One Time Offer Page (OTO Page) – Guide step by step

The OTO page is familiar with people who are building sales funnels. It plays a vital role in boosting your sales so that you can sell as many products as possible with little effort. This article will discover the OTO page and ways to build it effectively.

One-Time-Offer (OTO) definition

OTO implies a smart marketing technique that encourages buyers who have just purchased a service/product to buy others that are similar to the purchased one in terms of functions/appearances or other aspects. The core of this technique is to put pressure on these customers that they have only one chance to buy such products/services if they do not determine quickly.

With its benefits, OTO is effective for your business since it boosts your sales in a way the buyers feel that they are lucky when they can purchase these products at once.

Clickfunnels as a way to create an OTO page

Clickfunnels as software is popular to build an OTO page, which also brings many benefits to the entrepreneurs as listed below.

clickfunnels benefits

1. Email list establishment

Although pricey landing pages with a hot copy can help you expand your list, landing pages aid to boost your email list and deliver huge results once you have the appropriate formula to build it.

However, creating and launching those sites is a difficult undertaking since it necessitates bringing together a wide range of disciplines and integrations, with the result that your email list will sprout and develop extremely fast.

2. Increase in customer conversions

The landing page allows more customer conversions and other edits to accelerate conversion in case some of the sales funnel pages are operating below expectations. You can adjust any element, like color, copy, or button to make them more effective.

You get access to every little element of the buying process in ClickFunnels, and you can see stuff like:

  • Earnings Per Click (EPC)
  • Gross Sales
  • Average Cart Value
  • Page Views
  • Opt-Ins
  • Sales
  • Earnings Per Pageview

3. Time-saving

You will need a relatively long period to create; however, you will save a lot of time when using the landing page to create the OTO page. But, it is difficult to code and integrate all the pieces and components if you’re not a developer, therefore you’ll need to hire a team to help you.

4. Money-saving

If you create your sales funnels alone with no landing page, you need to hire others to help you make copywriting, design, and build other parts. But if you invest in landing pages, you will have a fully-featured piece of software assisting you in creating and expanding your funnel.

5. Sales process automation

Clickfunnels aids you in atomizing any funnel for a better and smoother operation. It not only provides an excellent approach for converting prospects into leads, consumers, and ardent followers, but it also allows you to fragment records for detailed analysis.

Besides, you can get various email groups to diversify your marketing messages through emails and automize many avenues based on buyer’s interaction.

6. Reduction in overall expenses and overhead

Just with the page, you can launch your website quickly and productively without pouring ongoing expenses into hiring others to activate the page. Again, you can do everything alone with the appropriate marketing tools.

7. Sales funnel establishment with little knowledge of coding

You can easily create your own OTO page even though you have little knowledge of coding.

For example, in ClickFunnels, you can quickly rearrange elements and classify a funnel, which takes you several hours or days rather than several weeks or months.

8. Engagement improvement

Imagine that you can easily modify your sales funnel through your suitable landing page, it is obvious that you feel more committed to your sales funnel. This is because you spend little time on correcting your sales funnel, which is less likely to cause you to be frustrated.

You can take advantage of the possibility to alter elements and integrate movies and other interactions that will help you swiftly communicate your message.

9. Audience identification

This means that you can know exactly who is ultimately your customers. Lead magnets, for example, are fantastic, but when you create a free-plus-shipping (FPS) offer, you can easily identify your buyer.

Note that though FPS funnels are effective, in case of no appropriate landing page, they become costly and useless.

10. Increase in average cart value (ACV)

ACV is of importance to the sales funnel because it indicates the number of purchases, so many of you want to increase it. Luckily, you can know how to increase it by landing a page.

You may make adjustments and add unique offers and elements, alter duplicates fast, and track your results.

11. Up-sell and down-sell implementation

Up-sells and down-sells are important components of productive funnels.

In fact, one up-sell can turn a failing funnel into a profitable one. You can add and change up-sells and down-sells using marketing automation tools like easy-to-use Landing page software.

You may incorporate transaction schemes with ease and make adjustments on the fly, swiftly and easily with no need to outsource.

12. Maximization of return on ad expenses

All of us know that advertisements cost a lot, and even if you invest a lot of money in them, they might not be effective.

However, with the right landing page, you can enhance your ad expenditure profits. You can not only track and analyze your conversions, but you can also ensure that your funnel is efficient.

13. Brand awareness establishment and connection with potential customers

With the useful features of Clickfunnels, you may raise brand recognition by using logos, colors, slogans, and other elements associated with your brand. You don’t need to know about coding languages, like HTML or CSS.

As a result, you can reach your dream customers and they even find you for their following purchases.

14. Easy Split testing

Split-testing is one of the most important aspects of funnel development and growth. With the correct landing page software, you can easily take split-test copies, headings, colors, button texts, visuals, and other elements.

This is made simple with ClickFunnels. You can also run tests to see which pieces translate the best. It’s as easy as pressing a couple of buttons.

Join “Your Firts Funnel” with Clickfunnels

Steps to build a landing page through Clickfunnels

In general, there are 4 steps for you to create a landing page, as mentioned below.

Step 1: Select Add New Step to add an Upsell / Downsell Page to your Funnel.

Step 1 build landing page

Then, build your new funnel by following these instructions:

  • Change the name of the step in the funnel
  • Create a page path
  • Select “Yes” for the Show In Funnel option.
  • Begin to create.

Step 1 build landing page

Step 2: Since you have two types of OTO, templates, you can choose one:

  • One-Click Upsell (OTO) Page
  • One-Click Downsell Page

Step 2 select oto page

Step 3: Select your preferred template

Step 3 Select Oto page

Step 4: Add the page to the Funnel flow

After your order page, add an upsell or down-sell.

Note that you can include as many One-Click Upsell Pages and One-Click Downsell Pages as you want in your funnel. You can also have numerous OTO pages that follow each other.

Step 4 Add the page to the Funnel flow

OTO page optimization via A/B testing

You may do split testing for the OTO page into three steps, just like you did with the opt-in page.

Step 1: Create a Split Test Variation in Clickfunnels

  • Select the split test stage for your funnel within your funnel.
  • Select Create Variation from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose between creating a duplicate page and creating a new page from a template.

Step 1 Create a Split Test Variation in Clickfunnels

Step 2: Edit Split Test Variation

  • Make whatever changes you want to the page.
  • To add weight (traffic) to either page version, adjust the slider.
  • Select Apply Changes from the drop-down menu.

Step 2 Edit Split Test Variation

Step 3: Declare Winner

  • Hover your cursor over each split test variation to see more information.
  • For your winning page, click Declare as Winner.

Step 3 Declare Winner

My Rating

The OTO page is a powerful tool for you to accelerate your sales simply and quickly. Despite this, you need a suitable landing page to take advantage of its benefits. Clickfunnels is an effective software for you to do so. Through the above steps, you can simply create your own landing page for the OTO page to maximize your business potential.

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In 2015 I knew Clickfunnel, since then I focused on researching software to support building and developing funnels. The knowledge I share here is the knowledge due to my 8 years of online marketing experience. I hope it will be of great help.

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