge is the most appropriate strategy for the sales funnel at the moment if you’ve signed up for it. Many people are quite successful, and it’s wonderful to hear about their experiences in the group.

Yet, you should also note that not everyone is successful with this course, which is confirmed by Jim Edwards. Many people run across problems while trying to create hooks, stories, or offers. Therefore, Jim Edwards decided to include new scripts that were lacking to make the job easier, involving:

  • Product Specific Avatar
  • Core Headline Scripts
  • Dynamic Stack Script
  • Email Copy Generator
  • Epiphany Bridge Script
  • Hook Story Offer Script
  • Killer Headline Scripts
  • Lead Capture Script
  • Niche and Offer Detective Wizard (V2.0)
  • Offer Stack Script
  • Opt-In Hook Story Script
  • OTO Coaching/ Done For You Script
  • OTO – Done With You (Over The Shoulder)
  • OTO More Of What You Just Bought
  • OTO Next Thing Script
  • Question Hooks Script
  • The Framework Script
  • Who, What, Why, How Script

3. Dotcom Secrets Scripts – $97

Dotcom Secrets Scripts for funnel script

A wonderful book for online marketing at all levels is Dotcom Secrets. The book tells you the exact marketing techniques and funnel-building ideas that Russell used to grow ClickFunnels from nothing to a valuation of close to $1 billion in just five years.

The book also provides a variety of script formulas that will aid you in selling; nevertheless, if you decide to write these formulas by hand or typing, it is really time-consuming.

So, Jim Edwards publishes The Dotcom Secrets Scripts software. The same high-converting sales copy and scripts that are presented in the book may be swiftly and easily created using this robust software solution. The scripts that are a part of this program were really developed by Jim Edwards over the course of 14 months and more than $250,000.

You won’t have to fight to write it from the start or question whether your sales copy is effective if you have a few additional dollars.

>> Dotcom Secrets Book

With the plan, you will get the following scripts:

  • Amazon/ Ecom Scripts
  • Call to Action Script
  • Lead Capture Script
  • Live Event Invitation Scripts
  • Magic Bullet Script
  • Order Bump Script
  • Origin Story Script
  • OTO Coaching/ Done For You Script
  • OTO – Done With You (Over The Shoulder)
  • OTO More Of What You Just Bought
  • OTO Next Thing Scripts
  • PPT Opt-in Video Scripts
  • Promote Your Webinar Scripts
  • Sales Opener Questions Scripts
  • Special Offer Scripts
  • Star Story Solution Script
  • Webinar Opt-in Script
  • Who, What, Why, How Script

4. Expert Secrets Scripts – $97

Expert Secrets Scripts for funnel script

The Expert Secrets book tells you the formulas and patterns to be an expert regardless of your niche/field. It is useful for you if you are looking for:

  • Increasing your presence
  • Boosting your online authority
  • Composing a message that will resonate with your audience or composing a message that will resonate with your audience or
  • Getting more adherents, subscribers, or customers

It is a straightforward push-button program, similar to the Dotcom Secrets Scripts, that enables you to produce appealing, persuading sales copies to spread your “expert” message to the masses.

Additionally, if you don’t have an intention to purchase Funnel Scripts but still want ones that are focused on Expert Secrets, this tool is your best option.

>> Expert Secrets Book

This plan involves the below scripts for you to select:

  • The 5 Curiosity Hooks Script
  • The 5 Minute Perfect Webinar Wizard
  • Perfect Webinar Wizard
  • ASK Campaign Script
  • Epiphany Bridge Script
  • SHORT Epiphany Bridge Script
  • Opportunity Switch Headline Title Script
  • The Big Domino
  • Who, What Statement Script

5. Traffic Secrets Scripts – $197

Traffic Secrets Scripts for funnel script

Contrary to the other scripts mentioned above, the Funnel Scripts do not contain the Traffic Secrets Scripts. Although they offer various formulae and scripts inside, Funnel Scripts and Traffic Secrets both function similarly.

