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Starting an online business is very difficult for many people. You will need a lot of knowledge and skills to get the best start. This requires a lot of time to learn and learn. But chances are your business will be disrupted according to the trend. Many people have sought mentors to guide them through growing their business, which is a good idea, but you need to pay a lot of money for them.

An alternative that many people seek is a full training program, with one-on-one support and advice, which will help you solve all problems related to your business…

Some of the problems that online businesses are struggling with today are.

You cannot find traffic sources, manage traffic. From these traffic sources, you need to find potential customers and take care of them to buy from you forever.

Managing a business is difficult for many people. If you don’t have business management skills, then chances are your business will be at a loss even though it’s still growing.

The most important thing for a new business is to have the right roadmap. From there, you will take each step, step by step along that route, so you can ensure your business is always on the right track.

In this article I want to share a training program by Russell Brunson that I think will be very good for you, “One Funnel Away Platinum (OFA Platinum)“. This is a special program by Russell Brunson that has helped over 100,000 marketers improve their marketing results.

Come on! Let’s go through the details of the One Funnel Away Platinum program

What’s One Funnel Away (OFA) Platinum?

This is One Funnel Away advanced training by Russell Brunson and the experts of Clickfunnels. Now Russell Brunson also offers the basic One Funnel Away. You can watch it. Here

Many people will be curious about the difference between One Funnel Away Plantinum and One Funnel Away Basic. Basically, these two programs both help you to join the 30-day challenge with the support and guidance of Russell Brunson and his experts, but it will be different in the rewards and additional programs. With One Funnels Away Platinum, you will get more bonuses.

Russell Brunson has designed an advanced and complete program for you to engage in learning and practice directly on your business. One Funnels Away Platinum included.

  • 30 Days Coaching by Russell Brunson & Team.
  • 30 days exclusive interview & ebook
  • 6 months Clickfunnels Platinum account
  • FunnelFlix Platinum
  • Dotcom Secrets Live…

….Along with many other special bonuses, you will receive when you sign up for OFA Platinum.

One Funnel Away Platinum Program

Price of One Funnel Away (OFA) Platinum?

There are many bonuses you will get in the One Funnel Away Platinum package, but it only costs $997. This is a very favorable price that Russell Brunson has for everyone.

With six months clickfunnels platinum account access, you can see it will cost you $297x6month=$1,782, but with One Funnel Away plan, you only need to pay $997. So you have saved almost half the cost of using clickfunnels in 6 months.

In addition, you get many other bonuses, such as access to FunnelFlix Platinum. More specifically, you will be participating in a 30-day challenge with Russell Brunson and his expert. This is an opportunity for you to learn and practice directly on your funnel.

The bonuses in the One Funnel Away (OFA) Platinum package.

I am sure you will be curious about the details of the bonuses in the One Funnel Away (OFA) Platinum package. I will detail the bonuses and the corresponding costs for each of those bonuses. You’ll find what you get from the One Funnel Away Platinum package more than it costs you $997 to buy it.

  • Full 6 Months access to ClickFunnels Platinum account, worth $1,782.
  • 30 Days of One Funnel Away Challenge training, worth $1,997
  • OFA Challenge Kit + 30 Days Book, worth $197
  • Virtual Hackathons, worth priceless
  • FunnelFlix Platinum account, worth priceless
  • ClickFunnels White Glove Onboarding Service, worth $497
  • BONUS 1: Dotcom Secret LIVE, worth $2,997
  • BONUS 2: Expert Secrets LIVE, worth $2,997
  • BONUS 3: Traffic Secrets LIVE, worth $2,997

Below is a detailed picture of when you make payment for the One Funnel Away Platinum package.

One Funnel Away Platinum bonuses

As you can see, this is a complete plan for any business. Not only does it give you the tools, but it also has training programs so you can best manage your business and grow it.

If you calculate the value of these bonuses, then you need to pay $13,464. But Russell Brunson has combined these bonuses, so you only need to pay $997. It’s like you buy goods. If you buy a lot, you will get more incentives than retail. More importantly, Russell Brunson understands what your business needs.

