The Secrets Trilogy Box Set – How to get it discount?

Do you want to get the full knowledge of all of the strategies and tactics you’ll need to develop a solid accompanying, drive traffic to your goods, and advance your business? If yes, the Secrets Trilogy Box Set is for you. After reading those books, you will be able to deal with a variety of issues and expand your business more quickly. Hence, this article will explore how the box set is effective for you.

What is the Secrets Trilogy Box Set?

The Secrets Trilogy box set is a great way to get all four of Russell Brunson’s best-selling books in one convenient package. It also contains Dotcom Secrets, Expert Secrets, Traffic Secrets, and Unlock The Secrets to assist entrepreneurs in growing their businesses.

This Secrets Trilogy Books

Each book is a stand-alone item that teaches you a special skill. Comprehending the skills taught in the Secrets Trilogy books is critical to your organization’s ultimate success. It gives you a huge edge over rivals who aren’t aware of these secrets!

Furthermore, the Unlock The Secrets book includes exercises that scientifically relies on the information from The Secrets trilogy, allowing readers to implement and master their knowledge faster than ever before.

How does your business grow with the Secrets Trilogy Box Set?

You can purchase one book to determine whether it is appropriate for you, then you can buy the box set.

Over the past years, this man has been in charge of disseminating everything for his customers and supporters, from funnel technics to how to alter your thinking and behaviors to maintain a competitive advantage.

However, the Secrets Trilogy Books is a significantly better bargain because:

  • Each book is inextricably linked to the others. All of them are parts of a larger (revenue-generating) equipment. Is it acceptable to take one part for another? Sure. Nevertheless, it would not perform well compared with the whole.
  • There are no “cliffhangers” in the publications. Russell divulges all information. However, let’s say you want to go beyond learning how to make a funnel and instead learn how to make your funnel’s marketing movement. You’ll need to read all of the books in this box set in that scenario.
  • These books will instruct you on the fundamentals of email marketing and will also save you money. That is undeniable.

What does the Secrets Trilogy box set include?

1: Dotcom Secrets Book

The Dotcom Secrets book, written in 2015, is the first installment of the secrets trilogy box set. Over 200,000 versions have already been sold around the world.

The book Dotcom Secrets teaches marketers how to create an online sales funnel. This book will teach you how to comprehend the value ladder, how to lure prospective consumers (or dream customers), how to build a funnel, and how to write sales scripts.

Perfecting those skills is critical for the development and scaling of your internet business since it is the key to Clickfunnels’ initial success.

2: Expert Secrets Book

The Expert Secret book is the following installment in this series, and it will be released in 2017. Everyone is a specialist. According to Russell’s theory, a specialist can provide more precise business advice than the public at large.

Finally, you’ll discover how to acknowledge, accept, and cultivate your inner leader. It also makes conversing with and dealing with those who disagree with your way of thinking and mindset simpler.

Russell Brunson also describes how to transform your knowledge into a lucrative personal (and company) brand. In fact, a hot dog vendor made millions after following the guidelines in this book.

3: Traffic Secrets Book​

Ebook Traffic secrets

The trilogy’s third installment is now obtainable. It’s all-new, and it incorporates the most important aspects of Russell’s course over many years when his own “business secrets” and several traffic-generating methods were released in the book.

This third installment of the Secrets trilogy starts with a lesson on traffic techniques. Nevertheless, by the end, it will have covered all aspects of marketing content related to obtaining low-cost, high-traffic globally.

If you’re not sure whether to include free or prepaid adverts to boost traffic, this book will clarify when, how, and why you can use both.

4: Unlock The Secrets Workbook

Unlock The Secrets Book

You might wonder why the name is Trilogy, but it includes 4? Actually, the fourth book is a workbook rather than a theoretical one.

This final book is 600 pages long and was written to help readers place all of the secrets revealed in the DotCom Secrets, Expert Secrets, and Traffic Secrets books into exercise.

The greatest part about this “bonus” book is that it focuses on improving your skills. You will have the opportunity to apply what you’ve learned.

There is currently only one way to obtain this book: you must purchase the entire Unlock the Secrets package.

Prices of the Secrets Trilogy box set

Product The Secrets Trilogy Box Set
Provided by Russell Brunson
Price $97
The Secrets Trilogy Audiobooks Price $74
Shipping Cost $14.95 Shipping In the US or $29.95 for other nations/regions

Ways to buy the Secrets Trilogy box set

So, below are steps for you to purchase it.

Step 1: Purchase Russell Brunson’s books

Only the Russell Brunson book funnels have the Secrets Trilogy box set. As a result, your first move should be to go to his store and purchase one of these books. It’s possible.

Step 2: You will be directed to the upsell page after filling out the form and buying a product, where you can purchase the box set.

Note that you can get the Secrets Trilogy audiobook. The audiobooks for the Secrets Trilogy are only $74. If you buy them separately, they’ll cost $37 each, so you’ll save money by buying two and getting one audiobook for free.

The Secrets Trilogy Audiobooks

Who should read the Secrets Trilogy box set?

Generally, the box set is suitable for the following subjects:

  • Those looking for additional business information.
  • Expand your business online by using a sales funnel.
  • Make a big splash, get more leads, and turn your customers into raving fans.
  • a plan to increase the number of visitors to your website or funnel
  • If you operate in marketing, it’s also a good way to do some research and learn about your field.
  • Consider purchasing Russell Brunson’s books if you want to get the Unlock Secrets workbook (it is impossible for you to get it separately).

Frequent questions and answers

Should I get to buy the box set if I already own one of the trilogy books?

Russell spent Several months reworking and modifying his first book, adding roughly 60K words to the content.  It’s virtually a new book with all those new words! As a result, the box set remains valuable to you.

If you already own the new editions of those books, you should think about whether the workbook (Unlock Secrets) is necessary. Then you’ll be able to decide.

What is the total cost of the funnel trilogy box set?

The Secrets Trilogy box set costs $97 (plus $14.95 for domestic shipping or $29.95 for international shipping). So it’s somewhere between $112 and $127.

Which of the Secrets Trilogy books should I start with?

Each book in the Secrets Trilogy is a stand-alone item that focuses on teaching you various talents, such as how to create a sales funnel, how to write high-converting sales messages, and how to generate traffic.

It is recommended that you read Dotcom Secrets first, then Expert Secrets, and finally Traffic Secrets. Don’t neglect to watch the video bonus training and accomplish the exercise in Unlock The Secrets, the “bonus book.”

What if those books don’t appeal to me? Is it possible for me to get a refund?

Let’s say you don’t like the book or believe the books aren’t worth the money you paid for them (or for any reason). As a result, you are free to request money back within 30 days.

Is The Unlock Secrets Book available on Amazon?

No, only the Trilogy Secrets box set contains the Unlock Secrets book. It’s not available anywhere else.

In conclusion

The Secrets Trilogy box set is extremely effective for anyone who desires to start online marketing. It consists of 3 theoretical books, accompanied by 1 workbook for you to practice or deliver new ideas. It also helps a number of people succeed in digital marketing or online business. However, some of you might feel the box set is not appropriate for you for some reason. However, it is worth reading once to collect precious knowledge and experiences. You can avoid and know to deal with unexpected situations thanks to the box set’s information.

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