The program gives you all the scripts you’ll need to create enticing openers that will convince your target audience to stop what they’re doing and read your advertising, pages, articles, emails, social media posts, or watch videos.

Therefore, it’s still essential for anyone who wants to build a profitable internet business and increase visitors.

Additionally, it enables you to write a captivating and effective social media bio that will inspire visitors to all of the websites where they can learn more about what we do specifically.

>> Traffic Secrets Book

Again, the plan has a wide range of scripts for your reference:

  • Ultimate Hook Script
  • Pure Curiosity Hooks Script
  • Viral Video Hooks Script
  • YouTube Discoverable Video Hooks Script
  • Question Hooks Script
  • Dream Customer Profile Script
  • Sales Story Script
  • Dream 100 Product Review Script
  • Dream 100 Partner Research Script
  • The ONE Sentence Social Media Bio Script
  • YouTube Keyword Video Script
  • Indoctrination Video Script
  • Media Ad Buy Approach
  • Solo Ad Email
  • “Can I Be On Your Podcast” Script
  • “Wanna Be A Guest On My Podcast” Script
  • Unboxing Funnel Script
  • 3 Key Email Teaser
  • Cart Funnel Email Script
  • “Deadline” Funnel Email Script
  • Webinar Funnel Promo Script
  • Challenge Funnel Email Script
  • Bonus #1: Dream 100 Detective Wizard
  • Bonus #2: Mini Webinar Hack Script

6. Buy Funnel Scripts Full Suite – $797

Buy Funnel Scripts Full Suite

Funnel Scripts Full Suite, which comes in last, is the most highly advised. Except for the Traffic Secrets Scripts, all of the scripts from the preceding packages are included in the suite along with exclusive incentives and training.

You won’t have to squander time or money on your own writing from scratch, or worse, looking for another expensive copywriter to deplete your expenditure report, thanks to the more than 60 scripts and wizards available.

Funnel Scripts is a wonderful solution if you have trouble producing quality text for yourself (or if, like me, you simply lack the time or want to do so).

Though it might be costly for one-time payment, in the long run, it is less expensive than rivals like Jasper or Automatic Script. So, if you are financially qualified, you can think about purchasing this plan.

Funnel Scripts Pricing Q&A

Is the $297 pricing plan for the Funnels scripts still available?

No, the $297 Funnel Scripts cost is not offered at this time. However, you can still purchase a portion of it for as little as $97 for lifelong access!

What occurs with the special offer from Funnel Scripts (12 months of use are free)?

Previously, 12 months of free access to Funnel Scripts was included with the Funnel Builder Secrets training package, which cost $1997. The deal, nevertheless, is currently unavailable.

If I buy Funnel Scripts, can I receive a refund?

Yes, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee offered by Funnel Scripts. You can get a refund by emailing or by going to this page if you’re unhappy with the marketing product.

Is Funnel Scripts free of charge?

Funnel Scripts isn’t free, sadly. But before choosing to buy, you can sign up for a free Funnel Scripts account and check out a few scripts.

Does ClickFunnels include Funnel Scripts?

No, ClickFunnels does not feature Funnel Scripts. As a stand-alone product, Funnel Scripts must be purchased separately.

Do monthly plans exist for Funnel Scripts?

No, there is only one pricing tier for Funnel Scripts, which costs $797 upfront for unrestricted access to all of the software’s features and training materials.


Funnel Scripts is among popular software for online business owners who want to scale up your enterprise. It would be ideal if you could spend $797 on unlimited access to develop sales letters, webinar scripts, video sales letters, and other content without having to pay expensive copywriters. However, you might find some tools not appropriate for you, so you can buy certain tools that are vital to you. Again, it depends on your choice and your need!

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In 2015 I knew Clickfunnel, since then I focused on researching software to support building and developing funnels. The knowledge I share here is the knowledge due to my 8 years of online marketing experience. I hope it will be of great help.

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