Details inside the bonuses of the One Funnel Away (OFA) Platinum package.

One Funnel Away (OFA) Challenge Program.

This is the key element of One Funnel Away Platinum. You’ll take part in a 30-day continuous challenge alongside leading marketing experts, including Russell Brunson, Julie Stoian, and Stephen Larsen. They will give you day-by-day missions and instructions live on your funnel. If you don’t know anything about the funnel yet, they will start with you.

This program will be very suitable for those starting about the funnel and who have difficulty in business development. This is your chance to ask the experts directly, and they always have the best answers for you.

Included with the One Funnel Away Challenge (OFA challenge), you will receive a 30-day book containing all the answers from 30 different experts. What would they do if they lost everything, only 30 days left with the internet and clickfunnels account? This book will be shipped to you free of charge. Plus, it’s backed up in an MP3 player, so you can listen to it over and over again if you don’t want to read the book.

One Funnel Away Challenge Program

6 months of clickfunnels platinum account.

The clickfunnels platinum account has all the features and tools you need to grow your business. If you buy the One Funnel Away (OFA) Platinum plan, you get it for free for 6 months. It is very suitable for you to practice during the 30-day challenge. It is also an opportunity for you to learn the details of clickfunnels software.

If you buy clickfunnels Platinum account separately, then you need to pay $297/month. But if you buy through the One Funnel Away Platinum plan, you only pay $167/1month. This is an exceptional price for you

Virtual funnel hackathons.

This is an intensive program of professionals. They will directly teach you to launch your funnel, increase conversions on your channel. You will see your business change a lot after this program.

FunnelFlix Platinum Account

If you are familiar with the Netflix show, you will surely imagine the clickfunnels special program FunnelsFlix. It is an online TV program of clickfunnels, including training courses, courses, and more information about clickfunnels. You will get full access to this program when you join the One Funnel Away Platinum plan.

FunnelFlix Platinum Account

Clickfunnels White Glove.

Many people will experience confusion after finishing the One Funnel Away Platinum program. Russell Brunson foresaw this because it probably has a lot of knowledge you haven’t yet remembered. Therefore, Clickfunnels White Glove is a service that helps you guide in detail the next steps to set up the right clickfunnels account and implement the right strategy according to the training program.

Dotcom Secrets Live

Have you read the Dotcom Secrets book? If you’ve read it, you’ll understand, in it is all the knowledge about funnels, customers, value scales… that any business needs.

Dotcom Secrets Live is a live recording of the secrets shared in the Dotcom Secrets book. It will help you more visually observe the knowledge in the Dotcom Secrets book.

Expert Secrets Live

Just like Dotcom Secrets, here are the secrets that will help you become an expert in your field. That’s a way for you to impress your customers, and they will always come to you, then your product will always be received soon without you needing to promote much.

It is also the secret to help you manage your business better. If you feel that your business is unstable, you need to change it right away.

Traffic Secrets Live

Traffic is always important to any business. It is the element to bring customers to your business and turn into your leads.

In the 3rd live session, you will understand traffic sources and how to find quality traffic sources.

My rating.

One Funnel Away Platinum (OFA) is a complete program for everyone. It is a compilation of funnel knowledge and programming that anyone is growing a business needs. I highly recommend you join this program.

A special feature that I love about One Funnel Away Platinum is that you will be able to participate in a 30-day challenge with clickfunnels experts. More importantly, you will be able to use clickfunnels for free 6 months. This is a long time for you to practice applying the knowledge you have learned to your funnel.

If you want to join the 30-day challenge but can’t afford One Funnel Away Platinum, you can also join the One Funnel Away Basic program for $100. One Funnel Away Basic also has many attractive rewards that you will receive when you join.

Join One Funnel Away Basic

If you have any questions about the One Funnel Away (OFA) Platinum program, please comment below. I will reply to you as soon as possible.

Author: Tanka

In 2015 I knew Clickfunnel, since then I focused on researching software to support building and developing funnels. The knowledge I share here is the knowledge due to my 8 years of online marketing experience. I hope it will be of great help.

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