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Are you running an online business? Are you looking for complicated techniques to make your business more competitive in the industry? If yes, the Two Comma Club LIVE is the right conference for you. The conference offers you a wide range of techniques and tricks that aim to assist online business owners to grow their businesses with little effort and trouble. So, this article is going to show you why such a conference is a precious gift that you should receive.

What is the Two Comma Club LIVE?

The Two Comma Club LIVE is where an elite group of individuals who have successfully made over $1,000,000 through ClickFunnels will gather virtually. The conference’s main goal is to inspire aspiring online business owners by disseminating rigorously vetted and successful online marketing strategies.

what is Two Comma Club LIVE

This conference, which lasts for three days, is jam-packed with the famous Funnel Hacking LIVE! speakers with various lessons valuable to any business owner. It features famous speakers and presenters, including Natasha Hazlett, Myron Golden, Heather Chisel, Alex Charfen, Tom Bilyeu, and Prince EA.

As such, young and aspiring entrepreneurs have the chance to pick the brains of leading professionals at this conference. Particularly, they learn how to run their enterprises while navigating new economic challenges, forming new connections, and communicating with people around the globe.

Content of the conference Two Comma Club

As mentioned above, the conference lasts 3 days. Accordingly, its content is also divided into 3 days, including:

       Day 1 “IGNITE – How to Turn your Spark, into a Fire,”

       Day 2 “NAIL IT – How to Master the Four Funnels that Drive 98% of your Sales”

       Day 3 “SCALE IT – After you’ve Nailed it.”

Details of each day are depicted below:

Day 1 “IGNITE – How to Turn your Spark, into a Fire”

The first day will be mainly spearheaded by Russell Brunson. In this session, he will talk about finding your voice, teach you how to recognize your target market as a company or brand, and emphasize how to attract your audience.

As a result, you get the chance to get to know and understand yourself as well as to choose your future colleagues, the services or goods you want to market, and the best ways to sell and attract clients.

Along with Russell Brunson are Natasha Hazlett, Myron Golden, Heather Quisel, Alex Charfen, Tom Bilyeu, and Prince EA… The day’s lecturers will provide you with invaluable advice. They all discuss various topics that collectively advance the conference’s main agenda.

member two comma club

Day 2 “NAIL IT – How to Master the Four Funnels that Drive 98% of your Sales”

Practical examples will be provided starting on day two of the virtual conference to guide you through the process of internet marketing.

However, there are fundamental guidelines to adhere to if you want to have a successful online marketing campaign. You must understand and grasp the four main funnels. These four funnels are:

       Lead Funnels

       Unboxing Funnels

       Presentation Funnels

       Phone Funnels

They will direct you in improving underperforming funnels before they eventually become successful ones.

But, you will receive two gifts on this day, namely a Two Comma Club documentary and a bonus called the 1% Crazy. They act as encouragement for you to follow the conference to the end!

Day 3 “SCALE IT – After you’ve Nailed it”

The live conference’s third day is mostly devoted to the topic of business expansion. You will need to know about scaling once you master nailing it on day two. 

The conference has a strong emphasis on scaling up in order to achieve exponential growth. As a result, you learn how to increase traffic in order to draw more people into your universe.

Similarly to that, this is the time when personal growth is required. The Two Commas Live Club LIVE will put a strong emphasis on developing your leadership abilities, enhancing your skill set, and boosting customer traffic.

Pros and Cons of conference Two Comma Club

Though the conference is excellent, it still embraces several weaknesses that you should take into account so that you are not disappointed about it if you face such weaknesses. Below are its advantages and disadvantages.


  • The knowledge gathered from the three-day conference is the most notable advantage. That is, you have a chance to learn from famous entrepreneurs to apply their experiences and knowledge to your own businesses.
  • The conference features eminent speakers with in-depth knowledge of internet marketing and growth techniques for online businesses.
  • The majority of conference attendees have aspirations, plans, or ambitions of beginning and expanding their online business to extremely successful heights. As such, you are building a network to share information and knowledge and help others to grow.


The only weakness of the conference is that the Live experience online is undoubtedly constrained. It does not provide the maximum freedom for member interactions to ensure adequate and sincere friendships, partnerships, and connections develop.

Price of the conference Two Comma Club

Generally, it is free to everyone. Yes, you don’t mishear. But it requires you to register your credit card information before entering the conference, and after your completion, you can learn from it.

However, in fact, the conference provides you with two payment options:

  • After you attend all three days of the conference and you find it worthwhile, you need to pay $197. But if you don’t find the information offered by the conference interesting, you don’t need to do so.
  • You can pay $147 in advance.

Get The “Two Comma Club LIVE”

Two Comma Club LIVE Pricing

The cost of the conference is remarkably reasonable when compared to previous attendance costs and the wealth of material provided there. Practically speaking, the live forum is worth every penny they charge.

Why should you watch the conference?

As said before, the Two Comma Club LIVE equips you with appropriate techniques and skills to strengthen your business and make it more competitive in the industry. However, it works best for businessmen that are extremely driven, ambitious, and willing to do whatever it takes.

The live conference offers enough knowledge and insight to help the right people excel in their professional goals. It also gives guests the chance to expand their networks, learn a little bit about personal growth, and acquire various modeling approaches for success in addition to offering business and marketing skills.

Notes about the conferences

There are some notes about the conference that you should remember:

  • The Two Comma Club is a prestigious organization that many individuals aspire to join. Although there is enough knowledge presented at the conference to help attendees thrive in their online enterprises, joining this club necessitates a substantial amount of self-drive, inspiration, and ambition to be an exceptional person.
  • It is less expensive than ever,  which has substantially reduced the cost of acquiring and reaping the benefits of the information being given at the convenience of your house.
  • A number of professionals from diverse fields are attending the conference. The speakers are knowledgeable in their fields of expertise.
  • For individuals who are eager for success and are prepared to follow in the footsteps of the crazy 1%, this live conference is ideal. The Two Comma Club is the place for you if you have a strong desire for online success and are determined.
  • You can watch the conference at no charge if you don’t like it after attending it for 3 days. You only have to pay a relatively small sum of $197 at the conclusion of the session if you liked the content.


The Two Comma Club LIVE is a place where you should try to participate to get precious knowledge and experiences from successful entrepreneurs from all over the world, especially Russell Brunson. It is among the most practical conferences with its main objective being to inspire and mentor aspiring online business owners. That is to say, if you deserve a successful business model, don’t hesitate to learn from the conference right now!

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